Vol.1 – Chapter 41 – Pay respects! Ancestor Long Yan



***[Clan Industries]***


[Fishing Brigade]


[Changning Fish Stall]


[Fenggu Farm]


[Xingsheng Farm]


[Xinmao Silkworm Farm]


There are five in total, and each one has a "click to view details" option. Naturally, Wang Shouzhe clicked on the Fishing Brigade.


The page "jumped" to the Fishing Brigade details page.


***[Fishing Brigade]***


Small fishing boats: 9


Medium fishing boats: 1


Boatmen and fishermen: 46


Clan leader: Wang Dinghai


Average annual income for the past five years: 606 Top Gold


Average annual expenditure for the past five years: 385 Top Gold


Average annual net profit for the past five years: 221 Top Gold


Average annual catch of spirit fish for the past five years: 400 jin



Improvement direction: Develop multiple fishing tools for mixed fishing operations



This is the simple panel of the Fishing Brigade, recording the financial data before Wang Shouzhe took office, as well as the direction of improvement and the profit target for this year.


According to Wang Shouzhe's estimation, this target is easy to achieve. After all, it is currently in the peak season, and this year's food shortage due to insect infestation has led to an inevitable rise in the price of fish, which is a substitute for staple food.


For the Fishing Brigade and Fish Stall, Wang Shouzhe's total profit target is 2,000 Top Gold.


However, the only problem is that after increasing the catch of the Fishing Brigade, it is likely to gradually destroy the ecological balance, although there will not be too much problem in the next few years.


However, this is not a long-term solution.


For a Xuanwu Clan, a long-term and stable source of income is the real pillar industry. Short-term windfalls can only serve as a supplement to the clan's industry.


Just like the Fenggu Farm, it is a true century-old foundation, and it can provide resources for a Xuanwu Clan continuously for hundreds of years.


This is very important.


The Xuanwu World is not short of windfalls. Picking up treasures by chance, encountering the legacy of a senior, or encountering two high-level fierce beasts killing each other, etc., all of these can make you rich overnight.


But what happens after getting rich? All resources will be used up, and only the foundation can remain evergreen.


Take Wang Shouzhe himself as an example. He is now eighteen years old, at the sixth level of Qi Refinement, and consumes nearly 200 Top Gold of resources every year. According to the clan's estimate, as long as he spends about twenty years, he can reach the peak of the ninth level of Qi Refinement. At that time, he will be only thirty-eight years old, which is the prime of life.


Even if the 200 Top Gold of resources remain unchanged, it will take 4,000 Top Gold of resources for a full twenty years.


Of course, it is impossible for it to remain unchanged. When he reaches the seventh level of Qi Refinement, the eighth level of Qi Refinement, the resources consumed each year will increase rapidly. Even if he practices from his current level to the ninth level of Qi Refinement, he will need to consume at least 8,000 Top Gold of resources.


Where do these resources come from? They are squeezed out bit by bit from the annual output of various clan industries. Those clan properties that can produce benefits continuously in the long run are the real foundation of the clan.


Therefore, it is also because of the current situation of the Wang Clan that there is no strength to cultivate another Wang Shouzhe. Otherwise, even if the talent is slightly inferior, as long as they are willing to invest resources, they can also create a young master.In fact, if Wang Shouzhe were given double or even unlimited resources, he would not need twenty years to reach the peak of Qi refining realm. Perhaps he could do it in fifteen years, or even ten years or less.


This is why it's difficult for wandering cultivators to achieve success. They have no roots or connections, and may get lucky and obtain some resources, but they may also go hungry if luck is not on their side.


Wandering cultivators who can cultivate to the Lingtai realm either have heaven-defying aptitude and luck, or have luck to the extreme.


Therefore, despite the fact that Wang Shouzhe has over 10,000 Top Gold worth of resources, it's just the total expenditure of the clan for a few years under tight financial circumstances. Without proper planning, it will only cause the Wang Clan to burn out quickly.


Wang Shouzhe looked at the "crude system panel" he had made and his mind was racing. How to spend money effectively was what he had been pondering in the past few days.


What does the clan currently lack the most? Of course, it's a Lingtai realm expert. This way, they could replace Ancestor Long Yan's position and become the clan's long-term protector. After all, Ancestor Long Yan's injuries have not healed and the situation is getting worse.


But can over 10,000 Top Gold worth of resources support the cultivation of a Lingtai realm expert? Of course not. If Lingtai realm experts were so cheap, the overall financial strength of the Ping'an Wang Clan would have easily solved the problem.


Even all the Lingtai realm ancestors of the Xuanwu clans would flood the market. Therefore, this option can be crossed out and not considered.


Use all the money to develop clan property…


Wang Shouzhe has carefully considered this issue, but how much clan property can over 10,000 Top Gold develop? It's worth noting that some industries known as pillar clan property are known for their large scale, long development cycles, and relatively low return on investment.


