Chapter 46

The next day, He Ju got up early and felt refreshed.

He Ju didn’t even look at the red dot sent by Su Ran, he just deleted it.

He Ju made breakfast for his family, went for a run, took a shower, and then started preparing for the interview at Starshine Group.

He Ju’s life is very fulfilling now. Tian Zhen came to visit twice and brought fruit and fried meat, which made He Ju very satisfied.

He Yuxin also came to visit, but seeing her brother busy, she didn’t disturb him.

The sunlight shone on the table, and the gentle breeze lifted the files on He Ju’s desk. He felt very comfortable in this atmosphere.

Just as he was enjoying this moment of tranquility, Si Hua called.

He Ju didn’t notice, but when he saw the caller ID, he smiled with joy.

Answering the call, Si Hua’s warm voice came through: “Busy man, have you eaten?”

He Ju looked at the time, it was only eleven o’clock: “Not yet, what about you, Sister Si Hua?”

Si Hua chuckled softly: “Not yet. In that case, do you want to have lunch together this afternoon?”

He Ju wanted to agree, but then he remembered what Liu Jia said last night. He regretfully said, “Sorry, Sister Si Hua, I already have plans for tonight.”

Si Hua’s heart sank: “With who? Is it Su Ran?”

Not blaming Si Hua for being suspicious, the emotions from the past ten years were too heavy, not just for He Ju, but for her as well.

She wasn’t afraid of anyone, just afraid that Su Ran would come back and He Ju would fall in love with her again without hesitation. In that case, Si Hua really didn’t know how to go on living.

People are always insatiable. If she hadn’t spent time with He Ju, maybe she wouldn’t have so many expectations. But she had spent time with He Ju, and she loved him even more.

Si Hua was no longer satisfied with just being friends. If she wasn’t afraid that He Ju hadn’t let go of the past pain, she wouldn’t have waited.

So when He Ju said he had plans, Si Hua’s heart was in her throat.

It wasn’t Su Ran? Si Hua’s heart sank back down.


She still felt something was off.

Si Hua sighed: “Alright, we’ll make plans for next time.”

He Ju also felt a bit regretful. He couldn’t meet Si Hua today. Why did he feel like something was missing?

Just as He Ju was about to say something, Si Hua told him: “I’m busy with work now. We’ll talk when I have time.”

With that, Si Hua hung up the phone.

He Ju could only shake his head and put down his phone.

Tian Zhen: “Xiao Ju, come out for lunch.”

He Ju: “Coming.”

At this time, Si Hua was listening to her assistant report on the progress of the Qiu family.

“President Si, President Qiu and Young Master Qiu are here in person and want to see you.”

Si Hua got up and looked through the blinds at the Qiu father and son waiting outside. Her eyes were not so friendly, but she smiled in a way that was chilling: “Send them away. I don’t want to see them.”

Si Hua’s response was within Assistant Zhang Xiaoxiao’s expectations. Having worked with Si Hua from abroad to domestic, Zhang Xiaoxiao had some understanding of Si Hua’s temperament.

So, Zhang Xiaoxiao quickly agreed and asked, “President Si, are we going to buy the Qiu family’s shares?”

Si Hua frowned, looking disgusted: “Those shares are not even worth mentioning. Let them struggle on their own. I want to see how the Qiu family will turn the tide this time.”

After speaking, Si Hua’s interest seemed to be piqued.

This made Zhang Xiaoxiao shiver and couldn’t help but wonder, what kind of lioness would Si Hua be paired with in the future?

Zhang Xiaoxiao agreed: “Alright, it’s almost lunchtime. I’ll have someone bring the food up.”

Si Hua: “Wait.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao looked at Si Hua in confusion, only to see Si Hua take out a lunch box from under the table: “Go heat up the food for me and make a cup of coffee.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao walked out with the lunch box, showing an expression of disbelief.

Si Hua brought her own lunch???

Si Hua’s recent behavior was seriously out of character, and Zhang Xiaoxiao even suspected that Si Hua was having a secret affair with someone. She had just seen Si Hua on the phone with a gentle and melancholic expression…

Zhang Xiaoxiao’s gossip heart was burning…

At this time, the Qiu father and son approached. Qiu Rong nervously asked Zhang Xiaoxiao, “Assistant Zhang, what did President Si say? Is she willing to see us?”

Qiu Shaoze also followed behind Qiu Rong, not knowing who the Qiu family had offended, even their biggest partner, Starshine Group, had terminated their contract…

Zhang Xiaoxiao resumed her professional attitude: “President Qiu, I’m very sorry. President Si is in a video conference and probably doesn’t have time to see you. Please go back.”

After finishing her words, Zhang Xiaoxiao made a “please” gesture.

After all, Si Hua did not like anyone lurking outside her office.

Having finished lunch, He Ju also received a message from Liu Jia, asking to meet at a restaurant at six in the afternoon.

He Ju replied to the message and continued to prepare his documents.

It was five in the afternoon when He Ju was just about to leave, Liu Jia’s call came through.

As soon as he answered, Liu Jia said, “He Ju, don’t drive. The restaurant is only five kilometers away from here, not far. Let’s cycle there.”

He Ju: “Cycle? Cycle on what?”

Liu Jia just mysteriously smiled: “You’ll know when you come out.”

He Ju went outside and as soon as he reached the downstairs, he saw a pink Kawasaki NINJA-H2 with a cute girl riding it – who else could it be but Liu Jia?

He Ju was instantly stunned: “You…”

It was no wonder He Ju was shocked; he had never imagined that a good girl like Liu Jia would also be into motorcycles.

Seeing He Ju, Liu Jia was always a bit nervous, her speech somewhat stammered: “Because I wasn’t feeling very good today, I really wanted to ride the motorcycle. You… you don’t mind, do you?”

What was there for He Ju to mind?

It wasn’t his motorcycle; if Liu Jia wanted to ride it, she would ride it.


It was somewhat inappropriate for him and Liu Jia to ride on the same motorcycle.

Just as He Ju was about to refuse, Liu Jia got off the bike and walked over, handing He Ju a helmet: “Maybe because I’ve been riding for too long, I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable. Can you take over riding now?”

Thus, the words of refusal that He Ju wanted to say got stuck in his throat.

Liu Jia’s eyes were always filled with a smile: “Don’t worry, it’s just a meal, I won’t do anything to you, and I really am feeling unwell…”


Was He Ju afraid that Liu Jia would do something to him?

He Ju silently sighed.

If Liu Jia wasn’t afraid, what was there for him to fear?

He Ju took the helmet and put it on: “Don’t overthink it, I’m just worried you’re not used to me riding, that’s all.”

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