Chapter 20 – Do not care

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Xie Shu arrived at the classroom and sat with his sons.


He opened his computer, turned on CAD, and waited for the bell to ring.


Since the class hadn't officially started, they naturally couldn't start their homework on their own.


He played for a while, and when there were five minutes left before class, he saw Su Qianyi enter the classroom.


She was carrying breakfast for two, and she went to An Tian, who had saved a spot for her, and handed her one of the portions. The two of them had breakfast in the classroom like this.


This seemingly ordinary scene attracted the attention of many people in the class.


After looking at Su Qianyi, they would turn to look at Xie Shu.


Xie Shu: "……"


He used to always be with Su Qianyi, and everyone was used to seeing them sitting together. Now that they were suddenly separated, he knew that many people were curious about it.




Soon, the bell rang for class.


Everyone opened CAD and started drawing. The teacher walked into the classroom, took a walk around, and then sat at the podium doing his own thing.


If a student had a question, they could call the teacher, and the teacher would go up to help them with their drawing.


That's how their class was, either drawing or working on drawings.


Their assignments were also completed on a weekly basis.


From CAD to the final modeling and rendering, it was definitely impossible to finish in one or two classes. Generally, class time was also the time for them to do their homework, and if they couldn't keep up with the progress, they had to work harder in private.


Xie Shu and his sons sat in the middle of the classroom, and he happened to be sitting on the edge, next to the classroom aisle, with desks against the wall on the other side.


Sitting there was a girl who had encountered a problem halfway through her drawing. She asked her classmates in front and behind her, but no one could help. When she turned to think, she saw Xie Shu and asked him.


"Xie Shu, my software crashed, and I forgot to save the progress. Do you know where the CAD backup file is?" the girl asked for help.


"Just a moment."


Xie Shu subconsciously pressed "ctrl+s" on his computer to save, then got up and went to the girl's desk to help her with the problem.


Saving as a habit was something every designer should develop.


Otherwise, like the girl who asked for help, if the software crashed and the progress couldn't be recovered, then all the previous work would be in vain.


Losing progress was even more distressing than killing them.


Although it was class time, it was normal for everyone to ask questions and help each other, as long as they didn't make a loud noise in the classroom, the teacher generally wouldn't interfere.


Xie Shu went to the girl's desk, took the mouse and opened the document to find the backup file.


After all, they were not studying software engineering, and not everyone was proficient in computers. It could only be said that most people were proficient in the software they had studied.


As one of the few in the class who was relatively proficient in computers, Xie Shu spent most of his time helping the girls with things they didn't understand.


He searched through the files for a while, found the backup, and opened it. The girl took a look at the progress, and she was very grateful to Xie Shu when she saw that not much progress had been lost.


At this moment, it was time for class to end, and the teacher walked out of the classroom, so everyone could talk freely.




"Xie Shu, thank you so much! Otherwise, the progress of these two classes would have been in vain!" the girl said excitedly, her loud voice attracting the attention of many people.


Su Qianyi, who was sitting in the front row, turned her head back when she heard Xie Shu's name.


After seeing Xie Shu talking and laughing with a girl in the class, she turned her head back with a serious face and continued drawing.


Talking is just talking, why is she patting Xie Shu's arm like they're close?


Forget it, it has nothing to do with her!


After solving one problem, Xie Shu hadn't returned to his seat when another girl in front called him.


"Xie Shu, a file I saved won't open. Can you help me take a look?"




Xie Shu went to the front again to help the girl with the problem. It turned out that she had saved the file in the wrong format, and changing the save format would solve the problem.


Not long after solving the second problem, a third person came to him.


There were also a fourth and a fifth person behind…


Almost all of them were asking software-related questions.


In terms of design, apart from the prescribed drawing standards, there was no strict right or wrong, so no one would ask those kinds of questions.


Xie Shu helped another girl solve the problem and felt increasingly strange.


Why were they all asking questions about things they had learned before?


Even if they hadn't paid attention in class, didn't they still draw so many engineering drawings later?


Shouldn't they have learned how to do it by now?


After that, the bell rang for class again, and no one came to find Xie Shu.



Xie Shu successfully returned to his seat and continued drawing.


The teacher also returned to the classroom and walked around in a procedural manner, then sat down again.


An Tian glanced at the teacher, lowered her head, opened her phone, found Su Qianyi's name, and sent her a message: [Has Xie Shu not contacted you yet?]


Su Qianyi, who was focused on drawing, saw the WeChat icon flashing on her computer, clicked on it, and after seeing that it was a message from An Tian, she turned to look at the person next to her in confusion.


An Tian didn't look at her, so she turned back to look at the message on her computer.


Seeing that An Tian was mentioning Xie Shu again, she replied coldly: [Why are you mentioning him again? Didn't I tell him not to bother me? He must have listened and not contacted me, isn't that good?]


An Tian: [Qianyi, let me ask you one thing. Do you really not like Xie Shu?]


Su Qianyi: [Who likes him? He's been bothering me for the past three years.]


An Tian: [The whole class can see that there's something different between you and Xie Shu. Did you not notice that the people who came to find Xie Shu were all girls? And they were asking very simple questions, isn't that a test?]


Su Qianyi: [So what?]


An Tian: "Qianyi, Xie Shu is actually really handsome. Back in our class, and even in the entire college, no one pursued him because his feelings for you were so obvious, and he was so persistent about you. Those people knew they didn't stand a chance, so they didn't go after Xie Shu. But now, with the conflict between you two, those people might feel like they have a chance. Ask yourself, Xie Shu hasn't contacted you for so long, and just now you saw him interacting with so many girls, doesn't it really hurt?"


Su Qianyi: "It doesn't hurt."


An Tian: "…Alright, forget I said anything."


Su Qianyi: "Yeah, I'm going back to my drawing."


Su Qianyi closed the chat window and continued working on her design on the computer.


Xie Shu was just normally helping a classmate, wasn't he? In the first year, when everyone was clueless, wasn't it common for many people to ask for his help?


What's there to be upset about?


Helping a classmate is perfectly normal.


They must have simply forgotten, it's not a crime to ask, right?


Thinking all this, Su Qianyi pressed the wrong shortcut keys several times, but even when she got them right, she forgot what she was supposed to do next.


So what?


That's totally normal!


She's not upset!


Not in the slightest!

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