Chapter 6 – Night attack

Fengge Peak, the dojo of Senior Sister Xuebing Xuan.

At this moment, it was already deep into the night in the luxurious and exquisite courtyard.

The room was tightly sealed by a formation array, and Xuebing Xuan’s residence was just next door. If any accidents were to occur, she could rush over to provide support immediately, ensuring nothing would go wrong.

This place used to be the residence of an inner disciple who was close to Xuebing Xuan. Now, in order to accommodate Qing Muling, the person’s residence was moved elsewhere.

The courtyard was quite quiet, with only four puppet dolls and no other maids or servants. In order to keep things secret, Xuebing Xuan personally took care of anything related to Qing Muling and did not allow others to interfere.

In the spacious bedroom, a fragrant scent filled the air. The embroidered curtains hung low, and on the large embroidered bed, Qing Muling appeared to be sleeping with his eyes closed, but he was actually communicating silently with the mysterious seed in his sea of consciousness.

“…The legendary Harmony Root of the Primordial Chaos? I’m just not sure which kind it belongs to, and it seems to be just a seed for now. I wonder when it will start to sprout and grow…”

Qing Muling pondered, recalling some memories from his previous life, such as the Ginseng Fruit Tree, Fusang Divine Tree, Bodhi Tree, and Chaos Blue Lotus… all of them were primordial divine treasures born from the Primordial Chaos. Each one had a great reputation and incredible uses, especially the Chaos Blue Lotus, which was recognized as the foremost primordial root.

In the depths of his sea of consciousness, a faint purple mist lingered, and the mysterious seed floated silently. Countless profound Dao patterns covered its surface, and strands of deep and mysterious chaotic colors flickered and flowed, exuding an ancient and lofty aura of solemnity and desolation.

Qing Muling made great efforts, and the seed trembled slightly for a moment. Sparkling and delicate crystal lights fell lightly, dancing and swirling around the seed for a while before silently merging with his sea of consciousness.

A warm and comfortable feeling spread throughout his body, as if soaking in a warm and hot spiritual spring. Even the strength of his divine soul seemed to have improved slightly.

Qing Muling felt a slight joy in his heart. In the cultivation world, it was extremely rare to come across natural treasures that could enhance a cultivator’s divine soul. The strength of one’s divine soul largely determined the upper limit of a cultivator’s growth. Therefore, resources of this type were always extremely valuable, even to the point of being unattainable.

Since this seed had such wonderful uses, even if the progress each time was small, as long as he persisted and accumulated, his divine soul would definitely become powerful enough to surpass the world!

In the neighboring room, Senior Sister Xuebing Xuan’s boudoir.

Xuebing Xuan stood in front of the dressing mirror, changing her clothes. Her jade hand reached her waist and skillfully loosened the hidden buckle of her belt. The gorgeous outer skirt fell lightly, revealing a modestly elegant undergarment with embroidered peach blossoms. With the smooth and silky fabric slipping off her round and snowy white shoulders, a bright red silk embroidered bellyband wrapped around her ample and firm peaks, deep and bottomless cleavage, and her snow-white and tender skin was dazzling. The thin ribbon was tied into an exquisite knot behind her jade neck.

Wearing a transparent and light gauze dress, Xuebing Xuan walked into the adjacent bathroom. Inside was a bath made of precious jade stones, with a diameter of about ten meters. The sound of water trickled, mist filled the air, and warm spiritual spring water flowed out from the mouth of an ancient purple bronze beast, embedded with countless fist-sized pearls on the dome, shining brightly and as bright as daylight.

After a short while, Xuebing Xuan, who had finished dressing, returned to her boudoir and changed into another dress. She also added a thick snow-white collar cloak to cover up her extremely seductive figure. She turned and pushed the door open.

On the bed, Qing Muling seemed to be half-asleep, and a fragrant breeze blew over, completely waking him up.

Qing Muling opened his eyes and saw the radiant Xuebing Xuan standing by the bed, slightly bending down to examine him with her deep and tranquil beautiful eyes.


