Chapter 62 – He Ju is afraid of thinking about Si Hua

Elder Jiang sighed, “Who told this old man to value talent? I’ll let them stay here for two months. You can come to the studio to find them at any time.”

He Ju smiled again, and Elder Jiang had a feeling that the next thing He Ju was going to say was not what he wanted to hear.

Sure enough, He Ju said, “Elder Jiang, words are empty. It’s better to have a written contract.”

Elder Jiang’s face darkened. How did he feel that this 4-6 and these two years were all planned by He Ju in advance?

In the end, Elder Jiang agreed, and the contract would be sent to He Ju’s home the next morning.

Elder Jiang said, “But I have one condition.”

He Ju replied, “Go ahead.”

Elder Jiang said, “After the two-year contract is up, your value will definitely double. If there is any cooperation, you should give our company priority, understand?”

He Ju smiled, “If we have a pleasant cooperation in two years, it’s not impossible to continue in the future.”

He Ju said, “There’s an old saying, ‘There are no permanent friends, only permanent interests.’ If Elder Jiang is willing to help me now, I won’t forget Elder Jiang’s support in the future if I succeed.”

After exchanging pleasantries for a while, He Ju left.

Elder Jiang watched He Ju leave and couldn’t help but shake his head and smile, saying to his assistant behind him, “Young people nowadays are really something.”

Assistant Xu didn’t understand why Elder Jiang was so accommodating to He Ju. In his memory, even if Elder Jiang’s students won international awards, Elder Jiang would only praise them briefly, and had never shown such appreciation and satisfaction for someone like He Ju.

A 4-6 split? Termination after two years? This was not Elder Jiang’s style at all.

Assistant Xu raised a question, “Elder Jiang, He Ju is just a young and inexperienced kid. Why are you so accommodating to him?”

Elder Jiang replied, “He is talented.”

Assistant Xu sneered, obviously looking down on He Ju, “Elder Jiang, there are plenty of talented people under your wing. What’s so special about He Ju?”

Assistant Xu continued, “And his work is all subpar. Even if he sells it, he won’t make much money.”

Elder Jiang shook his head, “You all have short-sighted vision.”

Assistant Xu flattered him obediently for a few words and then fell silent, but he still didn’t approve of He Ju.

Just a kid with a little talent, yet he talked to Elder Jiang as if he were nobody. How could he be someone with a future?

Elder Jiang couldn’t be bothered to explain. He just said, “No matter what dissatisfaction you have with He Ju, keep it to yourself. Don’t let him feel that we are neglecting him. Also, when he produces a piece of work, give him the best platform. It should be out this month, and I want him on the runway next month. He should receive the full amount for his work, and the contract should be drawn up as soon as possible and sent to He Ju.”

Assistant Xu nodded, “I understand, sir. I will take care of it.”

Elder Jiang nodded in satisfaction, and a hint of anticipation suddenly appeared in his old eyes.

He was just selling He Ju a bit of goodwill.

Two years. Elder Jiang was starting to look forward to He Ju in two years.

Elder Jiang was about to leave when the little girl at the front desk ran up to him and handed him a drawing. “Sir, this is from Mr. He for you.”

Elder Jiang opened it with confusion, and in that instant, his eyes widened. It was a complete wedding dress design, the same one hanging in his living room.

So, He Ju wasn’t unable to design the other half, but for some reason, he hadn’t completed it.

Elder Jiang also saw the small words written next to it: “Elder Jiang, consider this my gift to you.”

Elder Jiang laughed heartily and couldn’t help but praise repeatedly, “He Ju is truly remarkable! This old man didn’t misjudge him! Didn’t misjudge him!”

From that day on, He Ju led an unusually busy life. He interned during the day, followed his teacher on projects, conducted field inspections, and in the evenings, he made time to video call Si Hua. He also offered her some ideas and worked hard on designing drafts. Occasionally, he would meet up with friends a few times. His days were busy and fulfilling.


Due to a major case of leaking trade secrets in the overseas company, Si Hua, as the legal representative of the company, couldn’t return to China temporarily. She had to wait until it was resolved before she could come back.

He Ju missed Si Hua.

But there was no use in missing her. Their time zones were different, and unless they made a specific appointment, it was hard to talk.

Si Hua was gone for two months.

He Ju’s first design draft had already made its debut at a fashion show in a third-tier city.

To He Ju’s surprise, the response was very good. After the show, many people inquired about the source of the wedding dress and even made early reservations.

Elder Jiang was also very satisfied with this trial run and was gradually preparing to take the wedding dress to a bigger stage.

On a Friday night at ten o’clock, He Ju was working overtime on a project PPT when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He Ju turned around and saw the face he had been longing for.

It was Si Hua. She was wearing a black body-hugging skirt, with her long black hair draped over her shoulders, making her small, exquisite face even more beautiful.

Si Hua smiled mischievously and winked at him. “He Ju, long time no see. Have you missed your sister?”

In that moment, He Ju was stunned. “How did you come back? And without even letting me know? I could have picked you up.”

Si Hua raised her lips. “I asked Bai Yan and found out you were working overtime. I wanted to surprise you.”

With that, Si Hua took out a food box from behind her and placed it on He Ju’s desk. “I heard from Bai Yan that you’ve been very secretive lately, not eating properly. Even though I’m not here, you still need to take care of yourself, right?”

He Ju looked at Si Hua’s beautiful profile and couldn’t help but ask, “Did you come back just to do this?”

Si Hua turned back and smiled, her eyes curved. “Yes, I specially made corn and pork rib soup. It’s delicious and sweet. Mmm…”Si Hua’s voice came to an abrupt halt as her eyes suddenly widened. She was unexpectedly pulled over by He Ju, his lips sealing hers before she could react, her hands still resting on the food box.

He Ju covered her eyes with his hand and then, with one arm, lifted her up and placed her on the computer desk behind him.

Si Hua couldn’t help but exclaim, her hands bracing against He Ju’s shoulders, her face flushed thoroughly: “He Ju, this is the office…”

He Ju whispered in her ear: “I’m the only one working overtime right now, don’t worry.”

He Ju couldn’t help but grasp Si Hua’s soft, boneless hand, his voice hoarse: “Sister Si Hua, you’ve been away for too long, I’ve missed you so much it hurts.”

With those words, Si Hua no longer played coy, reaching out to embrace He Ju’s head, eagerly reciprocating.

How could He Ju miss her more than she missed him?

In places He Ju couldn’t see, she had cried countless times over the past two months.

It was just…

She was too embarrassed to let He Ju know.

As soon as the issues over there were resolved and she obtained the travel permit, Si Hua returned to China at the first opportunity.

Fortunately, He Ju was still thinking of her.

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