Chapter 14 – It’s not completely bad either

Xie Shu and they accelerated the progress of the game, and after finishing this round, Ruan Nianxi went offline.

At the same time, Xie Shu also went offline.

Although there were no classes in the afternoon, they couldn’t just play all afternoon.

They had a lot of professional courses and assignments. If they played every day, wouldn’t they fail their exams?

Make-up exams are free, but retaking the course is expensive.

Xie Shu reluctantly put down his phone and took out his pencils, sketch pens, lining pens, and markers…

After setting up a table full of pens, he took out paper and a scale to start.


If you don’t work hard when you’re young, you’ll struggle in college.

Actually, he never thought he would end up studying design.

Even when he signed up for the high school training, it was just to be with Su Qianyi.

At that time, he only wanted to be with Su Qianyi and thought that being by her side was the best.

So, they studied art together, and in the end, they chose the same school for the college entrance examination and applied for the same major. They are still in the same class now…

When he found out that he and Su Qianyi were in the same class in their freshman year, he was happy for a long time.


It doesn’t matter anymore.

What happened yesterday, is like yesterday’s death. What happens today, is like today’s birth.

In the future, there will no longer be Su Qianyi’s shadow in his heart.

There is only room for one person in his heart.

And that place is already occupied.

After focusing on drawing for a while, Xie Shu’s usual markers ran out of ink. After confirming that they were dry, he prepared to go out and buy some new ones.

Although his dorm mates also have these things, everyone is in the same major. If you use them a lot, others will also use them a lot, so it’s not advisable to borrow them.

Soon, Xie Shu left the dorm. He first went to the print shop to buy a few sheets of A4 paper, then went to the supermarket to buy markers. Considering the recent workload of his courses and assignments, he also bought a few lining pens.

After paying, he hadn’t walked a few steps when he saw several sunshades set up not far from the road, and a few people were moving tables. There must be some activity going on.

Every time the school has an event, they set up the promotional location here because there are many students here, and there is a huge flow of people during meal times and between classes.

Xie Shu was already a junior, and he had already added almost all the points he needed. He didn’t need to participate in any activities to earn more points, so he didn’t plan to go up and ask.

Just before leaving, he unexpectedly saw a familiar figure in the crowd.

He looked over and saw Ruan Nianxi, who had her hair tied up in a high ponytail, standing under the sunshade, holding a piece of paper and checking something. She was also talking to the person next to her from time to time, probably discussing something.

She was very focused and didn’t notice Xie Shu on this side.

Xie Shu looked for a few seconds and unconsciously picked up a lining pen and started drawing on the A4 paper.

Although he hadn’t drawn a quick sketch of a person in a long time, the basic skills he had practiced before were still there, and he quickly sketched out the outline of the other person with a few simple strokes.

At this moment, Xie Shu felt that it wasn’t in vain to have studied art before.

Isn’t there still some benefit to it?

You can still record a bit of life, right?

“Wow! Are you the class monitor who’s drawing? It looks like it!”

Suddenly, a girl’s voice sounded in Xie Shu’s ear, and his smooth brush suddenly paused, almost drawing crooked.

It was class time at this point, and there weren’t many people here to begin with. Even if there were students who didn’t have class, they wouldn’t want to stay outside, especially with the sun shining so brightly. So, the girl’s exclamation seemed a bit loud.

When Xie Shu turned to look at the girl next to him, Ruan Nianxi, not far away, also heard the sound and looked over in the direction of the supermarket.

When she saw Xie Shu talking to a girl from her class, she clenched the A4 paper in her hand tightly.

She stared at the two people over there, trying hard to hear what they were saying.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t hear anything.

Even the exclamation she had just heard was only because a relatively loud sound suddenly rang out in the quiet environment. She didn’t hear the specific content of the sentence at all.

In the end, it was the person next to her who called her, which completely brought her back to her senses.

Ruan Nianxi pursed her red lips, took a deep breath, forced herself to calm down, and then continued with what she was saying.

However, she was still paying attention to the situation on Xie Shu’s side.

Over there, Xie Shu put the cap back on the lining pen and asked the girl in front of him, “Are you Ruan Nianxi’s classmate?”

When they were playing the game, he heard her roommate call her the class monitor, and this girl also called her that, so they should be in the same class as Ruan Nianxi.

The girl didn’t expect Xie Shu to know Ruan Nianxi and was stunned for a moment before nodding quickly.

“You know the class monitor? Are you from our college? No, if you were from our college and you’re this handsome, I would definitely know you!”

“I’m from the School of Art.”

“Ah, no wonder you’re so good at drawing!”

The two of them didn’t know each other, so there wasn’t much to talk about.

But Xie Shu still asked knowingly, “What activity are you busy with over there for promotion?”

“Yeah, our class happened to have no classes, so we called out everyone who could help. The sun is so strong, it won’t kill us to be a little late.”

The girl complained and was about to leave.

But Xie Shu stopped her, and then he bent back into the supermarket. When he came out, he was carrying a plastic bag with a lot of ice cream inside.

“You’re working hard too, have some of this.”

Although Xie Shu didn’t say it explicitly, the girl understood what he meant.

He wanted to buy it for Ruan Nianxi, and for them.

But…The girl hesitated as she looked at Xie Shu, but didn’t take it.

Seeing that the girl didn’t accept it, Xie Shu asked curiously, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that our class monitor probably won’t accept your stuff. You’re from another faculty so you might not know, but everyone in our faculty knows that the class monitor doesn’t accept anything from guys. In these three years, she hasn’t taken anything from anyone.”

Xie Shu raised an eyebrow: “Is that so?”

The girl continued to nod.

“Just help me take it to her for now. If she doesn’t want it later, she can deal with it as she pleases. You guys can eat it too,” Xie Shu said, not particularly worried about what the girl had mentioned.

Since Xie Shu insisted, the girl didn’t say much more.

In the end, she still took it.

Before leaving, she also asked for the drawing Xie Shu had just made, saying it might increase his chances of success with Ruan Nianxi.

Xie Shu handed the drawing to the girl with a smile, then turned his head for another glance at Ruan Nianxi, who was still talking to someone nearby, seemingly unaware of his presence.

He didn’t plan to disturb her; it was her faculty’s event, and he couldn’t be of much help.

Besides, he had to rush to finish his homework; the submission deadline was approaching, and he didn’t have time to loiter around.

When he had more time later, he would find more opportunities to spend time with Ruan Nianxi.

With that, Xie Shu took his purchases and returned to his dormitory once again.

The girl, carrying the things Xie Shu had given her, walked towards Ruan Nianxi.

Ruan Nianxi had been paying attention to their interaction all along and had naturally seen Xie Shu hand a bag to the girl.

It wasn’t until the girl approached that she could see it was filled with ice cream.

She really felt like throwing it away!

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