Chapter 64 – Su Ran, you really make me feel disgusted

The two returned to their single apartments and went to their respective rooms to take a shower.

After showering, He Ju continued to sit in front of the computer and work on coloring his design. He was focused for a while when the doorbell rang.

He Ju came back to his senses and quickly got up to open the door.

In his mind, he thought he should quickly record Si Hua’s fingerprint so that she could come in without him having to open the door for her.

He Ju smiled as he opened the door, “You’re here…”

But as soon as he saw the person outside the door, the smile on He Ju’s face disappeared instantly.

Who else could it be but Su Ran?

She hadn’t bothered him for two months, and now she suddenly showed up?

It seemed that the crisis at the Su family’s company had been resolved, right?

Su Ran actually had the time to come and bother him. It seemed like the fire wasn’t burning hot enough for her.

He Ju frowned as he looked at the tired-looking Su Ran, “What are you here for?”

Su Ran’s eyes were bloodshot, far from the accusing look she used to give him at school, “I couldn’t reach you by phone for two months, and you never replied to my messages. I had to put in a lot of effort to find your place. How can you question me as soon as I arrive?”

He Ju’s face immediately darkened, and he had no patience for Su Ran. He regretted not checking the peephole before opening the door, thinking it was Si Hua who had rung the bell.

He Ju couldn’t be bothered to say anything to Su Ran and immediately tried to close the door.

But Su Ran quickly blocked it, “He Ju, do you know what I’ve been through in these two months?”

He Ju’s temples were throbbing with pain, and he coldly replied, “I don’t want to know!”

But Su Ran persisted, “The Su family is facing a financial crisis, and my plans to study abroad have fallen through. Although it won’t lead to the downfall of the Su family, we can’t afford to slack off. Whenever I had free time, I would think of you. You moved, and I couldn’t find you. Your phone was unreachable. He Ju, whether you blame me or hate me, I accept it. But don’t just disappear from my life completely…”

He Ju found her words amusing. What relationship did he have with Su Ran? What right did she have to say these things to him?

But He Ju couldn’t be bothered to argue further and just glanced at Su Ran, asking, “Are you done?”

Nervously, Su Ran nodded. She had to admit that He Ju was useful to her. In the past, whether it was the Su family’s business or her studies, He Ju always gave straightforward and appropriate advice. As long as Su Ran followed his advice, the Su family would thrive.

But now…

After dealing with the company’s pile of bad debts, she realized that the business world was like a battlefield. One wrong move could lead to irreversible consequences. Without He Ju’s support, even with her parents’ backing, she found it very difficult.

The playboys outside might claim to like her, but they couldn’t help her with anything substantial.

The more she compared, the more she realized how valuable He Ju was.

So she had put in a lot of effort to find He Ju, hoping that he would come back, hoping that they could live as they used to, and even hoping…

That He Ju would come to work at the Su family’s company.

But Su Ran’s thoughts were in vain. He Ju, with an expressionless face, said, “You’re done, so leave and don’t come back.”

He Ju tried to close the door again, but Su Ran used all her courage to quickly push the door open and said, “Brother He Ju, can we go back to how we were before? I’m willing to be your girlfriend, and you can come work at the Su family’s company. Let’s be together…”

Before Su Ran could finish her sentence, He Ju quickly figured out her intentions.

It was probably because of the recent financial crisis at the Su family’s company that this young lady couldn’t bear it and wanted someone to share the burden with her.

He Ju even felt that Su Ran had already considered all the men around her, but after weighing the pros and cons, she found that He Ju was the easiest to coax and deceive. He wouldn’t covet her family’s wealth, so she had found him at all costs and even put down her so-called dignity to beg him.

He Ju sneered and interrupted Su Ran, “Su Ran, you really… disgust me.”

Su Ran was shocked, her beautiful face showing disbelief, “What did you say?”


He Ju actually said she disgusted him?

Su Ran even felt like she was hearing things.

She had come to find He Ju at all costs, not only willing to be in a relationship with him but also willing to give him a decent job. If He Ju really loved her and was willing to obey her in everything, then he could marry into her family, and they could get married and have children.

She had already compromised so much.

But what did He Ju say?

Su Ran laughed and reached out to hold He Ju’s hand, “Brother He Ju, have I made you angry? Please don’t be like this. Ran Ran won’t make you angry again…”

He Ju directly avoided her, and his face and eyes were filled with undisguised disgust.

The look in his eyes made Su Ran feel like she was some kind of filthy thing.

Su Ran was deeply hurt.

He Ju warned Su Ran in a cold voice, “Su Ran, this is the first time you’ve disturbed me at my home. If you disturb my life again, don’t blame me for targeting the Su family. I’m warning you now.”

Su Ran laughed, “Are you threatening me?”

She really didn’t understand. What courage did He Ju, an ordinary person with nothing, have to dare to threaten her like this?

Was it just because He Ju had interned at Starshine Group?

But he was just a small employee at Starshine. How did he become so arrogant?

It was also because she had feelings for He Ju that she let him bully her again and again.He Ju also smiled, but that smile didn’t reach his eyes at all: “Su Ran, you know, I never tell lies.”

Su Ran wanted to say more, but He Ju had already lost his patience, frowning and cursing: “Get lost!”

“Bang—” After speaking, He Ju closed the door with a swift motion.

Su Ran nearly got hit in the nose, hastily stepping back several paces, her eyes turning thoroughly red with a mix of hatred and annoyance, kicking He Ju’s door several times in her fury.

Grinding her teeth, Su Ran trembled with anger: “He Ju! You’d better remember what you said today! Don’t you regret it!!”

There was not a single sound from inside the room.

Su Ran could only cover her heart, which ached from anger, and leave in a somewhat disheveled state.

He Ju went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and took a bottle of mineral water to drink, gradually calming the irritation in his heart.

Su Ran really did affect his good mood.

He Ju always thought he had a good temper, but for Su Ran to push him this far was quite a feat.

He Ju even wondered if there was a way to keep Su Ran from bothering him ever again? It would be best if she never even appeared within his field of vision…

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