Chapter 67 – The Su family is in chaos and disorder

At this time, Su Ran also left and went back home. She didn’t even have the mood to look at her parents in the living room, and went upstairs alone.

Shen Yan and Su Zhen both felt very strange. Shen Yan instinctively wanted to follow and ask what was going on, but was stopped by Su Zhen: “I’ll go see, your temper is too quick, it might have the opposite effect if you go.”

Shen Yan, eager to see her daughter, reluctantly agreed.

Su Ran returned to her bedroom and did nothing. She even sat on the balcony’s lounge chair without changing her shoes, staring blankly at the round moon in the sky. Su Ran finally felt boundless loneliness and sudden sadness and heartache.

At this point, Su Ran could no longer deceive herself.

He Ju having that kind of thing in his hand meant that he already had another woman by his side.

He Ju understood Su Ran’s thoughts and actions, so how could Su Ran not understand He Ju at all?

He Ju was a very upright person. Once he took that step, it meant that he was ready to spend the rest of his life with someone else.

But what about her?

Could He Ju really bear to abandon her?

Su Zhen knocked on the door several times, but Su Ran did not respond. Su Zhen thought something had happened to Su Ran, so he barged in.

Su Zhen didn’t find Su Ran in the bedroom, but found traces of her on the balcony.

As Su Zhen walked over, he saw Su Ran staring blankly into the distance.

Su Zhen couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. He had never seen Su Ran like this before, and couldn’t help but worry. He bent down and patted Su Ran’s shoulder, then asked her carefully, “Ran Ran? What happened? Tell Dad about it?”

Su Ran finally reacted, and at the sight of Su Zhen, she burst into tears: “Dad, he hit me today, he really doesn’t like me anymore… sob…”

Su Zhen’s expression was at a loss. The thing he was most worried about had happened.

He Ju was not a foolish person. On the contrary, he was a very smart person. It was just because he liked Su Ran that he had been so tolerant of her before. But once he no longer liked her…

Su Ran was no longer his exception.

Su Zhen sighed and his eyes fell on the elbow that Su Ran had injured, where the skin was broken and the bruise inside was black and blue.

Su Zhen had to quickly find the first aid kit to disinfect and bandage Su Ran’s wound.

Su Zhen’s expression was not good either. Even if he no longer liked her, as a man, how could He Ju lay a hand on Su Ran? Especially facing the woman he had once liked so much?

Su Ran cried for a long time before her emotions calmed down. Her eyes were swollen and her voice hoarse as she asked Su Zhen, “Dad, did I really do something wrong?”

While disinfecting Su Ran’s elbow with alcohol, Su Zhen said without looking up, “Yes.”

Upon hearing this, Su Ran couldn’t control her tears any longer.

Su Zhen said, “Back then, you were the one who preferred the rich over the poor. Now that he’s indifferent to you, or has forcefully drawn a line, it’s all normal. Dad understands He Ju just as well as you do, Ran Ran. You must have done something that made him very angry, right?”

Su Ran gritted her teeth and refused to speak. What else did Su Zhen not understand?

Su Zhen wrapped Su Ran’s elbow with gauze and didn’t say much more, just advised, “Ran Ran, you’ve missed the best opportunity. Look forward now.”

Su Ran didn’t understand. Why, at this point, was her father still blaming her?

She was at fault, but did He Ju’s seamless connection mean he was faultless?

With red eyes, Su Ran angrily shouted, “Dad, you don’t know anything at all, why do you casually guess about me? You only know what I shouldn’t have done, but do you know that He Ju already has another woman by his side? It’s because of this that he doesn’t want me anymore…”

Looking at his daughter, who was almost going mad, Su Zhen couldn’t help but shake his head and say, “Ran Ran, from beginning to end, it was you who didn’t want him.”

Su Zhen continued, “You’ve never been together, never had a clear relationship. So no matter who He Ju is with now, you have no right to ask.”

Su Zhen said, “If you still want to win back He Ju, what you should do is correct your attitude, admit your past mistakes, make a real effort to let He Ju see your sincerity, instead of being aggressive and challenging a man’s bottom line time and time again.”

Su Zhen’s words were sincere, and he even teared up after speaking.

When he was young, he had also liked a girl. She was very beautiful, with bright eyes when she smiled, and her voice was always soft. She always wore a high ponytail, but her family background wasn’t very good. For the sake of a family alliance, he chose to marry a woman he didn’t love. Since then, that girl had completely disappeared from his life.

Su Zhen had looked for her for many years, but never found her.

When a person has truly decided to cut ties with you, no matter what you do, it’s too late.

So from the beginning, Su Zhen had advised Su Ran not to follow in his footsteps.

Moreover, He Ju had always treated Su Ran sincerely since childhood.

Regardless of gender, once you’ve done something, you must have the courage to face the consequences.He Ju, due to a moment’s misjudgment, lost the love of his life and didn’t want his daughter to spend her life in regret as he had.

But clearly, Su Ran was not taking it in: “I’m not wrong. I’ve apologized to him countless times, but he still treats me this way. It’s clearly his fault, Dad, why do you insist on taking the side of an outsider?”

Su Zhen opened his mouth, intending to say something more, but in the end, he just closed it, shook his head, and walked away.

For a moment, Su Zhen even wondered if it were his daughter with that person, would her temperament not be so stubborn? Would she be much gentler?

But there were no ifs.

Because as soon as Su Zhen closed Su Ran’s door, he saw Shen Yan standing at the corner of the stairs.

Su Zhen: “I can’t persuade her. You go talk to her yourself.”

After saying that, Su Zhen was ready to go upstairs, but Shen Yan suddenly let out a cold laugh and said, “Su Zhen, why does what you just said sound so awkward to me? You couldn’t still be thinking about that little vixen after all these years, could you?”

Su Zhen frowned: “Shen Yan, can you watch your language? It’s been so many years, is it interesting to keep harping on the same thing?”

Shen Yan laughed: “I was wondering why you always treat He Ju differently. Turns out you empathize, huh? What’s the matter? You and your daughter both have a soft spot for poor people?”

Su Zhen, looking at Shen Yan’s ugly sneer, felt an inexplicable disgust and couldn’t be bothered to argue, turning around to go upstairs.

Seeing Su Zhen’s indifferent attitude, Shen Yan got even more agitated and chased after him: “Su Zhen? Why are you running? Guilty conscience? How can you dare to do and think but not to face it? Are you even a man?”

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