Chapter 1 – Goodbye, never see you again

“I’m sorry, Xie Shu, I don’t like you.”

“Let’s just be ordinary friends.”

“Also, I don’t like violets.”

Xie Shu opened his eyes and heard these words.

The familiar words gradually gathered his scattered thoughts, and after seeing the person in front of him and the surrounding environment clearly, he was shocked.

Wasn’t he in the late stage of cancer and already at the end of his life?

How come now…

In his confusion, some key memories flashed through his mind instantly.

University, puppy love, social events, confession…

No wonder this scene was so familiar, no wonder those words were so familiar, it turned out that he had experienced this in his previous life.

Understanding that he had been reborn, Xie Shu quickly organized his thoughts and looked at the woman who had just spoken to him again.

She was wearing a gorgeous princess dress, standing in the crowd looking noble and dazzling, like a real princess.

At this moment, she raised her chin slightly, her beautiful eyes meeting his, revealing a hint of imperceptible displeasure in her clear gaze.

Even though in his previous life, he had completely let go of his love for her at the end of his life, seeing the familiar face again still caused him heartache.

Su Qianyi, his first love, and his youth, the goddess he had pursued for ten years in his previous life.

Ten years, from school to society.

Delivering breakfast rain or shine, sending morning and evening greetings without fail, unwavering determination…

But what was the result?

Her answer to him was always “no.”

Her repeated rejections, his repeated waiting, he was really tired.

Too tired, mentally and physically exhausted, he didn’t want to persist anymore.

“Xie Shu, everyone is watching. This is a social event for several schools. I came here to relax. If you didn’t come to participate in the event, you should leave. It’s really annoying to keep bothering me like this.”

Su Qianyi’s pleasant voice rang out again, and everyone around could hear it clearly.

The previously quiet social event venue started buzzing with whispers after Su Qianyi’s words. Their voices were very low, and Xie Shu couldn’t hear them clearly, but he could feel that those people were making fun of him.

Xie Shu’s thoughts paused for a moment, then, under the gaze of everyone, he nodded faintly. “Okay.”

Then he added, “Goodbye.”


Never to be seen again.

Su Qianyi, in this life, I won’t love you again. Let’s both be well.

Xie Shu turned and left, without a trace of nostalgia.

He really left.

He didn’t feel sad, and he didn’t think he was very sad. Instead, he felt relieved.

It turned out that letting go was so simple, so why did his previous self persist in her?

Clearly, there were better girls in the past, but he was blind to them.

Thinking of the person who shed tears for him before he closed his eyes in his previous life, Xie Shu’s heart was filled with various complex emotions.

In his previous life, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the treatment was already too late. He didn’t tell anyone at the time, just silently waited for the countdown of his life.

During that time, he once again confessed his love to Su Qianyi, he didn’t know why he did that, maybe he wanted to make his ending less regretful, wanted to hear her say “okay” before he died.

But the result was the same as before, he was rejected again.

Ten years of youth, in the end, he didn’t wait for any results, but it seemed like there was a result.

After that, he didn’t contact anyone and lived alone in the hospital, continuing to wait for the countdown to end.

But what he didn’t expect was that at the end of his life, someone unexpected came to see him.

She saw him on the hospital bed and burst into tears.

At that time, he had no strength and could only helplessly watch her cry and talk by his bedside.

“Xie Shu! Are you leaving just because I didn’t actively inquire about your situation?”

“Will you die if you contact me?”

“Or is it that you never thought of me at all?”

“Please hold on a little longer. I’ve contacted doctors from abroad, and they will come soon. Please hold on a little longer, okay? Don’t leave me again…”

“What will I do if you leave?”

“Just hold on for one more night, just one night, the doctors will arrive tomorrow morning.”

“Xie Shu, don’t sleep!”

“Xie Shu, can you look at me?”

“Xie Shu, in the next life, can you choose me? I really… love you.”

At that time, his consciousness was already very fuzzy, but he still heard her last words.

At the moment he fell asleep completely, he thought, if life could start over, that would be great, he would definitely choose the right person.

Then, when he opened his eyes again, his wish had actually come true!

He was reborn, his life could really start over!

This time, he wouldn’t make the wrong choice again!

Thinking of this, Xie Shu’s originally low spirits gradually improved. He left the social event venue, threw the violets in his hand, along with his last bit of affection for Su Qianyi, into the trash can, and walked towards the school.

It was evening, and he couldn’t go anywhere else, so he decided to go back to the dormitory and play games with his roommates.

When he returned to the dormitory, his three roommates were all playing games, and they all looked at him in confusion.

“Xie Shu, didn’t you go to the social event to confess to Su Qianyi? Why are you back?” one of them asked in confusion.

The other two roommates also looked at him curiously.

Xie Shu didn’t hide anything and sat down at his place, taking out his phone and responding, “I got rejected, can’t you guess the result?”

Yes, he had confessed so many times, did Su Qianyi ever agree once?

In fact, when Xie Shu said he was going to the social event to confess to Su Qianyi, his roommates already knew the result in their hearts.But no one threw cold water on him; everyone gave him a word of encouragement and then let him be.

Being rejected by Su Qianyi was a common occurrence for Xie Shu, and his roommates had gradually gotten used to it.


The roommates, watching Xie Shu deftly unlock his phone and launch a game, felt that something was off about him.

Although they were accustomed to his rejections by Su Qianyi, according to what they knew about Xie Shu, he would usually be in low spirits for several days after being turned down.

So why did he seem so happy today?

Could it be that he was so shocked by the rejection that he went silly?

“When will you guys finish? Pull me in later.”

After entering the game, Xie Shu saw that his roommates were all playing, so he set his phone aside to wait for their round to end.

“Oh, sure.”

Although the roommates didn’t know what was going on, they felt that Xie Shu seemed to be fine for now.

They didn’t dare to ask about the details of the party, worried about bringing up his heartache, so they sped up their gameplay. After finishing, the four of them started a squad match.

Once immersed in the game, Xie Shu lost track of time.

At the moment, Xie Shu and his teammates were team fighting in the mid lane. The two teams were evenly matched, and he habitually thought to open the shop to quickly change his equipment. However, just before he could click into the shop, a phone call came through, and his finger accidentally hit the answer button.

The moment the call connected, a crisp and pleasant female voice rang out: “Xie Shu, are you free right now?”

The caller was Su Qianyi. As soon as she spoke, Xie Shu’s roommates got distracted, and they couldn’t help but glance over at him.

Xie Shu was also momentarily distracted by the unexpected call. In just a brief second or two, he saw that all five of them on his team had been wiped out by the opponent.

He took a deep breath, his voice still relatively calm, and asked the other party, “Do you have Tiktok on your phone?”

The other party was confused: “Ah? Yes, what about it?”

“Open Tiktok, and then search for ‘Deng Chao job hunting’ in the search bar, and you’ll know.”

After saying that, Xie Shu hung up the phone and quietly waited for his character to respawn before continuing the game.

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