Chapter 69 – He Ju shines brightly in the world of gambling stones

So that’s how it is. He Ju nodded thoughtfully.

Bai Yan brought He Ju to the stone yard. As soon as they got out of the elevator, they entered the hotel corridor. At the end of the corridor, there were two people in black suits and black masks standing by the windows and at the end of the corridor.

On both sides of the corridor, there were rows of long tables with many stones placed on top. These stones were no different from ordinary ones, almost all of them had poor color. There were many people coming and going, but very few stopped here.

The price list was clearly written in front of the tables, ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars. The further back, the more expensive and better the color.

He Ju glanced at the strange stones on the table, but Bai Yan and the group of masters behind him didn’t even look at these stones.

He Ju had been to the antique market, but had never been to such a high-end one. Bai Yan explained, “Almost all the stones here have been seen by the masters, and they can’t find anything good. Even if they occasionally do, it’s only inferior quality and not worth much. So generally, no one comes here.”

He Ju took another look at the stones on the table. “Is that so?”

Bai Yan nodded and pulled He Ju forward. “Yes, hurry up. I want to go and see the skills of these stone gambling masters up ahead. You can also help me judge and see how good they are. I don’t want to lose everything again at the auction. If they’re not good, I can change them.”

As he spoke, Bai Yan had already dragged He Ju into the hall.

There were even more people here, both men and women, and every ten meters along the wall, there was a bodyguard standing there. He Ju also keenly noticed that there were four cameras in positions with no blind spots above his head.

The surrounding area was filled with stones arranged in glass cabinets. Each original stone had a number and a price tag. The surface of the original stones here was relatively smooth, and some even had jade or gold colors visible to the naked eye. The prices for such original stones were ridiculously high, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, but just because you can see the color doesn’t mean you can find a treasure. It might all be in vain in the end.

The people Bai Yan brought in entered the hall and started looking at the stones like the other customers. There were rules for the original stones here – you could only look with your eyes, not touch.

If you found one you liked, you would ask the lady in qipao standing on the side to take the number of the original stone, and then start the process of cutting the stone in the southwest corner of the hall.

The original stones that could be touched were placed in the open air in the southeast corner of the hall, where many people had gathered. Everyone was arguing fiercely over a stone.

The fun of gambling on stones was no more than this – wealth and poverty were just a momentary thing.

Bai Yan curiously looked at these original stones, but he really couldn’t see anything from them, so he could only hope that the stone gambling masters he brought could really find some treasures for him.

Seeing this, He Ju didn’t disturb Bai Yan, but turned and went back to the corridor where they had just come out of the elevator. The stones piled up there seemed to be considered waste by this group of people.

But when He Ju passed by, he felt that this place was different. He couldn’t say exactly how it was different, but his intuition told him that there would definitely be a surprise here that he wanted.

People kept coming out of the elevator in batches, and He Ju kept observing the pile of stones, occasionally reaching out to touch them.

Every person who passed by and saw He Ju’s serious look found it ridiculous. He Ju was obviously an outsider, thinking he could find treasures in this pile of waste, but only…

Sitting behind the monitoring room, an old man in casual clothes, holding a cup of Longjing tea in his hand, was staring at He Ju’s every move with sharp eyes.

Every time there was an auction, he would place this pile of stones at the entrance. Everyone who came to the auction site could see this pile of stones, including internationally recognized stone gambling masters.

But no one had ever stopped, let alone carefully observed this pile of waste in everyone’s eyes that he had brought back from the Golden Triangle.

He Ju chose two stones in total, one large and one small, both of which were inconspicuously placed in the corner.

The staff came over and gave He Ju two number cards, and He Ju took the cards and left.

The old man saw that He Ju had picked those two stones and couldn’t help but put down his tea, standing up in shock.

His subordinates were also surprised. “Boss? What’s wrong?”

The old man didn’t say anything, just looked at He Ju for a while before saying, “Go and find out about the background of this young man.”

His subordinates went to carry out the order, and the old man paced back and forth in the monitoring room, his face showing a hint of excitement.

These were the two original stones he had deliberately placed there. It had been more than twenty years, and no one had ever paid attention to them. This was the first time…

The old man couldn’t help but sigh, “Talented people are truly emerging in this generation!”The elder could no longer sit still. Leaning on his cane and assisted by his bodyguards, he left the monitoring room. He was curious to see if this young man would shine brightly again, or rather…

If he would decide to cut the stone on the spot.

If he chose to cut the stone right there and then, those two stones would surely cause a sensation in the jade gambling world. The auction in City A might even attract national attention.

Although this would bring him some trouble, Lin Feng still wanted the young man to cut the stone on the spot.

The value of the auction would be completely different then.

By the time He Ju returned to the hall, Bai Yan and the jade gambling masters had already selected their stones and were cutting them one by one.

Six people had chosen eighteen stones in total. He Ju glanced at the price tags, and the total cost of fourteen stones had already exceeded three million. The last sixteen stones were all duds, with only two revealing red jade the size of a thumb.

Bai Yan was instantly heartbroken: “My three million!!! Three million!!!”

He Ju couldn’t help but shake his head, and the so-called jade gambling masters also hung their heads in shame.

The crowd sighed and prepared to disperse.

At that moment, He Ju took out a large and a small stone and tossed them to the stone-cutting master: “One is ten thousand, cut it.”

Bai Yan immediately recognized that the stones in He Ju’s hands were from the pile of waste stones in the corridor and shook his head: “You’re spending ten thousand on that? Is that stone even worth ten thousand?”

He Ju was known for his generous tips, and the crowd gradually gathered back around.

But when they saw that He Ju was cutting a stone from the corridor’s waste pile, they shook their heads:

“Young man is indeed too young, doesn’t know the rules!”

“Yeah, young man, you’d be better off using that twenty thousand to pick an original stone in the hall.”

“Indeed, even someone like me who knows nothing about jade gambling can tell that’s just scrap.”

He Ju, however, paid no attention to anyone. The machine was operating, and He Ju watched intently, trusting his own judgment.

Even Bai Yan thought He Ju was crazy for wanting to make money, but it was just twenty thousand after all; if it came to it, he could compensate…

But then, the next second, the stone-cutting master stopped: “Sir, we’ve hit green!”

With that one sentence, everyone in the hall rushed over.

Bai Yan’s eyes widened in disbelief: “What?!”

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