Chapter 10 – Test

Qing Muling couldn’t give Senior Sister a satisfactory answer right now.

Besides, he didn’t think that he had the ability to influence the will of the sect’s higher-ups. Since certain forces had set their sights on disciples of the Sect Master faction, they wouldn’t easily back down. It was unrealistic to think that he could resolve the trouble with just a few words.

After spending several years in this time and space, Qing Muling had become familiar with the rules of the cultivation world. The boundary between cultivators and ordinary people was not as exaggerated as he had imagined. Even ordinary people with some conditions would have some basic Qi Refining techniques. Although they might not be powerful, they would still have good health and longevity.

The daily lives of cultivators were also greatly influenced by ordinary life. For example, the practice of dual cultivation and the marriage of cultivators were not uncommon. For those cultivators with excellent aptitude and cultivation, selecting a suitable Dao companion became a very important matter in their long lives.

In the eyes of many cultivators, female cultivators from Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace were the ideal Dao companions due to their extraordinary beauty and exceptional aptitude. Even many high-ranking members of major sects took pride in marrying a female cultivator from this Dao Lineage.

“Well, this matter is still too early for you. Let’s talk about it another day!”

Xuebing Xuan no longer insisted on this topic.

After settling Qing Muling and activating all the protective formations, Xuebing Xuan returned to her study.

As the Senior Sister, she was now responsible for many affairs in the sect, such as receiving guests from several major sects. Sect Master Mu Yinghua had authorized her to handle them herself.

After some thought, Xuebing Xuan took out a smooth and moist jade plaque. It was covered with delicate patterns, intricate starry sky designs, and shimmering beautiful light.

She lightly tapped a specific symbol on the jade plaque, and it quickly lit up. After a moment, a crisp and sweet voice came from inside: “Senior Sister, what can I do for you?”

The voice sounded a bit breathless, as if it was in the midst of a fierce battle. Occasionally, there were also roars and howls, coming from a very distant and desolate place.

Xuebing Xuan composed herself and said, “How are things on your end? It sounds like you’re having a hard time.”

“More than just a hard time! We’re on the verge of collapse! There have been too many powerful enemies coming out these days, and we only have so few people. The supply of elixirs is not enough, and nearly thirty percent of our Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters are injured. When will the next batch of reinforcements arrive?”

Xuebing Xuan furrowed her brows and said, “I’m also under a lot of pressure here. You know, it’s not just your area that’s in trouble. There are several other places that are even worse off than yours. It’s really difficult to handle.”


The voice paused for a moment, and then a series of deafening roars came from inside the jade plaque, followed by a dense sound of impact and terrifying screams, shaking the earth.

“Junior Four, are you okay?”

Xuebing Xuan’s voice carried a hint of worry.

After a while, the voice resumed: “I managed to deal with them. These tough guys are really difficult to handle. If a few more of them show up, I won’t be able to hold on.”

“By the way, can’t you send Third Senior Sister over to help me? With her here, at least half of my pressure can be relieved!”

Xuebing Xuan helplessly said, “I also need her to guard this place. The next wave of beasts might come earlier, and Sect Master recently assigned me a very important task. I’m on edge myself. If I make a mistake, Sect Master will definitely punish me severely!”

“Is the consequence that serious? What is the task?”

“I can’t tell you right now. I’ll tell you when your rotation period is over and you return to the sect. Hmm, let me arrange for the next batch of reinforcements to depart earlier.”

Xuebing Xuan said, ending the call, and then tapped a series of symbols on the jade plaque.

After a few moments, Sect Master Mu Yinghua’s voice came from the jade plaque: “Is there something you need? How is your Junior Brother doing?”

“Sect Master, it’s like this…”

Xuebing Xuan reported Qing Muling’s recent situation in detail.

Regarding Qing Muling’s cultivation method, Mu Yinghua didn’t find it surprising. However, she became more interested when Xuebing Xuan mentioned the matter of a Dao companion.

“You used this to test his reaction? Have you ever thought that he might not be an ordinary human, but some kind of innate spirit?”

“Not a human?”

Xuebing Xuan was surprised, “But after spending these days together, Junior Brother’s temperament, words, and actions are no different from normal humans. His physical structure and meridians are no different from humans at all. How could he…”

Mu Yinghua didn’t explain Qing Muling’s true origin in detail back then, only briefly mentioning it. Now it seemed that the situation was more complicated than she had imagined.

How many things had Sect Master been hiding from her?

Xuebing Xuan couldn’t help but feel a bit frustrated. She was Sect Master’s first disciple and had always been the person she trusted the most. Wasn’t she qualified to know the inside story?

“Never mind, let’s leave it at that for now,”

Mu Yinghua’s voice continued, “Your Junior Brother seems more like a human now. This should be a good thing. If he has certain thoughts, don’t stop him. Let things take their natural course. Perhaps having some attachments will be a better result for the sect.”

“Yes, Sect Master.”

Xuebing Xuan respectfully agreed.

Yingyue Peak.

In her inner chamber, Qi Yalan was changing clothes in front of the dressing table. Her dark and beautiful eyes were full of spirituality, and her exquisite and delicate face was like a fairy in a painting, radiating a soft and beautiful light like polished jade. She was exceptionally beautiful, ethereal, and out of this world.

She was still wearing men’s clothing, with her hair tied up and a white silk robe, giving her the appearance of a noble prince in the mortal world. She had lost some of her delicate and soft beauty, but gained a touch of heroism. Her beautiful eyes and graceful demeanor were still captivating, and her exquisite features didn’t need any makeup, still retaining their breathtaking beauty.

Although men’s clothing was more loose-fitting, it couldn’t hide her enchanting and alluring figure. The round and towering peaks pushed against the front of her robe, giving her a seductive charm.”Sister, you’re becoming more and more beautiful, truly deserving of the title of the number one beauty in our Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace!”

The several inner disciples serving at the side praised with laughter.


Qi Yalan gave them a glance, twirled in front of the mirror twice, and felt quite satisfied. She then took off her clothes, folding them neatly.

“Take these to Fengge Peak and give them to the eldest sister!”

After changing back into women’s clothes, Qi Yalan put the men’s clothes into a beautifully crafted sandalwood box and instructed one of the inner disciples.

“Huh? Why?”

The female disciple was somewhat puzzled. This set of spirit-level finery was made using many precious materials and had taken the third sister a lot of effort. Now, after only a few days of wear, it was to be given away?

“Don’t ask unnecessary questions!”

Qi Yalan softly reprimanded, “Just take it there. The eldest sister will know what to do with it.”

The inner disciple agreed in a daze, picked up the box, and left.

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