Chapter 16 – Go out and gain some experience

In the secret palace of seclusion.

Qing Muling sat alone in silence. Hengyi Patriarch had already left and returned to the secret realm of the cave. To see the Patriarch again, Qing Muling would have to grow to the level of Sect Master Mu Yinghua, only then would it be possible for him to solve the problem of the Patriarch’s declining lifespan.

On the table in front of him, there were three ancient seals surrounded by purple mist and enveloped in a clear aura. Each seal was the size of a human head, and the material of the seals was neither gold nor jade. The surface was covered with textures resembling tree rings, but upon closer inspection, it didn’t quite look like wood.

When Qing Muling’s divine sense penetrated into the seals, a clear and distant phoenix cry resonated in his divine soul. A scroll full of purple meaning slowly unfolded in his sea of consciousness. On it were countless ancient characters that shone like gold and seemed solid. A ethereal and profound voice recited each word slowly and clearly.

This was the sect’s core scripture, the “Azure Falling Primordial Secret Scripture” of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, a well-known cultivation technique in the Great Void. In terms of rank, it could even be ranked among the top in the super sects.

Whether it was the tempering and strengthening of the physical body, the nourishment and growth of the divine soul, the stability of the foundation and the refinement of mana, this cultivation technique had no shortcomings. It belonged to the orthodox path of the Great Dao.

Although Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace had declined for thousands of years, as the most important heritage of the super sect, this supreme cultivation technique had not been lost. Therefore, in theory, there was still a possibility of revival. This was also the key reason why those hostile forces in the past were always wary and tried their best to undermine it.

Excluding the senior elders, among the core disciples of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, there were no more than three hundred disciples who were qualified to observe and cultivate this core scripture. Among the ten or so core disciples, only one had such qualifications.

Moreover, this cultivation technique could perfectly integrate with all other Daoist methods, whether it was sword cultivation, magic cultivation, body cultivation, alchemy, formation arrays, heavenly secret arts, talisman inscription, and other fields of divine abilities. It could be easily learned.

Qing Muling listened attentively to the profound sound of the Dao in his sea of consciousness. After three times, he had memorized every word of this core scripture and imprinted it deep in his divine soul. Immediately, his organs, meridians, and blood circulated on their own, and he began to practice the introductory chapter.

Countless mysterious and indescribable Dao rhymes gathered from nothingness and quietly echoed in Qing Muling’s divine soul, causing him to enter a deep state of enlightenment.

In his sea of consciousness, the mysterious seed slowly rotated, emitting a brighter light. Threads of faint purple spiritual light appeared from time to time, flying and swirling in the air before merging into the water, disappearing into the depths of Qing Muling’s divine soul.

A warm and moist feeling emerged from the depths of Qing Muling’s soul. With the continuous integration and disappearance of the purple spiritual light, he could clearly perceive that his divine soul was gradually strengthening, and his physical body also became more perfect, both internally and externally.

As a massive amount of spiritual energy poured into his body, refined and purified through the mysterious seed, it transformed into a continuous stream of heat that merged into his divine soul and physical body.

The formation array in the secret palace was already operating at full capacity, crazily extracting the spiritual veins underground of Fengge Peak and continuously delivering more spiritual energy.

In a state of deep enlightenment, the not yet fully digested Xuanqing Creation Pill also reacted. A rich medicinal power spread throughout his body, absorbed and refined by his organs, meridians, and blood vessels.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye. When Qing Muling finally ended his enlightenment and opened his eyes again, he found that his entire body was covered in a thick layer of dead skin and black scabs.

With a wave of his hand, the dead skin fell off one after another, revealing the smooth and delicate new skin underneath, as white and beautiful as jade.

Continuing to examine the condition of his body, Qing Muling was not surprised to find that his cultivation had reached the seventh level of the Understanding Mystery Realm, advancing four small realms in a row. And this was the result of his deliberate suppression. Otherwise, he should have reached the peak of the Understanding Mystery Realm by now and could attempt to break through to the Condensing Elixir Realm.

“It’s time to go out. I wonder what Senior Sister and the others are doing.”

Qing Muling slowly stood up and used the Soft Water Art to summon a large water ball to wrap around his body, thoroughly cleaning himself. He then used a small spell to clean his clothes and dry the moisture.

When everything was done, Qing Muling felt refreshed and full of vitality. He closed the formation array, opened the door of the secret palace, and unsurprisingly saw Xuebing Xuan waiting outside, with Qi Yalan beside her.

“You finally decided to come out!”

Seeing the figure of Junior Brother, the two women spoke almost simultaneously and stood in front of Qing Muling. The faint and elegant fragrance enveloped him, and they each grabbed one of his wrists, using their divine sense to examine his cultivation level. The smooth and delicate touch made Qing Muling’s heart skip a beat.

“Your cultivation speed has been quite fast, but with your aptitude, this progress is not exaggerated!”Xuebing Xuan spoke with a delighted smile, the feedback she received was even more satisfying than she had anticipated. Qing Muling’s performance was far superior to hers when she had just been promoted to a core disciple.

She was looking forward to what kind of surprises Qing Muling would bring her in the future. Thinking of her master, Mu Yinghua’s instructions before she left, she couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement.

“Get ready, we will go to reinforce the Soul Demon Abyss in an hour. You can also check on your fourth senior sister, this is also the master’s intention.” Qi Yalan said, stroking his hand.

Qing Muling had no objections: “Alright, but you guys need to teach me how to control the carriage on the way.”

Xuebing Xuan laughed: “This time it’s not just the three of us, thousands of disciples have to go. We need to use the Heavenly Boat to accommodate everyone. We can teach you how to drive later.”

Qing Muling nodded. The elders had arranged everything properly. He had been in the sect for so long and had received so much care, it was time for him to go out and gain some experience.

At this moment, on the square in front of the sect’s meeting hall, thousands of disciples had already gathered, from core disciples to inner, outer, and miscellaneous disciples. Moreover, numerous colorful escape lights were constantly flying in from various peaks.

The sect’s reinforcement operation was of great importance. The summoning order had been issued a few days ago, and today was the official departure day. Disciples who wanted to participate in the expedition gathered here early, waiting for the eldest senior sister to come and arrange.

When Xuebing Xuan appeared on the square with Qing Muling, the whole place suddenly fell silent. The eyes of thousands of female disciples were almost simultaneously focused on this handsome young man with a dragon-like demeanor and phoenix-like grace.

“…Who is he?”

“…I don’t know, he looks quite good, but when did our Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace have male disciples?”

“I heard the eldest senior sister say a few days ago, he seems to be the descendant of a certain elder, intended to be cultivated as a successor, so he was granted special permission by the Supreme Sect Master to stay in the sect.”

“So that’s it, he has quite a background, his talent and aptitude must be very good, right?”

“Definitely, otherwise, why would the elder spend so much effort?”


The whispers on the square were endless, but Qing Muling remained calm, just following the eldest senior sister at a steady pace.


With the heavy bell ringing, the field fell completely silent.

The sky suddenly darkened, and seven huge shadows slowly swept over, landing not far away. They were seven hundred-foot-long Heavenly Boats.

Xuebing Xuan’s stern gaze swept over the crowd in front of her, and she said indifferently: “The time has come, everyone, board the ship!”

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