Chapter 8 – Asked her out

Xie Shu didn’t chat about anything that couldn’t be seen by others.

The action he just made was just a subconscious action formed after chatting with Su Qianyi for too long. He didn’t like to show others the content of his chat with Su Qianyi.

But this reason may make people feel a bit far-fetched, Xie Shu is too lazy to explain, so he just let it go.

It’s better to just invite Ruan Nianxi out and take her to see his three sons to prove that he didn’t lie just now, and let them know that he really let go of Su Qianyi.

And… he originally wanted to invite her out.

Thinking about it, Xie Shu started to edit a message to Ruan Nianxi.

Xie Shu: [Are you free at noon? Let’s have lunch together?]

The other party still replied instantly: [Yes, good.]

Xie Shu: [Okay, let’s meet at noon. I’m still in class, so I won’t say more for now. Let’s meet at the entrance of the cafeteria at noon.]

“The message has been sent, you will know at noon.”

Xie Shu exited the chat box and returned to their dormitory group, opened the pergola sketch picture that Zhao Lin had sent before, put his phone aside, and picked up a pencil to continue drawing.

At the same time.

Girls’ dormitory.

Ruan Nianxi sat in her own place, her eyes still staring at the phone screen.

After she replied with a “good” just now, Xie Shu didn’t message her back.

She waited for almost ten minutes, and when she was sure that Xie Shu wouldn’t send any more messages, she started to review their chat records.

But their chat records were too few, so few that she could finish reading them at a glance without flipping through.

Although the chat records were only a few short sentences, Ruan Nianxi’s heart was always pounding.

He… really took the initiative to contact her.

And, he even invited her to have lunch together at noon!

Should she change into a pretty outfit?

What does he like?

Single ponytail or double ponytail?

Long skirt or short skirt?

Black stockings or white stockings?

Excited, Ruan Nianxi opened her suitcase and started to see what clothes she had to wear out.

After all, Xie Shu hadn’t taken the initiative to contact her for a long time.

When was the last time he took the initiative to invite her out?

Middle school?

No, it was high school.

It was in the first year of high school, because he fell in love with Su Qianyi, she was upset, she was unhappy…

And then she didn’t like Su Qianyi every day, so she often made things difficult for her.

Later, Xie Shu took her out alone because of the face of their former classmates. At that time, she thought he finally remembered her and went to the appointment happily.

Who knew that after arriving at the destination, he said that she should not make things difficult for Su Qianyi in the future, and said that he treated her as a friend, and she would make things difficult for Su Qianyi if she acted like that.

At that time, he said it very tactfully, but his attitude was very firm, he was on Su Qianyi’s side.

After that, she didn’t make things difficult for Su Qianyi again because she was worried that she would push Xie Shu further away.

But in the second year of high school, she…

Thinking of this, Ruan Nianxi’s excited mood was like being poured with cold water.

Just now, when she passed by the lawn, she inadvertently heard someone discussing Xie Shu’s affairs, so she stopped to listen for a while. After listening for a while, she heard Su Qianyi belittling Xie Shu.

He had already gotten the best, but not only was she not content, she also felt it was only natural for others to treat her this way!

She was angry and felt that Xie Shu was not valued, so she couldn’t help it.

Although she didn’t succeed in taking action, he also saw it.

He invited her out, was it because of Su Qianyi again?

Was it just because he didn’t mention her because he didn’t have enough time during class?


In their group, after Xie Shu took Ruan Nianxi away just now, Su Qianyi complained for a while before continuing to do her homework.

They had already measured the data of the sculpture and had been sitting down to draw for almost ten to twenty minutes.

Su Qianyi looked around while drawing.

Why hasn’t Xie Shu come to find her yet?

Just now, when he took Ruan Nianxi away, she thought he would be like before, scolding Ruan Nianxi for her.

But it had been so long, he should have said everything he needed to say, so why hasn’t he come to care for her?

He knew very well that her relationship with Ruan Nianxi had always been bad.

Just now, she almost got hit by that crazy woman Ruan Nianxi!

That Ruan Nianxi, once in high school wasn’t enough, and now she’s here again?

It’s ridiculous!

She was also unlucky to be able to go to the same university as her.

Su Qianyi continued to draw and wait, waiting and looking around.

But the morning passed, and she still didn’t see Xie Shu.


Before the end of class at noon, after Xie Shu and the others went to the designated place to hand in the finished drawing, they went to the cafeteria in groups.

He handed in the drawing and left, completely unaware that Su Qianyi had looked at him several times in the crowd.

As agreed, they went to the cafeteria.

At noon, there were many people at the entrance of the cafeteria, but when they arrived at the cafeteria, he saw Ruan Nianxi in the crowd at a glance.

Her beauty is so captivating, I can’t help but admire her.

Her slender waist, her elegant demeanor, and the wind under the trees.

Ruan Nianxi is very beautiful, not inferior to Su Qianyi at all.

If you have to compare them in all aspects, Ruan Nianxi is actually better.

After all, Ruan Nianxi is a real heiress, and her temperament and behavior are things that are ingrained in her.

A shirt and a short skirt paired with black stockings make her look both sexy and pure.

In two words, very beautiful!Xie Shu walked straight over, greeted her, and introduced her to his three sons: “Her name is Ruan Nianxi, and I’ve been chatting with her today.”

After he finished speaking, he turned to Ruan Nianxi: “They are my roommates.”

The three of them had also noticed Ruan Nianxi standing at the entrance of the cafeteria from the moment they arrived, as she was too eye-catching, stunningly beautiful, and someone you couldn’t help but take a second look at.

But they never expected Xie Shu to actually know her!!

The three of them were so shocked that their mouths hung open, and it took them a while before they remembered to introduce themselves.

Ruan Nianxi responded with a smile throughout, politely reciprocating.

After the three of them had introduced themselves, they immediately hooked their arms around Xie Shu’s neck and pulled him aside to start interrogating him.

“When did you meet this beauty?”

“Which college is she from?”

“Spill the beans!”

Xie Shu freed himself from their hold and said, “I’ve known her for a long time. We’ve known each other since elementary school and went to the same school until high school. But I didn’t know she was at the same university as me until this morning when we bumped into each other. We chatted for a bit, and since we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, I asked her out.”

“So you’re childhood sweethearts??”

“Sort of, but we only met in the sixth grade of elementary school. We didn’t know each other before that.”

After Xie Shu briefly explained, he walked back towards Ruan Nianxi, who was waiting for them.

“Sorry, I didn’t tell you there would be others. If you mind, we can go eat alone.”

Xie Shu wasn’t sure if Ruan Nianxi would mind, but he thought it best to ask for her opinion first.

Ruan Nianxi was about to speak when she caught a glimpse of a familiar figure at the side of the road near the cafeteria from the corner of her eye and instinctively looked over.

It was Su Qianyi.

She had also come to this side of the first cafeteria.

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