Chapter 33 – Liu Jia also wants to be brave to He Ju once

He Ju seemed really tired, and couldn’t be bothered to deal with Su Ran anymore. He just lay back on the bed, quietly closing his eyes.

At this moment, He Ju finally realized that love was useless, no matter how much love there was, it was useless unless it was mutual.

After crying for a while, Su Ran saw that He Ju had no reaction at all, so she had to tidy up her emotions and leave.

After almost half an hour, He Ju received a call from his mother.

Not wanting his parents to worry about him, He Ju said, “Mom, there’s an urgent document at the company where I’m interning. I’ll drop off Su Ran and then head back. I’ll come see you tomorrow…”

After dealing with his parents, He Ju removed the needle from his hand and left the hospital.

Today was relatively lucky, wasn’t it?

At least…

He Ju’s father didn’t have any major issues, just some heart pain caused by exhaustion. Resting well should resolve it.

Thinking this, He Ju decided to tidy up the house so that his parents could have a comfortable place to stay once they were discharged.

So, He Ju took a taxi to the old, run-down house.

What He Ju didn’t expect was…

That he would see an unexpected person here.

It was Liu Jia.

She was wearing a JK skirt today, carrying a black JK bag, showing off her straight and slender legs. Her petite face had a light makeup on it, and her fine bangs were blown by the evening breeze, revealing her white forehead. Her slightly curly long hair was casually draped behind her head, and her lips had a color that He Ju couldn’t describe, which looked very nice and made Liu Jia look even more youthful and beautiful.

He Ju was a little surprised. “You… what are you doing here?”

Liu Jia’s face blushed slightly. Standing in front of He Ju, she answered softly, “I knew your parents came to City A, and I thought you would definitely come back. My friends and I came over to this area to play, so I thought of waiting for you here. I didn’t expect to really see you, but…”

Liu Jia looked at He Ju with some concern. “What happened to your nose?”

He Ju felt a little embarrassed. “It’s nothing, I accidentally bumped it and had to go to the hospital for some medicine.”

Liu Jia didn’t believe it, but seeing that He Ju didn’t want to say more, she changed the subject.

Liu Jia took out the key that He Ju had accidentally lost and shook it lightly. “It’s quite cold after the sun sets. Can you invite me up to sit for a while?”

Only then did He Ju come to his senses and took the key from Liu Jia’s hand. “Come in and sit. I’m sorry for not keeping my promise to treat you to a meal when I came back.”

Liu Jia followed behind He Ju. “It’s okay. Since you’re back, there’s no rush.”

He Ju nodded, and the two entered the house together.

The house was unoccupied, so it had gathered some dust. He Ju pointed to the sofa in the distance. “Jia Jia, have a seat. I’ll tidy up a bit.”

Liu Jia put down her bag and took the initiative to go to the kitchen to get a cloth. “Let me help you clean.”

He Ju said, “Jia Jia, just sit. I can handle it.”

After thinking for a moment, He Ju asked Liu Jia, “Did you come to see me just to return my key?”

He had a spare key, and Liu Jia should know that.

Moreover, Liu Jia didn’t need to come in person to find him. A phone call would have sufficed. Their homes were very far apart, and it took two hours by subway. It was a bit unreasonable for her to make this trip just for a key.

Liu Jia suddenly became nervous, unconsciously tugging at her skirt and blushing slightly. He Ju looked at her extremely awkward appearance…

He Ju suddenly thought of something and became uncomfortable.

Could it be… that Liu Jia liked him?

But, wasn’t Liu Jia always with Su Ran?

In the past, in order to please Su Ran, he had asked Liu Jia for a lot of help.

This was a bit… dramatic, wasn’t it?

Liu Jia also stuttered a bit. “A-as… as classmates, I-I can… come to see you, right?”

He Ju looked away, smiled, and changed the subject. “Of course, you can. Have you eaten?”

Liu Jia couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. “Not yet. How about you?”

He Ju touched his empty stomach. “Me neither. How about tonight, I’ll take you out for dinner?”

Liu Jia looked at He Ju, who still had a bandage on his nose, and smiled gently. “Let’s not go out. Is there any noodles in the kitchen? I’ll make a simple bowl for us to eat?”

He Ju was cleaning, and when he heard Liu Jia’s words, he nodded slightly. “Feel free.”

He Ju wanted to tidy up the house as soon as possible, so he didn’t pay much attention to Liu Jia.

An hour later, He Ju had finished tidying up and wanted to go to the kitchen to check on Liu Jia.

As he walked to the kitchen door, he saw Liu Jia using chopsticks to tie up her long hair, fixing it behind her head, revealing her slender neck. When she saw He Ju coming, she smiled softly at him. “It’s almost ready. Wash your hands and we’ll eat the noodles.”

He Ju came back to his senses. “Oh, okay.”

After washing his hands, He Ju saw that there was a steaming bowl of egg noodles on the table, with a few pieces of cured meat and vegetables on top. It was clear that even for a simple bowl of noodles, Liu Jia had made it with care.Seeing He Ju staring at the bowl of noodles, Liu Jia couldn’t help but reveal a shy expression, cautiously sitting down opposite him, and spoke in a gentle voice, “My cooking isn’t that great, please make do with a little.”

He Ju smiled politely, “Not at all, it looks delicious, thank you for your hard work.”

Liu Jia passed He Ju the chopsticks, “Then have a taste.”

He Ju took them and began to eat the noodles.

It had to be said, Liu Jia’s cooking skills were indeed quite good. A bowl of clear broth noodles was cooked to be fragrant and appetizing, leaving a lingering taste that made one crave more.

He Ju quickly finished the bowl, having been busy all day, this was his first meal.

Watching He Ju eat, Liu Jia’s heart thumped wildly several times. She really didn’t understand, what was not to like about someone like He Ju? Well-mannered, with upright principles, and although his family’s financial situation couldn’t compare to the wealthy, they were still comfortably well-off.

After finishing, He Ju wiped his mouth with a tissue, then picked up a bottle of mineral water and took several gulps before stopping. He then said to Liu Jia, “Jia Jia, you eat first, I’ll wash the dishes and then take you home.”

Only then did Liu Jia, with a flushed face and racing heart, come back to her senses, and she replied softly, “Okay.”

It wasn’t her fault, He Ju was truly too tempting. He was in great shape, with a tall stature of 1.85 meters, and when he tilted his head back to drink water, the exposed collarbone and Adam’s apple were enough to make Liu Jia’s heart flutter.

He Ju had no idea what Liu Jia was thinking as he went to the bathroom to change the dressing on his nose.

By the time He Ju finished changing his dressing and came out, Liu Jia had just finished eating. He Ju naturally rolled up his sleeves and walked over, taking the bowl and chopsticks from Liu Jia’s hands, “I’ll wash them, you sit for a while, I’ll be quick.”

He Ju swiftly entered the kitchen, not noticing the instant flush on Liu Jia’s cheeks as he approached her.

Liu Jia took several deep breaths before heading towards the kitchen.

She had already decided, once He Ju had settled his thoughts and returned, she would definitely confess her feelings to him.

Although He Ju might not accept her right away, at least… she should be as brave as He Ju, just this once.

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