Chapter 59 – Desert

When Qin Muling first entered the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, he did not feel much nervousness because he still had his most crucial reliance: the Harmony Spirit Seed in his sea of consciousness and the blue lotus leaf phantom derived from it.

Although it was a desert area, the spiritual energy in the surrounding space did not seem to decrease significantly. The Harmony Spirit Seed could still continuously absorb the essence of spiritual energy and faint traces of Dao Rhyme from the surroundings, integrating them into his divine soul and subtly enhancing his innate foundation.

Especially the armor and wooden sword that Qin Muling brought in had undergone some changes. The surface of the armor was covered with a layer of clear radiance, while the wooden sword was enveloped in a red mist, with faint light runes shimmering within the sword.

According to his master Mu Yinghua, these two special artifacts possessed the power equivalent to top-grade treasures in the secret realm. Compared to Qin Muling’s current cultivation at the sixth level of the Condensing Elixir stage, they were far from being able to exert their full power.

Artifacts, spiritual treasures, treasures, magic treasures, postnatal spiritual treasures, prenatal spiritual treasures, each stage was further divided into four grades. This was the classification standard for treasures in the Great Void Starry Sky. For ordinary cultivators at the Condensing Elixir stage, spiritual treasures were the most suitable for them.

Of course, Qin Muling’s spiritual power far surpassed cultivators of the same level, so using these two special artifacts did not completely bury their potential. Once his cultivation reached a higher realm, this would no longer be a problem.

After carefully sensing his surroundings, although only his divine soul entered the secret realm, the new body he obtained here seemed to have no difference from his original body, a perfect replica.

“The top priority is to stay alive…”

Qin Muling silently recited in his heart, having already observed all the information about the Misty Illusion Secret Realm provided by his master Mu Yinghua, both the confidential and public contents, as well as receiving many additional guidance. Before she took over as the Supreme Sect Master, she had entered the secret realm many times to seek opportunities and had made many contributions, so she was very familiar with many areas here.

After entering the secret realm, no matter what he wanted to do, the first priority was to stay alive. After all, the loss of dying once was too great. Even with the profound heritage of the Supreme Dao Lineage and the cost of rescue, this kind of price could not be completely avoided.

Therefore, for the monstrous geniuses among the supreme forces, they simply couldn’t afford to die in the secret realm, nor did they dare to.

Under the premise of ensuring their own safety, there were many precious resources that could be utilized in the secret realm. Although most of them could not be brought back, they could be used within the secret realm.

For example, if a cultivator found a rare top-grade divine medicine, directly consuming it would permanently increase their cultivation or optimize and enhance their divine soul and physical body to a certain extent. As long as they survived until the end and returned normally, the effects of this improvement could be brought back.

After some lucky cultivators safely returned from the secret realm, their cultivation had significantly improved. A few even directly crossed a major realm. This was the greatest significance of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm. It was a special holy land where the strength of disciples could be rapidly enhanced.

Physical objects could not be brought back, but cultivation, combat experience, insights, and other things could be brought back.

There were also some old fellows whose lifespan was about to end and had no hope of breakthrough. They would also take the risk to enter the secret realm. If they had the opportunity to find life-saving immortal medicine and consumed it inside, then returned normally, they could also obtain the effect of prolonging their life.

Qin Muling surveyed his surroundings. Besides sand, there was only sand, and not even a single stone could be seen. The environment was monotonous and speechless. When his divine sense extended in all directions, he discovered something different.

Hidden beneath the thick layer of sand were many creatures, some of which were quite fierce and dangerous.

At this moment, two venomous sand snakes that were relatively close sensed Qin Muling’s presence and silently approached his position, moving at a fast speed.

Qin Muling calmly tightened his grip on the sword hilt and focused his attention.

After three breaths, the sand beneath his feet suddenly burst open, and two thick-arm-sized, earth-yellow sand snakes shot out at high speed, opening their mouths wide and fiercely biting towards Qin Muling’s thighs.

A glimmering and ethereal sword light lightly swept past, blood splattered, and the two ugly and ferocious snake heads flew far away, leaving only the headless snake bodies writhing in place.

The sound of “rustling” rang out as countless strange and peculiar insects emerged from the sand, rushing to devour the snake bodies, with some of the more ferocious species not even letting go of the two snake heads.

Qin Muling snorted, chose a direction, and with the circulation of his spiritual power, his body slightly floated, hovering half a foot above the sand surface, and he flew with the wind.

As he swiftly traveled, under the effect of the Harmony Spirit Seed, Qin Muling’s perception could not be deceived by any movement within a hundred zhang radius. Only cultivators who were much stronger than him, such as those at the Feather Ascending to Immortality stage or fierce beasts, would have the ability to ambush and attack him.Of course, this was impossible. According to the rules of the Misty Illusion Secret Realm, cultivators who enter for the first time usually appear in areas with lower danger levels, especially those with low cultivation levels. They would hardly encounter beasts much stronger than themselves.

After more than an hour, Qing Muling estimated that he had flown thousands of miles. The endless desert was still in front of him. Occasionally, unknown beasts would suddenly attack from the sand layer, but they were all killed by his sword.

The confidential information that Mu Yinghua gave to Qing Muling was not small. Just the range of the low-risk areas alone was tens of millions of miles in radius, and the range of the medium and high-risk areas was even ten or a hundred times larger.

This was not an exaggeration. The map data drawn by generations of elders and disciples of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace after continuous exploration and learning over millions of years was indeed this large!

As for how vast the unexplored areas were, how many opportunities and secrets they contained, no one could figure it out.

After rushing for more than half an hour, Qing Muling finally encountered a beast recorded in the information: the Blood Kiss Ink Scale Sand Leopard. After beheading it with a single sword, he extracted four pieces of snow-white, crystal-clear soft bone marrow from its back. The marrow was shining with precious light and had a fragrant smell.

Qing Muling took a look and ate it directly.

The taste was good, and it melted in the mouth. A warm current surged into his body, quickly restoring more than half of his depleted spiritual power. He felt refreshed all over. This was the first resource Qing Muling had found since entering the secret realm.

Then, Qing Muling peeled off the leopard skin, which was over a meter long, and hastily wrapped it around his waist to avoid the embarrassment of running naked.

Continuing on his journey, more than ten hours passed. He killed many beasts along the way, collected more and more animal skins, and sporadically found some resources. He ate what he could and packed up the rest to take with him.

There was also a day-night cycle in the Misty Illusion Secret Realm. The flow of time was nearly three times faster than outside, which had little impact on cultivators with long lifespans. After all, the secret realm would not be open for more than a year at a time.

After a day and a night, Qing Muling finally saw the edge of the desert.

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