Chapter 26 – The opportunity to cultivate in peace

In the backyard.

Three tall bronze cauldrons, about a zhang in height, stood in the hall. The ingredients in the cauldrons had been stewing for a long time, with thick soup and white, fatty meat emitting a faint glow. The aroma was rich and fragrant.

These three cauldrons were all genuine treasures, each stewing a pair of spirit beasts with the strength of the Harmonization Realm: a pair of Cloud Soaring Moon Jade-winged Snow Sculptures, an extremely cold Ocean Devil Jiao, and a six-toothed Suan-Lo Holy Elephant. These were terrifying existences that would make ordinary cultivators turn pale.

A considerable number of rare spirit medicines and herbs were also added to the cauldrons, carefully stewed together according to the ancient witch clan’s secret recipe. Several skilled chefs and a group of disciples had been busy for a day and night before finally completing the task.

Qing Muling and the three senior sisters sat at the table, watching the disciples carefully serve these precious and rare delicacies into white jade bowls and present them on the table.

“Fine wine and food are one of life’s three great pleasures!”

Luo Wanqing picked up a specially made bronze wine jug and took a big gulp, then casually patted Qing Muling’s shoulder, laughing heartily, “Junior Brother, eat to your heart’s content and let Senior Sister see how capable you really are!”

Her seemingly delicate and fair hand lightly patted Qing Muling’s body, but it emitted a terrifying dull “thud” sound, and even the ground in the hall seemed to tremble slightly.

“Can you be a bit gentler?”

Qi Yalan said somewhat dissatisfied, “Junior Brother is not a body cultivator. How can he withstand your rough treatment? Do you think he’s a reincarnated divine beast?”

“It’s fine. Fourth Senior Sister does indeed have innate divine power, but I can handle it.”

Qing Muling said lightly, and a mysterious seed in his sea of consciousness emitted a faint ghostly light, easily dispelling Luo Wanqing’s terrifying strength.

Of course, this was also because Luo Wanqing hadn’t truly exerted her full strength. Otherwise, even if Qing Muling’s aptitude was heaven-defying, he wouldn’t be able to withstand it. After all, the difference in cultivation level was too great.

“That’s good!”

Luo Wanqing smiled, pinching his shoulder, “After we eat our fill, I’ll spar with Senior Sister. As long as I’m satisfied, you can eat whatever you want in the future. Senior Sister has plenty of good things here!”

Senior Sister, is what you’re saying about sparring serious?

Qing Muling silently thought in his heart, happily agreeing. In terms of family background, Luo Wanqing was undoubtedly the most domineering among the four senior sisters. Her royal father would send a large number of spirit beasts hunted every month, as high-level body cultivators had an extremely exaggerated demand for cultivation resources.

The four senior sisters and junior brother began to enjoy the food in front of them. The white and crystal-clear meat was delicate and tender. With a gentle bite, the ultimate deliciousness exploded on the tongue, making Qing Muling have the urge to eat the bottom of the bowl.

As the meat entered their throats, a powerful medicinal energy continuously surged into their bodies, solidifying Qing Muling’s foundation.

This ancient witch clan’s inherited recipe was an extremely rare secret for all body cultivators. No matter how many spirit stones were spent, it was impossible to obtain it.

The witch clan’s strong individuals were known for their powerful physique and abundant vitality. In addition to their innate talent, the accumulation of countless years of profound heritage was also an indispensable factor.

Therefore, the elder disciples who followed the body cultivation path in Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace had a good relationship with Luo Wanqing. They would often go to her dojo and cave dwelling for the chance to make her happy and have the opportunity to enjoy a big meal.

With the consumption of a large amount of spirit medicines, meat, and soup, pure spiritual energy surged into their bodies. Even though Qing Muling’s physique and roots were far superior to ordinary people, he still felt immense pressure. His body was almost on the verge of bursting from the massive influx of spiritual energy.

The mysterious seed in his sea of consciousness trembled slightly, timely resolving his predicament and precipitating most of the essence of spiritual energy deep within his body, waiting to be slowly absorbed and digested in the future.

As they continued to eat large bowls of meat and soup, Luo Wanqing’s gaze at Qing Muling became increasingly astonished, and there was also excitement from seeing a prey. Throughout the entire sect, there was no one who could compete with her in terms of appetite, including the high-level elders. Unexpectedly, Qing Muling broke this tradition.

Although Junior Brother’s cultivation level was still low, as long as he advanced a few realms in the future, he would definitely have even more surprising performances that would astonish her.

Appetite determines strength. This was not an empty saying, but a well-founded maxim.