Like the Wang Clan's Fenggu Farm, how much effort and capital have previous generations invested in it? But how much does it normally earn in profits each year? It's already good if it can earn a pure profit of seven to eight hundred Top Gold in a good year.


In the long run, increasing investment in pillar industries is inevitable. But remote solutions cannot solve immediate needs, so Wang Shouzhe temporarily put this idea on hold.


Or, buy a large amount of cultivation resources to supply himself and other clan members with potential?


Wang Shouzhe has also considered this option.


But there is a tighter and tighter marginal effect. If he takes 【Xiao Peiyuan Dan】 every day, can he cultivate to the Lingtai realm within a few years?


Obviously not…let alone the Lingtai realm, he may not even reach the ninth level of Qi refining.


Even if he could spend resources recklessly and cultivate to the ninth level of Qi refining in just a few years, what good would it do? Can it solve the fundamental problem of the clan's survival?


Even the best young talent in the clan cannot achieve this, let alone other clan members.


Grandfather Wang Xiaohan once failed to break through to the Lingtai realm. Although his state has declined with age, he is still at the ninth level of Qi refining, just not in his peak state like before. If he were given sufficient resources and confidence, he also has a chance to return to his peak and break through to the Lingtai realm again. This is the fastest way for Wang Shouzhe to add a Lingtai realm ancestor to the clan.


But this amount of resources is far from enough compared to what is needed to gather resources to break through to the Lingtai realm. Moreover, adjusting Grandfather Wang Xiaohan's mental and physical state to the level required to break through to the Lingtai realm is not something that can be done overnight.Wang Shouzhe thought for a long time. If he could find a way to use this money to heal Long Yan's injuries and prolong her life, it would be the most urgent matter.


However, it was very obvious that it was impossible to completely cure Long Yan's injuries with just this money. If spending more than ten thousand gold could cure her, the clan would have done so by now, even if they had to sell everything.


Therefore, even if she could really be cured, the cost of curing her would undoubtedly far exceed supporting one or even several Lingtai Realm powerhouses.


Maybe investing a large sum of money would only alleviate her injuries and prolong her life a little.


Let's put it on standby first. Wang Shouzhe frowned and pondered.


He really envied those time-travelers who had real golden finger systems. They could solve any difficulties with their golden fingers and could play around all day without any worries. Unlike him, who had to think carefully about how to use his money. From practicing at the sixth level of Qi refining to the seventh level, it would take several months to slowly practice and hone at some stage of this small realm, and this was because he had more resources and was much faster than others.


But thinking about it carefully, he felt that the path of the strong in this world was quite real, and it always required taking one step at a time.


While he was lost in thought, Madam Gongsun Hui sent her attendant Xia He to summon him to meet with Long Yan.


Summoned by Long Yan?


Wang Shouzhe was stunned for a moment, then immediately gathered his spirits. In recent years, the Ancestor had often closed herself off and rarely summoned clan members. She didn't even show up at Wang Dingyue's funeral, indicating that her physical condition was not very good.


Even Wang Shouzhe, who was the most favored of the seventh generation, had not seen the Ancestor for more than a year. Usually, Madam Gongsun Hui took care of the Ancestor.


"Thank you for your trouble, Miss Xia He." Wang Shouzhe was quite polite to Xia He.


Xia He hurriedly bowed, "Master, if there is nothing important, please follow me to see the Ancestor."


She was Madam Gongsun Hui's attendant, and had been trained since the age of nine and was now nineteen. Although she had no aptitude for cultivation, she was quite clever and literate, and proficient in the Nine Chapters arithmetic.


She helped to calculate and summarize many of Madam's accounts.


Later on.


Wang Shouzhe followed Xia He all the way to the side courtyard where Long Yan lived, which was relatively close to the Zhuwei Lake. In a short while, Wang Shouzhe arrived at the side courtyard called "Long Yan Residence."


To prevent disturbing Long Yan's quiet cultivation, this area was a forbidden area for the clan, and no one could trespass without the Ancestor's summons.


Madam Gongsun Hui was already waiting at the door of Long Yan Residence. After the two met, she said in a clear voice, "Ancestor, Shouzhe has arrived."


"Wang Shouzhe, come in."


A calm and waveless voice sounded lightly at the door.


"Yes, Ancestor." Wang Shouzhe took a deep breath, slightly calmed himself down, and pushed the door into Long Yan Residence.


This was an ancient courtyard, decorated simply and without any luxury. In the courtyard, there were some ordinary flowers and plants that could be seen everywhere, swaying slightly in the breeze.


In the pavilion, a thin woman stood by the railing, watching the garden scenery. She had her back to Wang Shouzhe, and her long white hair was casually draped over her shoulders.As soon as he saw the snowy white long hair, Wang Shouzhe's heart inexplicably ached. It was a deep memory from his previous life. When Wang Shouzhe was young, he clearly remembered that Long Yan's hair was only half white.


But in just over ten years, it had already turned completely white.


Wang Shouzhe's throat was slightly choked, and he walked forward to bow and salute, "Shouzhe pays respects to Ancestor."


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