Chapter 95 – Qiu Shaoze’s ruined reputation and ruined career

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Qiu Shaoze's heart was pounding. Why didn't He Ju hurry to suppress the public opinion?


In the end, Qiu Shaoze raised the sign again: "Add another 10 million!"


Very good.


Bai Yan did not raise the sign.


Qiu Shaoze raised the sign again.


He Ju estimated that Qiu Shaoze had already spent two billion yuan. No matter how wealthy the Qiu family was, it should be almost the limit.


During this time, He Ju also bought a few items for his brothers and Elder Jiang. They were not expensive, but enough.


Qiu Shaoze remained silent until the second-to-last auction item came up, then he directly raised the price to: "One billion!"


Very good.


He Ju smiled. There were indeed good things here.


So, He Ju stood up, holding the green card, and said, "One billion!"


Once the green card appeared, no matter how much the other party bid, as long as the owner of the green card followed the bid, the owner of the green card would have priority.


Unless… The price doubled.


Qiu Shaoze's face turned green. Finally, under the signal of Bai Shangmo and the gambling experts behind him, he doubled the price: "Two billion!"


He Ju also stood up: "I'll match two billion!"




The people in the hall were all wide-eyed.


Two billion!


So much money? Even if He Ju really hooked up with a rich woman, the woman wouldn't be able to come up with two billion for He Ju, right?


Qiu Shaoze gritted his teeth: "Four billion!"


He Ju was testing Qiu Shaoze's bottom line.


He thought… he already knew why Qiu Shaoze insisted on bidding such a high price for this stone.


The pattern on this stone was similar to the one exhibited in the museum, which had produced diamonds.


But unfortunately, this stone was not the kind that could produce diamonds.


He Ju and Qiu Shaoze faced each other across the hall.


Although Qiu Shaoze was sitting, He Ju could still feel his tension.


If He Ju bid again, Qiu Shaoze would have to give up.


Apart from his life, he had already staked all of the Qiu family's assets.


But finally, He Ju just smiled and sat back down.


The heavy burden in Qiu Shaoze's heart suddenly eased.


So the final auction item was quickly brought up, and the patterns on the screen were scrolling in all directions…


At this moment, the screen suddenly went black, and everyone was stunned: "What's going on?"


Somehow, Qiu Shaoze's heart instantly tensed up, and Bai Shangmo also had a bad feeling.


At this moment, Qiu Shaoze's figure appeared on the big screen. This was not in China, but on a street abroad, where he was drinking coffee with someone in a cafe.


Qiu Shaoze immediately stood up, his eyes staring as if he had hyperthyroidism.


It was at this moment that Qiu Shaoze suddenly called out to the unfamiliar middle-aged man, "Dad…"



The whole place was in an uproar.


Bai Shangmo also stood up suddenly, staring at He Ju with a deadly gaze.


What was He Ju doing?


He was using his phone to live stream, recording the content on the big screen, and laughing with joy: "Thank you, big brother, for the sports car, thank you, beautiful sister, for the sign, thank you, thank you… Come and see, fresh gossip, everyone passing by, come and take a look, see how the illegitimate child gradually takes over the family property from his biological father abroad…"


The skillful manner made Bai Yan feel that… He Ju was born to be an influencer, right?


And everyone quickly came to their senses, raising their phones to capture this great show.


Qiu Shaoze went crazy, roaring, "Turn it off! Turn it off! I'm going to sue you! I'm damn well going to sue you!!!"


He Ju immediately turned the camera on his phone towards Qiu Shaoze's frantic appearance: "Oh, Qiu Young Master wants to call the police to arrest me, oh, I'm so scared, I'm so scared… everyone, what should I do? I'm so scared…"


Although He Ju said that, the smirk on his face never changed.


Soon, a new topic shot to the top of Weibo: Illegitimate child and biological father plot to take over the adoptive father's property.


The accompanying video included the clip of Qiu Shaoze calling Bai Shangmo "dad" abroad, as well as the DNA report.


It was all very clear.


Qiu Shaoze couldn't sit still anymore, and immediately turned around and rushed towards He Ju: "He Ju! I want you dead!!!"


Bai Shangmo's face darkened: "What are you all standing around for? Don't you stop the young master?!"


So the bodyguards rushed forward and restrained the frantic Qiu Shaoze.


He Ju laughed heartily, pointing the camera at Qiu Shaoze's disheveled appearance, and even added a voiceover: "Hey, I don't know what to call you. Should I call you Qiu Young Master? Or Bai Young Master?


You, we were classmates after all. Is it necessary to be so angry? Can't we talk it out calmly?"




Qiu Shaoze's chest heaved continuously, his eyes filled with dense bloodshot veins.


Today, He Ju did something that ruined his reputation and career, and he still said they should talk it out calmly?


Bai Shangmo quickly had someone bring Qiu Shaoze back, and then his sharp gaze fell on He Ju and Bai Yan, and finally…


Bai Shangmo didn't say anything, just coldly snorted and said, "Let's go!!!"


Qiu Shaoze was on the verge of tears. There was still one last item, and he was determined to get it!


Therefore, Qiu Shaoze spoke without thinking, and in front of everyone, he called out to Bai Shangmo: "Dad…"




In response to him, Bai Shangmo delivered a resounding slap.


He Ju covered his face: "Tsk, that hurts."


Bai Yan was excited: "Too light, too light, he should give him two more slaps."


Fatty: "Is Bai Shangmo not eating? Is this okay? If not, let me give him a couple of slaps…"


But Bai Shangmo coldly snorted, "Idiot! Are you not afraid of making a fool of yourself?!"


Qiu Shaoze and his entourage left in a grand manner.


Fang Yuxue and Fang Zhou, sitting in the hall, both had sweaty palms.


Sitting in this position, everyone's hands were more or less stained with something they shouldn't have touched.


If it were to be found out and exposed…


The Fang family would really be finished.


You can't afford to offend He Ju!


This was the lesson Fang Zhou had learned.Therefore, before the matter had completely settled down, Fang Zhou said to Fang Yuxue, "You need to find a way to make He Ju forgive you."


Fang Yuxue: "What can I possibly do?"


Fang Zhou: "Use your charm, play the victim, I don't care how you do it, Fang Yuxue, I'm telling you, you have one week to sort things out with He Ju, or else you can forget about going out ever again! You deal with the mess you've created!"


Meanwhile, He Ju was already hastily packing up with his brothers, preparing to make a run for it.


Once all the goods were displayed, everyone would know that He Ju and Bai Yan had snagged an item worth six hundred million, and practically all the good stuff was in their circle.


As for Qiu Shaoze's place…


It was simply too horrendous to look at.


To prevent these desperate people from acting rashly against them, wasn't it necessary to slip away quickly?


Just then, He Ju received a WeChat message from Si Hua:

"I'm waiting for you in the underground parking lot. I miss you, baby."

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