Chapter 24 – Silence

Qi Yalan suddenly attacked, and several guys reacted quickly, immediately using various treasures to protect themselves and counterattack.

A golden light turned into a fiery flood dragon, a copper seal the size of a hundred acres turned into a mountain peak, two long silk threads shaped like venomous snakes, and more than ten different-shaped flying swords all attacked Qi Yalan together.

“…Qi Fairy’s methods are indeed ruthless, but we junior brothers are not easy to bully. Today, we will teach you a lesson…”

The gray-robed old man shouted, and an inconspicuous gray umbrella appeared above his head, turning into a cloud cover dozens of zhang in size, covering everyone. Countless gray rays flowed rapidly on the cloud cover, dissipating and resolving a lot of sharp sword energy falling from the sky.

“The people from Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace are really powerful. They start fighting without saying a word. Aren’t they just a fallen family? They think they are a super Dao Lineage!”

The smooth-faced and shriveled young man sneered, revealing two black and gloomy-shaped cone-like treasures. With a trail of afterimages, he pounced towards Qing Muling.

He chose the soft persimmon to pinch first. He knew that he was no match for Qi Yalan, so he wisely targeted this young man who seemed to have a high status. After all, he was just a kid who had just entered the Understanding Mystery Realm. As long as he subdued him, he would definitely be able to force Qi Yalan to compromise.

“You can’t wait to die!”

Qi Yalan’s anger surged, and the sharp sword energy that fell became ten times more fierce. She easily blocked more than ten treasures that attacked her and even dimmed the brilliance of the gray-robed old man’s defensive treasure, making it shaky.

The guy who intended to ambush Qing Muling received special attention. Countless sword lights turned into a deadly grinding disc, trapping him within it. In just an instant, the miserable screams abruptly stopped, and both the person and the protective treasure were torn into pieces.

Qing Muling waved his hand and sacrificed a purple gourd, spraying out a dense golden mist, turning into a dense and tough misty barrier, protecting himself and Qi Yalan tightly.

“Qi Fairy, let’s talk properly. We…”

The gray-robed old man saw that the situation was not good and hurriedly pleaded, while taking out several formation flags and throwing them out, trying to stabilize the precarious protective barrier.

A hint of regret arose in his heart. Their team didn’t need to join in the fun in the first place. It was a few young junior brothers who recognized Qi Yalan from Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace and instigated them to come and see if they could gain some benefits. Little did they know that they would lose their entire team here.

Now that they had broken through the secrets of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, any normal person would not let them escape to avoid future troubles.

“You’re already going to die, yet you still talk so much nonsense!”

Qi Yalan’s attack didn’t stop. Countless sword energy fell like a storm. A big man couldn’t withstand it and screamed as he was torn apart by the sword energy. Then the young scholar was also torn apart.

After a dozen breaths, the gray-robed old man’s mana was finally exhausted. Qi Yalan beheaded him with a sword, and then a deep purple thunder bead the size of a bowl, exuding a destructive aura, flew out from her hand. It circled the area dozens of times, with electric sparks flickering, completely sweeping away any remaining souls and divine thoughts.

“Finally settled.”

Qi Yalan put away her flying sword, feeling a bit scared. If Qing Muling’s secret was really leaked, Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace would undoubtedly face unimaginable crises. She really didn’t know how it would end.

“Junior Brother, you…”

Qi Yalan looked at Qing Muling somewhat nervously, wanting to say something but hesitated. She had just killed so many people. Would it affect her image in his heart?

Qing Muling shook his head. “Senior Sister, you worry too much. I’m not a three-year-old child. I can distinguish right from wrong.”

Qi Yalan breathed a sigh of relief and watched as he searched through the bodies of the dead cultivators, picking up a few intact treasures, as well as more than ten storage pouches and space bracelets.

Qi Yalan violently broke the restrictions on them and emptied all the resources inside, which turned out to be quite a substantial gain.

Finally, all the bodies were burned to ashes, erasing all traces. The two changed direction and continued hunting in the city.

But this time, Qi Yalan dared not let Qing Muling use his abilities anymore. The strength of the previous group of guys was limited, and she could handle them calmly. But if they encountered a few more difficult old monsters, it would be difficult to guarantee that they could retreat unscathed.

“We still need to improve our cultivation as soon as possible…”

Qing Muling silently pondered. This group of dead cultivators was far from being compared to Senior Sister. They were much stronger than himself. Even if he fought alone, he couldn’t defeat one of them. If he didn’t have Senior Sister by his side, the consequences would be unimaginable.

As they went deeper, they got closer and closer to the central area of the abandoned giant city. The emerging monsters and creatures became more dangerous and difficult to deal with. Qing Muling couldn’t even intervene now and could only watch Qi Yalan fight them.

The harvest in the space bracelet became more and more abundant, with most of it being useful to Qing Muling. The remaining part, if thrown into those unscrupulous businesses, could also be exchanged for a lot of high-grade spirit stones.

With Qi Yalan’s current status, the benefits she obtained from just one trip out were something that low-level cultivators could not even dream of, even if they risked their lives.

“Two more human cultivators? Daring to come here just because they have some cultivation? They really don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

The wind howled, and hoarse and eerie roars came from the rolling black mist that surged out from underground.

In the black mist, thick spears as thick as arms and shining with blood suddenly condensed out of thin air, fiercely shooting out and shattering countless sword energy.Qi Yalan waved her hand, releasing a bright sword aura that protected both herself and Qing Muling. The ancient, silent sword in her hand transformed into a lively silver dragon, which darted into the depths of the black fog in the nick of time.

Amidst the deafening explosion, a ghastly white claw, a hundred feet in diameter and skeletal in appearance, burst forth. The claw, wreathed in nearly transparent flames, swooped down on the two with lightning speed.

With a wave of her hand, Qi Yalan’s ancient sword split into thousands of sword light whirlpools, gradually eroding the giant claw. Large balls of thunderfire rapidly fell, striking the claw and exploding into numerous thunder dragons.

After a brief stalemate, the giant claw could no longer withstand the onslaught. Its demonic flames extinguished, its surface cracked with countless fissures, and it eventually shattered into pieces.

The mysterious, hoarse voice hesitated for a moment, “So it’s the juniors from the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace… Fine, consider yourselves lucky today!”

The black fog that had obscured the sky suddenly dissipated, transforming into a pitch-black fireball. It sped away at a dazzling speed, flickered slightly, and then disappeared into the horizon.

“…Just like that, it ran away?”

Qing Muling looked around in surprise. The unseen old ghost was clearly no pushover, and it had held its own against Qi Yalan. Why would it admit defeat so easily?

“It’s over, let’s go back.”

Qi Yalan’s gaze swept across the sky, as if understanding something. She turned around, wrapped her arm around Qing Muling, and they soared into the sky on her sword.

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