Chapter 12 – Temper

Outside the secret hall.

In front of a large purple jade table, Senior Sister Xuebing Xuan was handling miscellaneous affairs. Her bright and beautiful eyes were full of concentration. There were piles of jade scrolls and books on the table, and dozens of fist-sized night pearls were embedded in the blue-gold lamp stand, shining as bright as daylight within ten zhang.

In the corner, a bronze crane incense burner was burning high-quality incense, and wisps of smoke rose up, filling the space with a lasting fragrance.

After a while, she gently put down the scroll in her hand, picked up the nearby glass warm jade cup, and drank the warm Seven-Leaf Cloud Mushroom soup in small sips.

“At this time, Junior Brother should have successfully broken through…”

Xuebing Xuan secretly pondered, her gaze drifting towards the tightly closed hall door. The prohibition formation at the door had already been completely activated, and countless symbols were circulating and flickering on the thick light curtain. Even a cultivator with the same cultivation level would find it difficult to forcefully break in within a short period of time.

Yesterday, Xuebing Xuan had entered the formation once and saw that Qing Muling was in a critical moment of breaking through. She didn’t disturb him and left after leaving some pills and items.

At this moment, a petite inner disciple in a goose-yellow dress came in, saluted, and reported, “Senior Sister, the head of the Shang family is waiting in the side hall.”

Xuebing Xuan frowned slightly, turned her head to look at the hall, and said displeasedly, “Does this palace have time to deal with them now? Forget it, let them wait a while.”

“Uh… alright.”

The girl saw that Senior Sister’s expression was not good, and swallowed back the words that were about to come out of her mouth. She silently saluted and retreated. She thought about the dozens of distinguished guests from various sects and families waiting to be received later, and this matter was really quite troublesome.

Xuebing Xuan stood up gracefully, walked back and forth a few times, and had already made up her mind. Junior Brother’s breakthrough in seclusion was the most important matter, and she had to personally guard him. Other matters could be put aside for now.

Inside the secret hall.

Qing Muling silently adapted to the power of the new realm. At this moment, the mysterious seed in his sea of consciousness lightly rotated, and layers of obscure and profound ripples spread out. Then, more essence of spiritual power surged from the depths of the void like a torrent, and was absorbed by the mysterious seed.

After a few breaths, scattered chaotic crystal lights emerged from within the seed and merged into Qing Muling’s divine soul and physical body.

The mana in his body, which had already calmed down, suddenly became violent. The majestic pressure steadily increased, and the rapidly increasing essence of spiritual power pushed Qing Muling’s cultivation level to climb again. He soon broke through the second barrier of the Understanding Mystery Realm, and then the third barrier. He finally stopped when he reached the peak of the third barrier.

The Understanding Mystery Realm is also divided into nine small realms. For ordinary cultivators, it would take several decades to reach the perfect level by refining mana step by step. Even for recognized geniuses who have abundant resources, techniques, and renowned teachers, it would still take several years.

However, with the assistance of this mysterious and unpredictable innate Harmony Spiritual Root, Qing Muling felt that his cultivation speed could completely crush all opponents. Perhaps in the future, he would be able to catch up with Senior Sister’s progress, which was not just a fantasy.

Qing Muling took a long breath, opened his eyes, and slowly stood up. This seclusion had taken several days. Senior Sister had been guarding him outside, and she must have been anxious.

Inside the tightly closed hall, there was a table, several white jade pill bottles, and a beautiful sandalwood box placed on it. Obviously, Senior Sister had sent them in and placed them here.

A warm feeling welled up in Qing Muling’s heart. Although he had not been in Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace for a long time, the two Senior Sisters had indeed taken care of him without any complaints. They took care of every aspect of his life, making him feel like a carefree child. There was basically nothing he needed to worry about.

He had to admit that with two beautiful and capable Senior Sisters, his future days would be exceptionally happy.

