Chapter 19 – Relationship-based clients

“Take it, it doesn’t matter even if you spend it all. Sister has plenty of spirit stones here!”

In the end, under Qi Yalan’s insistence, Qing Muling reluctantly accepted this huge sum of money. As for repaying the debt, there was no need to consider it so far.

If he couldn’t repay it, he could just give up. Could she eat him?

As long as his cultivation continued to improve, he would have the opportunity to repay Sister in the future.

Next was the shopping spree. With the existence of the mysterious seed in his sea of consciousness, Qing Muling was now very interested in all kinds of plant resources, such as the special medicinal herbs and spiritual grasses produced in this place. There were also those plant tubers, seeds, and flowers that had lived for a long time, although their uses were unknown. They all contained varying degrees of vitality and could be refined and absorbed by the mysterious seed, and then the most essential parts could be fed back to himself.

There were indeed many resources of this kind in the market. After all, the entire continent was already occupied by those demonic creatures. The cultivators went out to battle every day, and the various spoils of war they could obtain were naturally abundant.

After walking a few streets, Qing Muling’s two space bracelets were almost full, and there were nearly three hundred high-grade spirit stones missing from his storage pouch. It could be seen that the purchasing power of these things was not low.

Qing Muling stopped in front of a stall.

The stall owner was a dark-skinned, bearded man in a coarse robe. His face was weathered, and there were two weapons hanging from his waist that looked like pig-killing knives. They emitted a faint spiritual light and a hidden killing intent, seeming to be a decent pair of spiritual weapons.

In front of him were two large black tables, piled with unknown spiritual plants that were about a zhang long, blood-red in color, and shaped like lotus nodes. They emitted a chilling coldness.

When Qing Muling carefully observed them, he could vaguely see a twisted and ferocious texture on the surface of those lotus nodes, which was slowly undulating and changing. Although they had been killed for a long time, their vitality was still extremely tenacious.

“Friend, how much is this thing selling for?”

Qing Muling politely asked. He didn’t recognize what it was, but the lotus nodes contained quite a rich vitality energy. If he took them back and let the mysterious seed absorb them, there would definitely be many benefits.

The bearded man in the coarse robe answered in a muffled voice, “Friend, this thing is called the Ghost Devil Erosion Vine. It only grows in the deep waters of certain areas occupied by the demonic creatures. It is a quite fierce and dangerous demonic creature. If you sincerely want to buy it, one high-grade spirit stone can exchange for two of them, or you can trade with equivalent spirit pills or medicinal herbs.”

“Isn’t that a bit expensive?”

Qi Yalan said unhappily, “This thing has a high grade, but this kind of exotic plant from the underground has been contaminated by demonic energy from inside to outside. Even if you use it for medicine, you have to find a way to purify it first, which is costly and troublesome. In the end, you might even lose money!”

The bearded man in the coarse robe looked slightly embarrassed, “This fairy is right. We eight brothers were almost injured when we hunted this thing last time. Now we are still waiting for spirit pills to save our lives in the inn. So… if you really want to do this business, one high-grade spirit stone for three of them, no less.”

Qing Muling glanced at him. This kind of cultivator from a small sect had ordinary inherited techniques and couldn’t possibly have powerful magic treasures or weapons. Their daily survival was extremely difficult. Even if they went out of the city to exterminate demonic creatures, it was basically exchanging their lives for resources. Being injured or dying was commonplace.

“Alright, I’ll buy all these things according to the price you said.”

Qing Muling said, taking out twenty high-grade spirit stones and handing them to him, then he put all the Ghost Devil Erosion Vines on the table into his space bracelet.

The bearded man in the coarse robe happily received the spirit stones and put them away, “Friend, we still have some of these things. If you have any needs, I’ll go back to the inn and get them for you.”

Qing Muling nodded, “Alright, hurry up. I’ll be back in half an hour.”

The bearded man in the coarse robe tidied up his stall and hurriedly left.

Qi Yalan was slightly worried and looked around. She asked with her divine sense, “Although the Ghost Devil Erosion Vine is good, it is too troublesome to deal with. That’s why the alchemists in the sect don’t like to use it. Can your ability… deal with it? Will it have any negative effects on you?”

“It’s fine, I can handle it.”

Qing Muling nodded confidently. This kind of demonic creature was far inferior to his innate Harmony Spiritual Root in terms of grade. It would be easy to purify it.

After another half an hour of shopping, when the bearded man in the coarse robe returned and brought back more Ghost Devil Erosion Vines, Qing Muling bought them all.

Seeing that all the good things worth buying in the market had been swept away by him, Qing Muling decided to return home with his senior sister.

Qi Yalan thought for a moment and suggested, “Junior Brother, if you think this thing is important to you, we can go out of the city tomorrow to hunt a batch. By the way, you can also see those demonic creatures outside. How about it?”

With her extraordinary cultivation, it was easy for her to kill high-level prey. Whether it was left for Qing Muling to use or sold, it was a good choice.

“Of course, I can. Since I followed Senior Master up the mountain, I have never experienced real combat. Senior Sister, please take me to broaden my horizons.”

Countless strange and ferocious demonic creatures lurked outside the city, and the danger was unpredictable. With only his Understanding Mystery Realm cultivation, it was not enough to guarantee his safety. But with Senior Sister’s protection, it would be different. Many powerful demonic creatures that were originally beyond reach could be easily dealt with.

The two returned to the city lord’s mansion, and Qing Muling naturally proposed to go into seclusion.Due to the frequent battles, many cultivation rooms of different specifications and levels were built in the city lord’s mansion. All disciples of the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace could use them, but of course… it was not free.

The facilities in the cultivation room were all natural treasures that could aid in cultivation. There were large spirit gathering formation arrays under the floor and on the four walls, connecting to the spiritual veins underground. Once activated, they could deliver a large amount of spiritual energy, reaching up to twenty times the concentration of spiritual energy, greatly improving the cultivation efficiency of the disciples in seclusion.

The cost of using it was naturally not cheap. One must pay with enough spirit stones, medicinal pills, and other resources, or deduct a certain amount of sect merits. These could only be obtained by completing sect tasks.

Xuebing Xuan casually ordered the steward elder in the mansion to arrange for the best cultivation room to be vacated.

It was a heavily guarded luxurious courtyard. The daily usage cost was five thousand sect merit contributions. If the highest level of spiritual energy delivery was used, the cost would double again. Using it for one day would cost fifteen thousand merits, and three days of cultivation time would cost forty-five thousand merits.

Although it was relatively easy for core disciples to earn sect merits with their cultivation level, such a large amount of merits was still not a small sum. Moreover, the best cultivation room was not available for use whenever one wished. There were too many people in line, so one had to seek favors from the elders and use connections to avoid waiting too long.

For Qing Muling, being able to use his senior sister’s connections was indeed a very satisfying thing.

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