Chapter 2 – The existence of a stunner or beauty in the human world

From that day on, He Ju didn't go to school. He took a week off to relax.


All his plans used to revolve around Su Ran, including his future work.


Now that Su Ran was gone, he had to plan for himself.


He Ju packed up everything related to Su Ran in his house, all kinds of souvenirs, gifts, and photos, almost filling up his room.


Even though it was He Ju's room, it looked more like a girl's bedroom.


He Ju found it funny and realized how foolish he had been all these years.


As soon as He Ju finished packing, his good buddy Bai Yan came running over, out of breath. When he saw He Ju, Bai Yan immediately let out a sigh of relief and punched him, "You kid, why didn't you discuss such a big matter with me?"


He Ju laughed and hugged Bai Yan, and the two of them walked downstairs together. He Ju didn't say anything, but Bai Yan noticed the things in He Ju's hands and immediately grabbed his wrist, "He Ju? Are you really going to throw away these things?"


He Ju remained calm, even somewhat nonchalantly told him, "Yes."


Bai Yan, with a doubtful look, touched his forehead, "Kid, you're not running a fever, are you?"


He Ju: "What? Weren't you always against me liking Su Ran? Are you regretting it now?"


Bai Yan shook his head as soon as he heard this, with an expression that was hard to describe, "Of course not, I just don't understand why you're so stubborn about liking Su Ran. She's indeed good-looking and the campus flower recognized by University A, but she doesn't like you at all, otherwise, how could she bear to see you get hurt like this? You've been clueless all these years…"


He Ju also felt foolish and finally said, "It won't happen again."


Bai Yan sighed twice, "Forget it, let's go. Let me show you a new life."


After throwing away the trash, He Ju and Bai Yan took a taxi to the bar.


But as soon as they arrived, Bai Yan received a phone call and instantly looked as if he had encountered a great enemy, his face turning pale.


He Ju patted his shoulder, "What's wrong? Did your wife run away? You look so terrible."


Bai Yan was on the verge of tears, "This is something more serious than my wife running away."


While He Ju was still puzzled, Bai Yan pulled him back into the taxi, "Bro! This is an emergency!"


He Ju frowned, "What happened?"


Bai Yan, with a pained expression, "My sister, Si Hua, is back."


He Ju fell silent for two seconds, "The devil sister you always complain about?"


Bai Yan had complained countless times about the unfairness, saying that  his sister took mom's last name Si. And Bai Yan took dad's last name, Bai ..


Bai Yan anxiously rubbed his thigh, and sweat broke out on his forehead, "Yes, yes, it's her. My dad asked me to go to the airport to pick her up."


Looking at Bai Yan, who was usually fearless but now scared because of his sister's impending arrival, He Ju couldn't help but laugh, so he did.


Bai Yan, seeing He Ju's gloating expression, couldn't help but punch him, "Harmful friend, go ahead and laugh. I hope you marry a tigress like my sister in the future."


He Ju dodged while laughing, "What's wrong with laughing? I'm not afraid of your sister."


Bai Yan squinted at him, suddenly remembered something, and asked He Ju, "Are you interning next semester?"


He Ju: "Yes, so what ?"


Bai Yan grinned and put his arm around He Ju, "I forgot to tell you, I submitted your resume to the Starshine Group a few days ago."


He Ju's eyes widened slightly, feeling a warmth in his heart. He had been too busy preparing a surprise for Su Ran recently and hadn't paid attention to this, but the Starshine Group was one of the top companies in the country.


He Ju had applied to the Starshine Group, but he didn't have high expectations.


He Ju: "Will I pass?"


Bai Yan pretended to look profound and glanced at He Ju, "Don't worry, you'll pass. Of course, the premise is…"


Before Bai Yan could finish his sentence, He Ju had a feeling that Bai Yan was hiding something from him, but he didn't have time to ask because Bai Yan started to panic again, "Help me deal with my tigress sister!!!"


He Ju could only accept his fate and picked up the camera to take pictures of the scenery outside. There had never been landscape photos in his camera before because Su Ran had been his entire landscape.


But now, as he looked through the lens at the receding scenery outside, feeling the breeze on his face and having a good buddy by his side, He Ju felt that living freely for a while was quite comfortable.




Soon, the two of them arrived at the airport.


Bai Yan got out of the car and dragged He Ju inside, "Good buddy, we can't be late to pick up my sister. If you save me this time, I'll remember you for life."


He Ju was helpless but followed along, running all the way.As soon as they stood still, he heard a very pleasant voice: "Bai Yan."


Just those two simple words made Bai Yan tense up all over.


Bai Yan looked at He Ju with immense pain, clasped his hands together, and pleaded with him. He Ju laughed: "Call me daddy…"


Bai Yan's eyes widened in an instant: "You… you're despicable!!!"


He Ju didn't turn around, and Bai Yan didn't dare to either, but they could already hear the sound of high heels getting closer behind them.


Bai Yan gritted his teeth and called out in a low voice: "Daddy…"


He Ju was satisfied, pulled Bai Yan to turn around, and took the initiative to sweetly greet: "Hello, sister."


He Ju looked up and saw a devilish figure that was enticing, with a head of wavy golden curls shining brightly, long legs in a bright red ultra-short miniskirt, half-exposed breasts revealing a perfect and peerless body. She slightly raised her eyebrows, her eyes seductive as silk, her red lips like blazing flames, looking passionate and bold, simply a stunner in human form.


This is Bai Yan's sister? He knew Bai Yan had a sister, but he didn't know Bai Yan's sister was so… alluring?!


This guy really doesn't know how blessed he is.


Bai Yan didn't feel happy looking at the woman who was so charming in front of his brother, only managing a stiff smile: "Sis, why didn't you tell mom and dad earlier that you were coming back? I would have had the driver pick you up."


Si Hua glanced at Bai Yan with a smile that wasn't quite a smile: "What? Is little Yan blaming his sister?"


Bai Yan immediately shut up, shaking his head like a rattle-drum: "No, no." While speaking, Bai Yan's fingers were frantically poking He Ju's waist.


He Ju also came back to his senses, immediately stepped forward to take Si Hua's suitcase: "Um, sister, sorry, we came over in a hurry, little Yan has been talking about you all the way here…"


Si Hua's captivating eyes finally landed on He Ju, she chuckled lightly: "Oh? What has he been saying about me?"


Bai Yan's face turned pale, looking at He Ju with eyes begging for help.


He Ju, willing to make great sacrifices for his brother, began to tell blatant lies: "He said that sister has a gentle personality, is beautiful, with a devilish figure."


Si Hua laughed, and with that laugh, all the surrounding scenery seemed to fade. She stepped forward in her high heels, looked up at him, her voice melodious and pleasant: "He Ju, are you lying to sister? Hmm?"

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