Chapter 1 – Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace Junior Brother

“…Junior sister, can this carriage go any faster?”

Above the vast and profound sky, a golden star streaked across at a dazzling speed, leaving behind a long and bright trail.

As the view zoomed in, it revealed a dazzling golden light with a diameter of dozens of zhang, enveloping a uniquely shaped and magnificent carriage. With a majestic and imposing aura, it tore through the vast clouds in the sky, speeding away hundreds of li in an instant.

“…Senior sister, this carriage is already speeding. If we go any faster, it will exceed the maximum capacity of the formation array and damage this treasure,” a slightly helpless voice responded.

Driving the carriage was a fair and beautiful young girl in a goose-yellow dress. At this moment, she continuously activated her spiritual techniques, focusing all her attention on stabilizing the increasingly turbulent spiritual energy fluctuations within the formation array to prevent it from completely losing control.

Inside the carriage, a graceful and noble woman sat upright behind the exquisite pearl curtain. She had a slender and elegant figure, a generous and extraordinary temperament, and delicate and fair skin that seemed as fragile as a blown eggshell. Her black hair shimmered like ink, complementing her enchanting and graceful appearance. Her deep and captivating eyes were as clear as water, exuding a stunning beauty.

Xuebing Xuan, an outstanding disciple of the new generation in Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, was personally chosen by the Supreme Sect Master and received personal guidance from him since she was young. With a cautious and steady temperament, she possessed both martial prowess and decisiveness. Her cultivation was exquisite, and her talent surpassed all the core disciples of the same generation. In addition to numerous achievements, she had become a strong contender for the position of the next Sect Master.

Just a few days ago, while she was traveling and visiting an ancient immortal’s cave, she received an urgent secret message from her Sect Master, and she did not dare to delay. She immediately dropped everything and hurried back.

“…Hmm, could something have happened in the sect? Otherwise, the Sect Master wouldn’t easily use this highest-level emergency signal. It’s strange, I haven’t heard of any major events happening inside or outside the sect recently.”

Xuebing Xuan gently rubbed a small blood-colored communication jade symbol in her sleeve. Her beautiful eyes were filled with seriousness, her eyebrows slightly furrowed. She silently used her secret divination technique to calculate for a moment, but the feedback she received was a chaotic haze, without any useful information.

Fortunately, they were not far from the sect’s dojo at this moment, and it wouldn’t take long to see the Sect Master. By then, she would naturally learn the truth.

The carriage sped through the sky, leaving behind a trail of light that stretched hundreds of zhang. Above was the dark and vast void of the Day Sea, and below, the desolate and lifeless earth rapidly receded, occasionally revealing scattered oasis cities.

In just a short moment, the entire land had disappeared behind them. In fact, it was a massive continent with a diameter of tens of thousands of li. However, the edges of the continent were fragmented and uneven, not like a natural evolution, but rather as if it had been forcibly torn apart and shattered by some terrifying force.

In the boundless starry sky, there were countless floating land masses of various shapes, numbering in the thousands, as numerous as the sands of the Ganges River. The largest land mass had a diameter of several million li, while the smallest was only tens of li in size, resembling large stones floating in the void.

The majority of these countless void land masses were desolate and lifeless wastelands. Only a small portion with sufficient size and relatively stable trajectories would form a stable atmospheric protective layer, providing an environment suitable for the reproduction and survival of various creatures.

“…I wonder when the heavens and earth, the boundless starry sky, will be able to restore the prosperity of the ancient immortal era.”

Xuebing Xuan sighed softly in her heart. According to legend, in the distant and difficult-to-verify ancient era, this world was an integrated and vast continent, with beautiful mountains and rivers, and various legendary treasures were everywhere. Countless powerful rare birds and exotic beasts could be seen everywhere, and peerless geniuses emerged endlessly… It was an era of immortality that could not be described by words alone.

Unfortunately, such a beautiful scene did not last long. From an unknown time, calamities descended one after another, countless bloody battles, and numerous powerful beings making their moves. The starry sky collapsed, and stars fell like rain. The continent shattered, and the blood of countless trillions of living beings stained the starry sky, ultimately leading to the end of this era of immortal prosperity.

