Chapter 34 – Initiative

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"Xie Shu!"


A clear and slightly angry voice rang out not far behind Xie Shu.


Hearing the familiar voice, Xie Shu instinctively turned around.


Turning his head, he saw Su Qianyi standing there, her gaze fixed intently on him.


Since there weren't many people dining at the moment, many in the restaurant heard Su Qianyi's voice.


This included Xie Shu's three sons, who also turned to look upon hearing her.


Upon seeing that it was Su Qianyi, all three were somewhat surprised.


It was as if coincidence had opened the door to more coincidences, and they had all come home.


Xie Shu gave Su Qianyi a glance, expressionless, then turned his head back nonchalantly and walked at a measured pace back to his original seat. He sat down with his sons, composed as ever, waiting for the owner to serve their meal, acting as if he hadn't seen Su Qianyi at all.


Xie Shu's series of actions left Su Qianyi stiff-faced, suddenly feeling at a loss standing there.


She had already taken the initiative!


Why was he still like this!


Moreover, she had sent him so many messages that afternoon, and he hadn't replied to a single one!


Su Qianyi felt a myriad of grievances. When had she ever been like this before?


An Tian stood beside Su Qianyi, also somewhat surprised that they could bump into Xie Shu at this time.


An Tian had specifically cleared a lot of time in the afternoon for Su Qianyi to think things over. By evening, she was really hungry and had asked if Su Qianyi wanted to go out for dinner, which led to their outing.


They had just arrived when they ran into Xie Shu.


And just now… he seemed to have been on the phone with some girl, right?


She heard him telling the other person to drink brown sugar water and to take care of herself and rest…


Probably Su Qianyi had heard it too, which is why she sounded a bit angry earlier.


An Tian glanced at Su Qianyi, wondering how she would choose to deal with Xie Shu's coldness.


Would she not stand it and give up, or…


Before she could finish the thought, she saw Su Qianyi stepping forward to follow.


She chose the same restaurant where Xie Shu was dining and even chose to sit at the table next to theirs.


Xie Shu and his sons were seated in the middle of the restaurant, where several tables were usually joined together, and Su Qianyi chose the table that was joined to theirs.


Naturally, An Tian followed Su Qianyi.


Although the two groups were sitting at separate tables, it was practically no different from sitting at the same table.


Moreover, Su Qianyi had deliberately chosen a seat next to Xie Shu.


Xie Shu: "……"


Xie Shu was somewhat speechless.


Did that table save her life in a past life?


The restaurant was so big, why did she choose that table?


Just as he was considering whether to change seats, the restaurant's server came to serve their meal.


At the same time, the server also asked Su Qianyi and An Tian what they would like to order.


As they ordered, the WeChat notification sound from Xie Shu's phone went off.


Seeing that it was a message from Ruan Nianxi, he temporarily put aside the idea of changing seats.


Ruan Nianxi had sent her food preferences and dormitory number.


Hmm… she wanted the same dish as him?


Xie Shu glanced at his own fried rice order, and after Su Qianyi and An Tian finished ordering, he quickly added, "I'll have another portion of this fried rice, to go, no spice."


After the server noted the order and went into the kitchen, an awkward silence fell over the group.


Xie Shu's three sons and An Tian, all four of them, actually felt a bit embarrassed.


But they stayed for the sake of their friend.


If it had been before, they might have teased Xie Shu a bit in this situation.


But now, they all knew Xie Shu's attitude towards Su Qianyi, and teasing without regard for the situation would be impolite.


So, everyone remained silent, trying to alleviate the awkwardness by looking at their phones.


Su Qianyi hung her head, her hands clenched into fists on her thighs.


Just outside, she had heard Xie Shu on the phone, seemingly caring for some girl.


Although she wasn't one hundred percent sure, she was really angry at the time.


Xie Shu's tenderness used to be all hers, but now… how could he give it to someone else?


Out of dissatisfaction, she couldn't help but get angry with Xie Shu.


But Xie Shu didn't even acknowledge her…


Being ignored again, she felt like she was suffocating, it was too uncomfortable.


For a moment, she wanted to turn around and leave.


Just like before, to leave with her head held high.


But she also clearly understood that if she turned and left this time, Xie Shu wouldn't come after her again.


So, she chose to come in after him, even deliberately sitting together with him.


She wanted to talk to him, but didn't know what to say.


It had always been Xie Shu who started conversations before; she had never initiated a topic…


Su Qianyi was still struggling, completely unsure how to break the deadlock.


As for Xie Shu, he had already picked up his chopsticks and was eating heartily, treating the person next to him as if she were air.


As long as he wasn't embarrassed, the embarrassment was someone else's.


At the same time, he was also using his phone with his left hand, seemingly chatting with someone.


Su Qianyi was sitting to his right, and couldn't see very clearly, but she was sure it was the WeChat interface.


Then her heart ached even more.


What the heck… he clearly checks WeChat, but just doesn't reply to her messages.


After sitting for a while longer, even after the server had brought the meal they ordered later, Xie Shu still hadn't spoken to her.


Seeing that Xie Shu's bowl was now half empty, Su Qianyi, after much hesitation, finally spoke up.




She had barely uttered a word when Xie Shu's phone suddenly rang, abruptly cutting off what she was about to say.


Xie Shu quickly answered, responding with a few "hmms" before hanging up swiftly.


Although he hadn't put the call on speaker, the restaurant was quiet enough that Su Qianyi still caught bits of the other person's voice.


It was a girl.

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