Chapter 31 – Why fear hitting someone?

Tian Zhen naturally also noticed that something was wrong. How much does He Ju like Su Ran, they all know.

He Ju has said many times, he will only marry Su Ran in the future?

So what is happening now? Are they having a quarrel?

Tian Zhen didn’t say anything, just pulled Su Ran over and said, “Look at you, why did you bring so many things?”

“I’m sorry just now, Yuxin is always stumbling, almost knocked you down.”

Su Ran came to her senses and smiled generously, “Auntie, this is just a little something from me. Yuxin is very cute, it’s okay. How is Uncle? Feeling better?”

Tian Zhen: “Yes, much better. The doctor said to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation. If there are no major problems, he can be discharged in a couple of days.”

Su Ran smiled, “That’s good.”

Tian Zhen: “You two chat, Auntie will go wash some fruit.”

He Ju’s father also kindly spoke up, “Xiao Ran, don’t be polite, sit down.”

Su Ran smiled and agreed, but her gaze fell on He Ju.

But He Ju has been talking to He Yuxin the whole time, not giving Su Ran a single glance.

Su Ran felt a little uncomfortable in that moment.

But this state of mind didn’t last long, because He Yuxin ran over to Su Ran and said, “Sister, I’m sorry, I was in a hurry to see my brother just now and almost bumped into you. I didn’t have time to apologize afterwards. Can you forgive me?”

He Yuxin looks like a cute little rice ball. When she looked at Su Ran with her big eyes, Su Ran couldn’t help but smile and say, “It’s okay, sister doesn’t mind.”

He Yuxin immediately became happy and her carefree appearance was just like He Ju’s.

He Yuxin: “Brother, sister forgave me.”

Only then did He Ju smile and pat He Yuxin’s head, “Good, let’s go. Brother will take you to eat something delicious.”

Su Ran also stood up awkwardly, “Then Uncle, Auntie, I’ll leave first.”

Tian Zhen came out with the washed fruit, “You’re leaving so soon after arriving? Ran Ran, won’t you stay and play for a while?”

Su Ran politely smiled, “No, Uncle, Auntie, I have something to do. I’ll come and visit you another time.”

Tian Zhen: “I see. But it’s not safe for a girl to go out alone. Where are you going? Let Xiao Ju take you.”

He Ju had no choice but to agree.

Tian Zhen had already taken He Yuxin away, “Yuxin, be good. Brother will take Sister and come back to play with you later.”

He Yuxin: “Okay, Brother, come back soon.”

He Ju nodded with a smile and left with Su Ran.

The two of them quietly walked through the hospital corridor, quietly took the elevator downstairs, and then came to the hospital’s garden.

He Ju didn’t speak, and Su Ran didn’t know what to say.

In the end, Su Ran broke the eerie atmosphere, “He Ju, I came today to see you.”

He Ju was very calm, “You’ve seen me now. If there’s nothing else, I won’t see you off.”

After speaking, He Ju turned around and wanted to leave. For the first time, Su Ran reached out and grabbed He Ju’s wrist, “He Ju, do you have to be so indifferent to me?”

This made He Ju want to laugh, “Su Ran, I really don’t understand, what do you want to do?”

Su Ran: “I… I just came to apologize to you.”

He Ju has always had a good temper, especially towards Su Ran.

But now, he was really inexplicably annoyed, and his tone was not very good, “Fine, I accept your apology. Don’t come again in the future.”

Tears welled up in Su Ran’s eyes, “Do you have to say such hurtful words?”

He Ju: “Do you have to force me like this?”

Su Ran’s eyes were red, but she stubbornly held onto He Ju’s sleeve, “I didn’t force you, He Ju, can’t we still get along like we used to?”

“He Ju, can’t we still be good friends? If we can’t be lovers, do we have to become strangers? He Ju, you know, I really cherish our friendship. I swear to you, I will never treat you the way I did before, okay?”

He Ju’s impatience was already very obvious.

Is Su Ran speaking human language at all?

He Ju: “Yes, if we can’t be lovers, I don’t want to be friends with you either. Su Ran, I am a person, not a tool for you to use at will. You know what I care about, but you always act like a coward…”

He Ju: “If you want to escape, then just escape for the rest of your life. Don’t you value Qiu Shaoze? Didn’t you say he’s your boyfriend? Why are you coming to find me now?”

As soon as He Ju finished speaking, someone punched him in the face.

He Ju felt like his nose bone was about to be broken, and he groaned in pain, taking several steps back before stabilizing himself.

Su Ran was so scared that she screamed, and when she came to her senses, she turned around and slapped Qiu Shaoze, “What are you doing?!”Qiu Shaoze pointed at He Ju: “It’s this idiot who caused you to end up in the hospital. I’m here to help you get revenge. Why are you hitting me?”

Qiu Shaoze’s face was full of contempt: “Just look at this fool, a good-for-nothing, only capable of overestimating himself. Why do you care so much? Su Ran, you are, after all, the young lady of the Su family conglomerate. How can you stoop so low?”

One slap is not enough? This beast’s mouth deserves to be smacked until he can’t open it.

He Ju’s gaze suddenly turned dark. Does a tiger not show its might, only to be mistaken for a sick cat?

He Ju clenched his fist, took three steps in two, and like a cheetah, he pounced forward, raining several fierce punches onto Qiu Shaoze’s detestable face.

Qiu Shaoze cried out in pain: “He Ju, He Ju!!! How dare you treat me like this? Do you no longer wish to stay in City A?”

He Ju wasn’t listening. He had been holding back his anger for so long, and now he had found the perfect outlet.

Su Ran tried to pull He Ju away, but his strength was too great for her to manage. Finally, gritting her teeth, she took her purse and struck He Ju’s face with all her might.

The intense pain made He Ju stop, instinctively covering his nose, tears nearly falling from his eyes.

Qiu Shaoze took the opportunity to run away.

In a daze, He Ju saw Su Ran’s figure rushing towards Qiu Shaoze.

He Ju shook his head, looked down, and saw his hands covered in blood.

His nose was bleeding.

Qiu Shaoze’s blow to his nose had almost broken it, and now…

It might as well be broken.

He Ju felt a sudden desolation in his heart.

This was the person he had devotedly loved for ten years.

After making sure Qiu Shaoze was okay, Su Ran ran over to help He Ju: “Brother He Ju, are you alright? I’m sorry, I was just too anxious. If you kept hitting him like that, you could have killed him. His family is prominent in City A; you can’t afford to offend them…”

For the first time, He Ju was angry with Su Ran. He fiercely pushed her away, his eyes showing a coldness Su Ran had never seen before: “Su Ran, are you really worried about me, or are you concerned that my actions today will bring trouble to the Su family?”

Su Ran was embarrassed by He Ju’s question, instinctively calling out: “Brother He Ju, I didn’t…”

Didn’t what?

He Ju sneered. He couldn’t understand Su Ran any better.

He Ju, covering his bleeding nose, cursed softly: “Damn!”

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