The current cultivation civilization was just a struggling revival and growth of the ruins of the ancient era. In terms of inheritance of techniques, spiritual energy resources, rare treasures, and even seeds suitable for cultivation, they were far from being comparable to that glorious era.

After several hours, the magnificent carriage flew at high speed to a gray-black land mass with a radius of over thirty thousand li. It effortlessly crossed more than half of the land and arrived in the southwest region. A light curtain of a pale blue formation array, covering hundreds of li, appeared in their view. Inside, dozens of different-sized beautiful mountains, abundant in spiritual energy, were scattered among the peaks. There were also many exquisite and extraordinary buildings, pavilions, palaces, and temples distributed in a picturesque manner.

Within the protective formation array, white mist filled the air, and visible spiritual energy flowed like water ripples. Towering ancient trees formed continuous forests, and clear springs murmured. Extraordinary exotic beasts appeared and disappeared in the mountains, and white cranes carrying Lingzhi mushrooms soared in the clouds. Smoke and clouds rose, and brilliant rays of light shone.

Outside the protective formation array, nourished by the overflowing earth vein spiritual energy, there were numerous oasis plains and lakes. Many cities and towns were situated among them, bustling with people.

This was an important branch of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, as well as the place where Xuebing Xuan and several other close junior sisters usually cultivated and meditated.

The influence controlled by Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace was quite vast, and it naturally had more than just this one immortal realm. However, due to the limited scale of the spiritual veins and resource output here, it couldn’t accommodate too many disciples for cultivation. Therefore, the high-level members of the sect had to scatter and settle numerous disciples in similar-sized branch dojos, which were located on different void land masses in the surrounding area.

In this era of scarce resources, where the entire spacetime world was struggling to recover, almost all sects and aristocratic families were in a similar situation.The protective mountain formation was getting closer. As the girl driving in front skillfully cast several spiritual spells, the barrier of the formation silently opened a gateway. The carriage drove straight into it, gradually slowing down with the sound of thunder, and finally landed smoothly on the spacious square in front of the sect’s main hall.

Seeing that it was Senior Sister’s carriage, the many low-level disciples and guards on duty at the side of the square dared not stop them. They all greeted and saluted one after another. Xuebing Xuan simply nodded in acknowledgement, gracefully stepped down from the carriage, and headed straight for the main hall.

In the secret hall hidden in the back mountain area of the sect.

The current Supreme Sect Master of Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, Mu Yinghua, sat on a cloud bed. A powerful aura surrounded her, and her figure was enveloped in dazzling light and mist, making it difficult to see her face clearly.

Across from her was a young boy who appeared to be only fourteen or fifteen years old. Despite his young age, his physique and height were not inferior to that of an adult man. His handsome face outshone the stars, with sharp eyebrows, a straight nose, bright star-like eyes, and fair skin that exuded a gentle yet masculine beauty.

In the deep and calm depths of Qing Muling’s dark eyes, he remained silent, as if he had not fully adapted to his current situation.

In his sea of consciousness, a seed with ancient and colorful patterns, faintly emitting a chaotic aura, floated and slowly rotated. Numerous simple and natural Dao patterns could vaguely be seen on it. Occasionally, wisps of purple aura would emanate from the surface of the seed, and there would also be mysterious and profound Dao rhymes that surged out, silently merging with him.

Qing Muling now knew that this was a kind of innate Harmony Root born in the chaotic void. However, when he consciously tried to communicate with it, he rarely received a response, perhaps because he was still too weak.

In his previous life, when he was bedridden with a serious illness, his soul consciousness was able to travel through time and space to this unfamiliar world. Perhaps it was all because of it. It seemed that the mysterious fate in the dark was not unkind to him. He could actually start a completely new life in this way.

“…Your background and origin are too mysterious. Remember not to mention it to anyone. From now on, your identity is my personal disciple. Understand?” Mu Yinghua said finally.

She was able to find Qing Muling by chance and at great cost. Of course, there was no need to tell others about it. She knew it in her heart.

