Chapter 59 – Instead of being cheap for outsiders, it’s better to be cheap for He Ju

Si Hua blushed and couldn’t lift her head after being teased by He Yuyan: “I… I don’t even know if I’ve succeeded. He was like this morning…”

Si Hua gave a simple description to He Yuyan, who immediately smiled: “It means that He Ju is still gradually falling. Don’t rush it now, get closer to him, and then consider bringing him back by deception.”

Si Hua smiled: “I’m not in a hurry. His career is just starting, and I want to accompany him slowly, and then find a suitable time to confess.”

He Yuyan: “He is a man who has been hurt in love. You must be careful.”

For some reason, Si Hua had inexplicable confidence and couldn’t help but smile: “I trust that he won’t go back on his word.”

He Yuyan clicked her tongue: “He Ju is really affectionate and ruthless.”

Si Hua: “What do you mean?”

He Yuyan: “Loving someone for ten years is affectionate, isn’t it? But being able to see reality clearly and then cut ties decisively is ruthless, isn’t it?”

Si Hua: “So, is this good or bad?”

He Yuyan smiled: “For you, it’s good for now. It means that once this man falls in love, he won’t easily change his mind.”

Si Hua couldn’t help but smile at her words.

But then He Yuyan told her: “By doing this with you, He Ju probably won’t get close to anyone else. If he didn’t tell you, he must have his own concerns. After all, at this stage, when he enters society, you just need to help him get through it. But…”

Si Hua: “But what?”

He Yuyan: “But He Ju’s sharpness will definitely gradually show. He will definitely become more and more dazzling. Although He Ju won’t stray, Su Ran might not be the same. She’s not stupid. When He Ju was down and out, she didn’t care, but if He Ju becomes successful, she might actively pursue him.”

Si Hua’s eyes turned slightly cold, looking at her charming reflection in the mirror, and smiled faintly: “I don’t need you to tell me this. I won’t let Su Ran have the chance to get close to He Ju again.”

He Yuyan immediately sent a file over: “Take a good look at the email later. It seems that Su Ran has hired someone to start investigating He Ju’s movements. If they find out about you, the Qiu family will know that you took action against them because of He Ju. The camel’s back may be broken by a straw. Even if the Qiu family is down and out, they still have the ability to deal with He Ju.”

Si Hua didn’t agree with this: “I can find out about the Qiu family’s affairs, and so can He Ju. If the Qiu family goes after him, I believe he can handle it.”

He Yuyan was shocked: “You trust him that much? He doesn’t have any connections.”

Si Hua smiled: “In City A, I am his biggest connection. But when it comes to dealing with the Qiu family, I don’t need to personally take action.”

He Yuyan: “You and your husband are quite a pair. I’m really looking forward to the day when He Ju grows up and comes to love.”

Si Hua nodded: “I’m looking forward to it too. Before that day comes, Su Ran can’t appear in front of He Ju again. Yu Yan, help me with this.”

He Yuyan suddenly felt overwhelmed: “You don’t want to directly get rid of them, but you need me to cause a little trouble? Do I need to do that?”

Si Hua: “I’m afraid my subordinates won’t be gentle. After all, He Ju loved her for so many years. I don’t want to be too ruthless. I just want to keep her busy and not have time to deal with He Ju.”

He Yuyan: “You’re the only one who’s soft-hearted towards your love rival. I understand.”

After that, He Yuyan hung up the phone.

Si Hua sighed and quickly went to take a shower. It turns out that being in love can be tiring. Si Hua’s mind was filled with indescribable images.

He Ju slept for the whole day and woke up when the night had fallen. He suddenly sat up: “Oh no, I overslept.”

He Ju picked up his phone and saw Si Hua’s messages.

At three in the afternoon, Si Hua said she had woken up and missed him a little.

At five in the afternoon, Si Hua sent a photo of herself drinking coffee at home.

Later, at six in the afternoon, Si Hua said there was something going on at home and she needed to go abroad immediately, with no set return date.

At seven, Si Hua sent a photo of a plane ticket to Y country and said she would contact him after landing.

He Ju quickly called Bai Yan.

As soon as he answered, Bai Yan knew what he wanted to ask and immediately said, “Don’t worry, there’s a problem with my family’s business, and my sister, as the legal representative, has to come forward to solve it. If everything goes well, she should be back in about a week.”

He Ju finally relaxed and couldn’t help but ask tentatively, “Bai Yan, how big is your family’s business?”

Bai Yan: “I’m not sure about that, but our family has strict rules. However, these rules don’t seem to work well on my sister.”

He Ju: “Why?”

Bai Yan thought that since He Ju was going to be his sister’s husband in the future, it wouldn’t hurt to tell him a little, so he confessed: “My sister is the future heir decided by the family council. Our family’s business is all over the world. Although each place has its own leader, my sister’s word can directly decide the survival of that business.”

Bai Yan: “When my sister was very young, she showed amazing talent and is a genius in the business world.”

He Ju couldn’t help but be shocked. Could Si Hua’s family be… a hidden big family?

He Ju asked Bai Yan about it.

Bai Yan chuckled: “This kind of thing should be told to you by my sister.”

Bai Yan: “But my sister is too kind to her enemies. I won’t mention it. I just want to graduate quickly and live off my family’s money. I don’t want to inherit any family business, so…”

Bai Yan immediately shut up, his face turning pale for a moment.

That’s why, when he found out that Si Hua liked He Ju, he acted like a spy, taking pictures of He Ju’s life every day and sending them to Si Hua, who was far away in a foreign country. Bai Yan swore that he had never been so concerned and nervous about a girlfriend before. When He Ju was rejected by Su Ran, he was afraid that Si Hua wouldn’t come back. Who knew… Si Hua was also very proactive.

He Ju’s mind was also not something an ordinary person could match, except… when it came to love…Bai Yan should also thank Su Ran, thank her for not recognizing the true value of things, mistaking pearls for fish eyes, giving him and his sister the perfect opportunity.

With the family fortune being so immense, Bai Yan even felt that money was a vulgar nuisance; it was always sweeter to spend someone else’s money.

Si Hua needed someone who could help her take full control of the family business, and it would be the same no matter whom she married.

Better to benefit He Ju than a stranger.

At least He Ju would give Bai Yan money to spend, but once Si Hua got married, how could she still care about him?

His future days couldn’t be more comfortable.

With these two brilliant minds guarding the family business, Bai Yan had nothing to worry about.

He Ju: “Go on, why have you stopped talking?”

Bai Yan muttered to himself: Anyway, before you become my sister’s husband, I won’t be letting out even a peep.

Bai Yan: “Anyway, that’s the situation. He Ju, listen to your brother, hurry up and win over my sister. Although I don’t find her attractive, Su Ran is even uglier. Compare the two, and you’ll be content. That’s it, I’m hanging up, bye!”

He Ju: “….” Kid, I can understand you saying Su Ran isn’t good-looking, but you say your sister, who is as beautiful as a flower, isn’t good-looking?

Are you blind? This is…

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