Senior Sister, I don’t want to work hard anymore…

He smiled self-deprecatingly and opened the sandalwood box. Inside was a set of brand new snowy white robes emitting a hazy cloud-like light. The familiar faint fragrance indicated that this was another top-grade spiritual artifact refined by Third Senior Sister herself, and he had tried it on before.

Qing Muling wasn’t being pretentious either. He immediately took it out and changed into it. After he received the news of his breakthrough, Qi Yalan would definitely come to visit. As long as he wore the clothes she personally made, it would naturally make her happy and satisfied.

After spending some time together, Qing Muling gradually understood the temperament of this proud Third Senior Sister. Although she seemed cold and indifferent on the surface, she actually cared a lot in secret.

Once, when Qing Muling went to Yingyue Peak to learn the sword art from Qi Yalan, he forgot to change his clothes and was still wearing the robe issued by the Elder of the Refining Hall. This Third Senior Sister didn’t say anything, but when she taught him the exercises, she didn’t hold back at all and practiced him fiercely for three hours, only stopping when he was exhausted.

Since then, Qing Muling, who had learned his lesson, only wore the clothes sent by Third Senior Sister. This made her change from being annoyed to being happy, and she no longer took revenge on him in public.

After tidying up, Qing Muling closed the formation and opened the hall door.

Xuebing Xuan flashed in with a fragrant breeze, grabbed his shoulder, and looked him up and down incessantly. “How is it? Is your cultivation stable?”

“It’s alright, fortunately I didn’t disappoint.”

Qing Muling smiled and let her sense his internal state.

“Well, your aura is exceptionally pure, your foundation is flawless, not bad, not bad. And the total amount of your mana is much higher than those Senior Sisters of the same level…”Xuebing Xuan could hardly conceal her joy. The purity and refinement of Qing Muling’s magical power surpassed even that of core disciples who were a whole realm higher than him. His total magical power was more than thirty times that of his peers. Even when she was at the Understanding Mystery Realm, her strength was not as exaggerated as his.

If this Junior Brother were to advance one or two more realms in the future, how monstrous would his performance be? The mere thought of it made her heart surge with excitement.

“Master should know about my breakthrough in seclusion, right?” Qing Muling asked.

When it came to serious matters, Xuebing Xuan put away her smile and said solemnly:

“Yes, and Master’s avatar came over yesterday. He brought you some things and conveyed the orders of the supreme elders of the sect…”

As she spoke, Xuebing Xuan slightly raised her hand, and seven bright lights emitting an intimidating aura flew out from her body. After a brief hover, they merged into Qing Muling’s body.

Three jade talismans about a foot long, an octagonal copper mirror with an ancient and colorful appearance, a treasure orb with clear and deep water ripples, a silver plate with a hazy glow, and a small and exquisite copper bell.

“These are the protective treasures Master has given you,”

Xuebing Xuan explained: “The jade talismans and secret treasures were personally refined by several supreme elders. They can protect the master at critical moments, possessing the power to save lives, ensuring your safety.”

“Master is thoughtful.”

Qing Muling sincerely exclaimed. With these life-saving cards, his safety would undoubtedly be greatly guaranteed in the future. Even if he traveled alone, he wouldn’t need to be too nervous.

Xuebing Xuan nodded and continued: “According to the orders of the supreme elders, Junior Brother, you no longer need to hide your identity. You can move freely within the sect. Of course, if you want to leave the sect for practice, you still need our company.”

“Are they… planning to temper me?”

Qing Muling quickly realized. The principle of ‘born in worry, die in comfort’ applied in this vast and unfamiliar time and space as well.

Even though he was a genius, if he always stayed in a too comfortable environment, being protected like a flower in a greenhouse, it might not be a good thing in the long run.

On the contrary, keeping himself in moderate danger could stimulate him to never slack off, maintain a cautious and diligent mindset, and quickly improve his cultivation.

“It’s good that you understand Master’s good intentions.”

Xuebing Xuan said with a smile. Junior Brother was clear-headed and understood quickly, which saved her a lot of explanation.

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