Chapter 43 – Calamity Fate Palace

In the depths of the void.

A dark golden tower ship, tens of thousands of zhang in length and shaped like a shark, hid behind a stream of magnetic rainbow flow, silent and still. The hull was enveloped by a seemingly thin deep blue light curtain, which could make countless cultivators tremble in fear. The Great Void Magnetic Rainbow, which could cause countless cultivators to change their expressions, occasionally blew over, but it only caused ripples on the light curtain.

If a powerful cultivator with high cultivation level passed by, they would naturally recognize this as the patrol ship unique to the Calamity Fate Palace, and it was the highest specification.

In the current Great Void Starry Sky, the Calamity Fate Palace was not the most powerful super sect. People in the sect were generally not good at fighting and killing in battle, at least in the eyes of the outside world. As for the actual situation, no one knew.

Because in the past millions of years, it had basically not engaged in large-scale wars with other super powers, so no one knew its true strength.

Moreover, it was the most ancient and mysterious super sect recognized in the Great Void Starry Sky. The super powers that were born in the same era as it had all disappeared and some of them couldn’t even find their remnants. No one even remembered their names anymore. Only the Calamity Fate Palace had survived until now, hidden behind the scenes, watching the changes in the Great Void Starry Sky, manipulating the rise and fall of clan and national luck on the stage of destiny, always occupying an important position that could not be ignored.

What’s even more rare is that other super sects more or less have some enemies. Some of them are even old enemies who have been hating each other for millions of years and will not stop until death. Whenever they have a chance, they will start a big war, causing bloodshed in the starry sky.

Only the Calamity Fate Palace is an exception. It maintains a fairly good relationship with almost all the super powers. Some super sects even have intermarriages with it, and their relationship is intertwined, forming a strategic alliance in practice.

As for the super powers that have a bad relationship with the Calamity Fate Palace, there were some in the past, and there were quite a few. However, now they have all declined and even perished for various reasons, disappearing into the river of time.

By now, it has become an unwritten rule in the Great Void Starry Sky that no one will conflict with the Calamity Fate Palace unless there is a very special reason. No super power dares to provoke a conflict with the Calamity Fate Palace.

Inside the tower ship, in the ancient hall shielded by layers of formations and restrictions, clouds billowed and auspicious light filled the air. A majestic pressure filled the entire space.

At one side of an ancient and mottled bronze round table, fifteen blurry figures sat motionless, as if they were mountains, with an unfathomable aura and indistinct appearance.

The Calamity Fate Palace’s highest elder meeting was being held in the Cloud Dream Immortal Domain.

“…Alright, let’s move on to the next topic,”

After a while, the figure sitting in the center spoke, with a calm and desolate voice, “Elder Luo Yujue, do you have any important news to report?”

“Palace Master, regarding the abnormal increase in Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace’s luck in the recent period, our intelligence network has conducted multiple investigations and has come to a preliminary conclusion. It is because their Supreme Elders’ group recently joined forces to repair a precious treasure.”

On one side of the bronze round table, Elder Luo Yujue, who was in charge of the Calamity Fate Palace’s intelligence affairs, held a jade book in his hand and calmly stated.

“What precious treasure?”

“The Taiyuan Infinite Soft Water Flag.”

“I see,”

Elder Yuanxuan Kong, who was in charge of the Calamity Fate Palace’s external affairs, said, “Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace suffered a major calamity thousands of years ago. This defensive treasure was severely damaged in that fierce battle and fell three realms in a row. It was thought to be completely scrapped, but unexpectedly, they were able to repair it to its original state.”

“Heh, doesn’t our contribution count? In the past few thousand years, their people have been changing their identities and purchasing various rare resources in the black market everywhere. It should be for the purpose of repairing this treasure, right? Many of the nearly extinct heavenly materials and earthly treasures were secretly released by us. Otherwise, how could they have succeeded so easily?” Elder Menghuo, who was in charge of the Calamity Fate Palace’s external trade affairs, interjected.

The big shots smiled at each other. This kind of thing had obviously happened before. With their unimaginably huge wealth, they secretly interfered with the rise and fall of various sects’ power through various means. For the high-level members of the Calamity Fate Palace, this was a basic operation. Their ultimate goal was to ensure the balance of the Great Void Starry Sky’s situation and prevent a situation where one power dominated.

During the battle thousands of years ago, Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace had several treasures that suppressed their luck, but they were either damaged or lost. This was also one of the key reasons for the decline of the sect.

The Taiyuan Infinite Soft Water Flag was a well-known innate spiritual treasure. It was once the personal belonging of the founder of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. After the founder ascended, this treasure remained in the sect’s main altar as the hub of the suppressing mountain guarding formation. Its damage was indeed a considerable blow to Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace.

Now that this treasure had finally been repaired, it meant that the sect’s ability to resist external invasions had greatly increased. Any hostile force that dealt with Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace had to consider its role.

The palace master sitting in the center pondered for a moment and said, “It seems that the recovery of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace’s strength is not as satisfactory as expected. The repair of a treasure alone can increase the overall luck of the sect by more than 20%, which still has a considerable gap compared to our previous plan.”Luo Yu Jue nodded in agreement, “Exactly, for the long-term plan of our Calamity Fate Palace, there should be a dominant force in the Cloud Dream Immortal Realm. Therefore, allowing the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace to regain some strength to offset the expansion pressure of the nearby Bright Moon Sword Sect and Armillary Sphere Star Palace is in our best interest.”

Meng Huo added, “The Cloud Dream Immortal Realm originally belonged to the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace. If we let these two super Dao Lineages, who are at their peak, divide it at will, it will inevitably lead to an imbalance of power in the surrounding immortal realms. This is absolutely not in the interest of the Calamity Fate Palace!”

“So, we must let the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace have more powerful strength to curb their ambitions. Of course, it is impossible to restore the status of the super Dao Lineage.” Another elder emphasized.

After weighing for a while, the palace master said, “Then let’s reveal the whereabouts of the Li Huang Star Cloud Tower to them!”

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