“…There are more and more people outside watching Junior Brother,”

Xuebing Xuan took a sip of spirit wine, her gaze serious, “We need to find a way to remind them that there are some things they can’t meddle in. What do you think?”

Qi Yalan sneered, “I’ve received quite a few indirect requests here. Whether I know them or not, they all try to get close to me, thinking highly of themselves.”

“And some people even dare to bribe the people around me, using all sorts of coercion and temptation. Do they think I’m blind and can’t see anything?”Luo Wanqing’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, “The Master’s consideration is reasonable. Junior Brother can only grow safely by our side. If those bastards get their hands on him, they would probably resort to all kinds of despicable and shameless methods.”

Qing Muling asked with a hint of curiosity, “I’m curious, if some people really got control of me, what would they do to me?”

Xuebing Xuan looked at him with a half-smiling expression, “The gentler method would be to lock you up with a bunch of women and endlessly make you have children with them. You won’t be free until you’re completely drained!”

Qing Muling’s face changed slightly. Outsiders might not understand, but he knew very well how powerful the bloodline born from the legendary Harmony spiritual root could be after mating with a human. It was hard to say.

Qi Yalan spoke in a melancholic tone, “If they use less gentle methods, they would strip away your Dao foundation, bloodline, bone quality, and even your fate and destiny, to benefit some favored junior in their power.”

“The most outrageous method would be to simply seize your body, or refine you into a puppet Dao soldier. Your soul would be extracted to serve as the spirit of some magical treasure, and you would never be free!”

The cruel and dark struggles in the cultivation world were never a secret. Even ordinary people in the secular world knew about it.

In the past, some cultivation geniuses from humble backgrounds often disappeared mysteriously after a brief period of brilliance. No one ever saw them again.

Those who knew the inside story understood that their bone quality, fate, and destiny had been secretly stripped away to benefit the descendants of some big shots.

Such behavior was not only found in demonic sects, but also in righteous powers with good reputations. After all, everyone has their own selfish desires.

The chance for eternal life and freedom was far more tempting than the throne of a secular dynasty. To seize such an opportunity, people would stop at nothing.

“…Junior Brother Qing, you are a person of great fortune and destiny,”

Xuebing Xuan finally said, “I don’t know how you were found by the Master, but your entry into the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace itself means that your fate and fortune are extraordinary. If a male-dominated sect had discovered you first, I’m afraid you would have been secretly imprisoned by those shameless old things by now, and all the benefits would have been plundered and divided!”

Qing Muling was silent for a moment, then finally nodded slightly. Perhaps there were other variables, but what his senior sisters said was likely to happen.

Having lived two lives, he was not naive. He had a deep understanding of the evil in human nature.

“In that case, I will have to rely on my senior sisters for my future path to enlightenment.”

Qing Muling spoke sincerely. Regardless of any ulterior motives, up to now, these senior sisters had treated him well and fully deserved his trust.

Xuebing Xuan leisurely sipped her spiritual wine, her smile warm and composed, “Protecting Junior Brother’s growth is our duty. But for such a big favor, shouldn’t Junior Brother show some gratitude?”

Qing Muling pondered, “My cultivation is still low, and it’s too early to talk about this. So I can only promise to repay you in the future. Well, if you’re not very reassured, I can consider making a Dao oath.”

Qi Yalan looked slightly awkward, “There’s no need for a Dao oath. We naturally trust you, Junior Brother. We’re not really looking for any return from you…”

Xuebing Xuan’s lips curved slightly, her smile gentle and composed, “As long as Junior Brother doesn’t forget the kindness of his senior sisters in the future, our efforts will not be in vain.”

Luo Wanqing found it amusing. The eldest senior sister was reserved, the second senior sister was scheming, and the third senior sister was proud. They were all too shy to speak up at the crucial moment, and in the end, wouldn’t she be the one to benefit?

In such matters, the early bird catches the worm. If they missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because of their image, even the legendary Harmony Saint couldn’t produce a regret medicine.

She didn’t beat around the bush and took out a jade book with hazy light and brilliant red clouds. In the incredulous eyes of her senior sisters, she slapped it in front of Qing Muling.

“Sign it, and you’ll be mine from now on!”

Luo Wanqing announced confidently and generously, “In the future, whatever resources you need, our Witch Clan can provide them all. We guarantee that you will achieve the most flawless Dao fruit of eternal life! How about it?”

Qing Muling: “…”

The content of the jade book was not complicated. It was a marriage contract. Once he signed it, he and this princess of the Witch Clan would have a legal marriage contract, recognized by the entire upper echelon of the Witch Clan.

In simple terms, this was an opportunity to cultivate in peace. From now on, Qing Muling could discuss Dao with Luo Wanqing, ascend in broad daylight, and become a true Dao couple.

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