Feeling a little embarrassed, Qing Muling shrank his body and called out softly, thinking to himself, “Could it be that Senior Sister will directly lift my blanket?”

“Get up, it’s time for class!”

Xuebing Xuan’s clear and pleasant voice came out from her cherry lips.

Rest during the day and teach until dawn, this was the rule she personally set for Qing Muling.

“Okay… okay.”

Qing Muling hurriedly agreed, but he had no intention of getting up. He just looked at her eagerly, meaning for her to wait outside. The place for the class was in the adjacent cultivation room.

“Why are you still lying there? Do you want to slack off?”

Seeing that he didn’t move, Xuebing Xuan furrowed her delicate eyebrows slightly, showing a hint of displeasure.

Qing Muling helplessly said, “There’s a difference between men and women. Senior Sister, please wait outside. Can I dress myself?”

“…Wait, what are you up to?”

Xuebing Xuan narrowed her beautiful eyes, looking at him with suspicion for a moment. In the next second, the most feared thing finally happened.

Without any action from Senior Sister, a strong gust of wind suddenly rose, sweeping away the quilt covering Qing Muling.

Immediately, chaos ensued, and screams echoed in the bedroom: “Senior Sister, don’t blame me!”


Blushing, Xuebing Xuan slammed the door and stormed out.

In the room, Qing Muling, feeling wronged, frantically searched for his clothes, thinking to himself that he was just experiencing the habit of sleeping naked from his previous life. It didn’t bother her at all, but she insisted on a night attack. What does it have to do with me?

Of course, even if he felt aggrieved in his heart, Qing Muling dared not confront Senior Sister now. If he provoked her even more, he didn’t know what kind of punishment he would face.

As a cultivator with low cultivation, he was like a piece of fresh meat in her eyes. She could do whatever she wanted with him.

After a while, Qing Muling, who was dressed neatly, arrived at the cultivation room. Xuebing Xuan had already regained her dignified and solemn demeanor, sitting quietly on a jade cushion with a noble and elegant aura.

In front of her was a green jade table, on which were several jade scrolls, two bottles of spiritual pills, and a golden gourd.

Qing Muling respectfully saluted and sat down in front of her after receiving permission.

“Alright, let’s start the class!”

Xuebing Xuan said lightly, “This time, I’ll first talk to you about the classification of cultivation realms…”Unlike the glorious era of the ancient immortal civilization, the cultivation system that has re-evolved in this space-time has been recognized by the entire cultivation world after long years of innovation and perfection.

The Qi Refining Realm is divided into nine minor realms and is the foundation stage of the cultivation path. Cultivators use various introductory techniques, medicinal diets, and elixirs, coupled with various high-intensity exercises to temper the body, refine the meridians, harmonize the qi and blood, and draw qi into the body, step by step strengthening the physique and power.

When the body is strengthened to a certain critical point, the qi and blood are highly purified and condensed to produce qualitative changes, unlocking potential, and thereby deriving various powers beyond common sense. Then one can possess various abilities that ordinary people can hardly reach.

This is the Enlightenment Realm, where the cultivator initially breaks free from the shackles of the ordinary human body, successfully stimulates the potential of the human body, and is able to initially perceive and comprehend the mysteries of the power of heaven and earth.

The menial disciples of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace are basically in the Qi Refining Realm. The outer disciples must be at the peak of the Qi Refining Realm and have accumulated enough merits to be promoted; the inner disciples must start from the Enlightenment Realm, and a larger number of merit contributions are required to meet the requirements.

As for the core disciples, they must be in the Elixir Formation Realm and meet a series of stringent conditions to meet the standards. Qing Muling’s current cultivation level is obviously not enough, and he has no contributions. He was able to skip this stage early only by the special permission of the Supreme Sect Master.

Now, among the many branch schools and dojo of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, there are only more than three thousand core disciples of the new generation in total. They are the backbone that supports the entire sect.

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