Chapter 17 – Repeating the same old tricks? It won’t work on her

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Ruan Nianxi shook her head: "Really, it's not necessary. I just had some ice cream you bought at noon, and it affected me a bit."


Xie Shu: "???"


"Then you could have chosen not to eat it! Why be so silly? Knowing it would make you feel unwell and still eating it?" Xie Shu exclaimed, his voice rising in surprise.


His tone was full of reproach, but this time Ruan Nianxi didn't feel the heartache she used to.


On the contrary, she felt a bit happy.


Xie Shu continued to speak, and Ruan Nianxi listened obediently with her head down.


She didn't mean to eat so much ice cream at that particular time.


It was because she ate too much cold food at once, which caused her period to come early…


At that moment, she didn't think too much, just that it was from Xie Shu, and she wanted it all.


Fortunately, her period was due these days, and she was prepared, so it didn't lead to any embarrassment.


"You sit here and rest for a bit, I'll go buy something for you to eat," Xie Shu said after a few words and then left with big strides.


Ruan Nianxi finally dared to lift her eyes and watch his retreating figure.


Xie Shu didn't enter the canteen; she saw him go to the supermarket first, then he bought some things from the porridge stall outside, paid with his phone, and hurried back towards her.


Watching Xie Shu approaching step by step, Ruan Nianxi's lips slowly curved into a smile.


Xie Shu returned to Ruan Nianxi's side, walked around from behind her, and sat down beside her.


He placed the items he bought on the table, then picked up a cup of porridge, inserted a straw for Ruan Nianxi, and finally handed it to her.


"Thank you."


Ruan Nianxi whispered her thanks, took the cup with both hands, and felt the warmth of the porridge from her palms to her feet.


Xie Shu hummed in acknowledgment, picked up an egg, tapped it on the edge of the table, and began to peel it leisurely.


When only a little bit of the shell was left, he handed it to Ruan Nianxi.


Ruan Nianxi, feeling flattered, accepted it and her eyes began to well up looking at Xie Shu.


The whole day felt like a dream.


Xie Shu was so nice to her, just like before Su Qianyi came out, she felt so blessed.


"Considering you're not feeling well, I didn't dare to buy anything else, so I got a few more cups of porridge. Take them back with you later, and there's also brown sugar. Make a drink with it when you get back."


Xie Shu pushed the items on the table a bit towards Ruan Nianxi and carefully instructed her.


Ruan Nianxi continued to listen obediently, nodding from time to time.


Everything seemed so calm, but only she knew how much she was struggling inside.


She felt like she was losing control of her thoughts, and the so-called delusions the doctor mentioned seemed to resurface.


Her remaining rationality kept telling her to stay calm, to act like a normal person.


It was too hard to bear; she wanted to take medicine to relieve it, but she was afraid that Xie Shu would see if she took it out.


If he saw it, he would probably stay away from her for good.


To prevent such a thing from happening, she endured silently, not letting Xie Shu notice anything unusual.


After sitting with Ruan Nianxi for a while, Xie Shu then escorted her back to the dormitory.


Downstairs at the dormitory, he handed her all the things he bought and kept reminding her to take care.


After watching her go in, he turned and left.


He bought four boxed meals at a small shop outside the canteen and headed to his own dormitory building.


All the while, he didn't notice someone was watching him from behind.




Girls' dormitory.


An Tian knocked on the dormitory door, entered, and placed a packed dinner in front of Su Qianyi.


Su Qianyi thanked her, and An Tian nodded in response, then sat down in her own spot.


She checked her phone for a while but couldn't help putting it down again.


She turned to look at Su Qianyi, who was about to eat: "Qianyi, did Xie Shu contact you?"


Su Qianyi's hand holding the chopsticks froze, and her face instantly darkened.


This afternoon, she watched Xie Shu play games, moving from a team of four to five without including her.


She was so close to crying out of frustration!


She wallowed in sadness under her blanket for a long time.


After stabilizing her emotions, she reached for her phone again, only to find that Xie Shu still hadn't contacted her.


Then she felt upset about him all over again.


Xie Shu directly affected her mood, making it impossible for her to continue drawing, and she had to force herself to do her homework late into the night.


Every second was precious to her now, as she rushed to finish her assignments.


After spending the whole afternoon finally managing to forget about Xie Shu, why did An Tian have to bring him up again?


Su Qianyi's face was stern, clearly displeased: "No, why would he contact me? I've already told him not to bother me, isn't it good that he's not looking for me?"


An Tian coughed lightly: "Maybe you should take the initiative to contact Xie Shu?"


"Why should I contact him?"


She sent him so many messages last night, and he hasn't replied to her until now!!


"Uh… I just feel like he's been acting a bit strange today. He's never gone this long without contacting you after you've rejected him. Aren't you worried he might like someone else?"


Su Qianyi felt a twinge of pain in her heart at the words, but her mouth remained defiant: "What does it matter to me who he likes? Besides, it's his freedom to like someone else."


An Tian was at a loss for words and finally said: "Qianyi, honestly, I think Xie Shu is a pretty good guy. Think about it, he's been chasing you since freshman year and he's still so good to you. We all envy you."


"He's liked you for so long, and he's confessed so many times over the past three years. You've always rejected him… at least give him a chance to try."


"Even the most steadfast affection can't withstand so many rejections."


No matter what An Tian said, Su Qianyi remained unmoved.


Her friends didn't know that she and Xie Shu had known each other for six years, and he had been pursuing her for six years.


Over these six years, Su Qianyi saw everything Xie Shu did for her, and she didn't really think he would fall for someone else.


After all, Xie Shu even took up art just to accompany her, and now they were in the same class.


Such a passionate person, how could he possibly like someone else?


Come to think of it, there was a time in high school when Xie Shu deliberately didn't contact her, didn't reply to her messages, and it lasted for three days, only to come looking for her on the fourth day, right?


Is he trying the same tactic this time?


She wondered who in his dorm gave him such advice. It's so childish!


Maybe it's because she hadn't been ignored by Xie Shu for several years, and today's sudden cold shoulder caught her off guard.


Yeah, that must be it!


He's really so childish.


Does he think she can't stand it and will turn back to him?


That's impossible!


Playing hard to get with her, it's useless!


An Tian talked for a long time, but Su Qianyi showed no reaction, leaving her no choice but to sigh helplessly.


Su Qianyi was her good sister, and she knew she always had a strong sense of pride. How could she tell her that on her way to the canteen, she saw Xie Shu escorting another girl back to the dorm?


Because of the angle, she couldn't see the girl's face clearly, nor did she know what she looked like, but she saw Xie Shu's expression very clearly!


He really cared about that girl.


As an observer, and having been in the same class with Xie Shu for three years, his concern for that girl was no less than the care he used to show for Su Qianyi.


At that moment, she wondered if Xie Shu was pursuing someone else…


But she wasn't sure and didn't dare to ask directly.


How could she ask?


Ask him why he's being nice to a girl other than Su Qianyi?


But he's not in a relationship with Su Qianyi, so what right does she have to ask that?


So at that time, she did nothing, just silently followed Xie Shu to the canteen, watched him buy boxed meals, and then return.


Now back here, seeing Su Qianyi like this…




She won't listen to anything she says.


As for Xie Shu… she hopes she's overthinking it.


Xie Shu is really a good guy.


If Su Qianyi doesn't cherish him, who knows if she'll feel sad if she loses him one day.

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