Qing Muling remained silent for a few moments before nodding slightly. “Alright.”

Outside, Xuebing Xuan, who had just stepped onto the steps, felt something. She suddenly raised her head and saw the sky above the sect changing dramatically. Gorgeous rainbows stretched across the horizon, and boundless purple qi and golden light poured down like a heavenly river. A blue auspicious cloud covered the sky, with flickering golden brilliance on it, transforming into countless magnificent scenes of immortal palaces.

In the vast sect’s courtyard, cries of surprise echoed one after another. Almost all the elders and disciples were alarmed. However, the celestial phenomenon appeared without any warning and disappeared just as quickly. It only lasted for a dozen breaths before vanishing, as if everything that had happened before was just an illusion.

Xuebing Xuan furrowed her brows slightly, hesitated for a few moments, and remembered that her Master was still waiting. She had to temporarily put aside all her thoughts and hurriedly left.

In the secret hall.

Mu Yinghua’s soft and pleasant voice sounded unhurriedly, “I am busy with sect affairs, so I won’t have much time to personally teach you. Therefore, the task of taking care of you will be entrusted to your Senior Sister. She will guide you in your cultivation and assist you with any needs.”

Qing Muling nodded as before. “Understood.”

“…Master, I’m back.”

The communication formation at the entrance of the secret hall emitted a faint light, and the voice of Senior Sister Xuebing Xuan could be heard.

“Come in and talk.”

Mu Yinghua waved her hand to remove the formation restriction, and the heavy palace doors slowly opened. Accompanied by the pleasant sound of jingling bells, the noble and beautiful Xuebing Xuan walked in gracefully, came forward to greet, and glanced at Qing Muling with the corner of her eye. Although she felt slightly surprised, she did not take the initiative to ask.

Qing Muling turned his head and glanced at her. This newcomer had a slender and voluptuous figure, taller than himself, and exuded a powerful aura. Her dark and beautiful eyes were full of irresistible charm.

The Sect Master did not beat around the bush. She pointed at Qing Muling with her jade-like hand and instructed Xuebing Xuan in an unquestionable tone, “From now on, he is my newly accepted closed-door disciple, your Junior Brother. His status in the sect is equal to yours. It will be your responsibility to guide him in his cultivation.”

“What? This…” Xuebing Xuan’s mouth slightly opened, her beautiful eyes filled with incredulity.

Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace was a Dao lineage consisting of female cultivators. From the distant era of the founding ancestor until now, it had gone through hundreds of generations of Sect Masters, and all the disciples were women. There had never been a precedent for accepting male disciples. Was this going to change because of the mysterious young boy in front of her? What kind of background and origin did he have to make the Sect Master disregard the sect’s rules and make such an extraordinary decision?

“Sect Master… Isn’t this too hasty? Will the elders in the sect agree?” Xuebing Xuan asked tactfully. This matter was of great importance. Even if it was a decision made by the Supreme Sect Master herself, it would be difficult to convince the high-level members of the sect without very sufficient reasons.

“There is no need to worry about this,” Mu Yinghua smiled indifferently. “Once they know about my arrangement, they will all agree without any objections!”

“Well… alright!” Xuebing Xuan no longer said anything. As the most favored and trusted personal disciple of the Sect Master, and the future Sect Master herself, her position and interests were completely aligned with her Master’s. Since Mu Yinghua had made such a determined decision, there must be a reason behind it.

As for guiding Qing Muling in his cultivation, it was only natural. It was a common practice in many Dao lineages and forces in this world. When the Sect Master was not willing to handle matters, it was normal for the personal disciples to help with daily affairs or teach on behalf of the Master.

The Master and disciple discussed various details for half an hour, not missing the situation of the abnormal phenomenon at the mountain gate. Mu Yinghua immediately issued a gag order, strictly forbidding all disciples from discussing this matter, and anyone who violated it would be severely punished.”……Alright, I need to return to the sect’s headquarters to discuss matters with the elders. Muling will be left in your care for now. From now on, all his needs should be met according to the standards of the core disciples of the sect……”

Mu Yinghua finally said, giving a few more careful instructions before she gracefully departed.

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