Vol.1 – Chapter 39 – I’m listening to you! Fourth Uncle

“Big Brother, please have a seat.” Wang Shouzhe stood up and gestured.

“Fourth Brother.” Wang Shouxin’s face, which showed signs of age, had a complicated expression, mostly of shame. He opened his mouth to speak but stopped, then sat down.

“It’s rare to have a meal with Big Brother and Big Sister-in-law.” Wang Shouzhe greeted them with ease, “Let’s all try the clear broth hotpot.”

The top-grade carbon fire pot was heated in a copper basin with water, salt, deodorizing cooking wine, and ginger. Thin slices of Lingjiao Moxiang beef were put in, and in just a few seconds, they were cooked.


Everyone was a little suspicious. Could something so simple be delicious? They didn’t want to waste the spiritual food.

However, as soon as the thin slices of meat entered their mouths, they felt the refreshing and tender texture, and a hot surge of blood and energy rushed to their bodies.

“The best ingredients require the simplest cooking methods.” Wang Shouzhe poured spiritual wine for everyone and said slowly, “Only then can we taste the most original flavor of the food. Big Brother, you started working at the Silkworm Plantation at the age of eighteen. It’s been twenty-five years now. For all these years, you have worked hard for the family. Fourth Brother respects you with a cup of wine.”

Even though Wang Shouxin had lived to the age of forty-three, he had experienced very few things like eating spiritual meat and drinking spiritual wine. Especially Wang Shouzhe’s words, which made him feel warm inside. He quickly lifted his wine glass and said, “It’s only right. It’s all expected.”

After the two of them finished drinking, Wang Shouzhe respectfully offered a toast to Xu Shi, “Big Sister-in-law, you have been married to our Wang’s Clan for twenty-one years, and you have added two sons and two daughters to our peaceful Wang’s Clan. You have worked hard and are a great contributor to our Wang’s Clan. Shouzhe respects you with a cup of wine.”

Xu Shi suddenly felt a pang in her heart. Yes, who knew the hardships she had endured? But besides Shouzhe mentioning it, no one had ever praised her like this. She immediately lifted her wine glass and responded with a slightly choked voice, “Thank you, Fourth Uncle, for your concern.”

This spiritual wine was truly sweet and refreshing, making their bodies feel light.

“Madam, you married my father during your prime years, not only did you have to work hard to manage the family business, but you also treated me and my sister like your own children, taking care of us everywhere.” Wang Shouzhe toasted for the third time, “This kindness and virtue will always be remembered by Shouzhe.”

Gongsun Hui’s nose tingled slightly, and she glared at him with her apricot eyes, “Luo Yi is my eldest daughter, and you are my eldest son. Taking care of and raising you both is only natural. Why bother saying these things out of the blue?”

However, despite her words, she drank the spiritual wine with joy in her heart. The fact that Shouzhe had such a grateful heart was enough to prove that her hard work over the years had not been in vain.After some talking, everyone gradually relaxed. After drinking three rounds of wine and a pot of spirit wine, everyone was a little drunk.

“Fourth Uncle.” Xu Shi also gathered the courage to speak up, “I know that Zong Wei deserves to be punished, but can you spare him this time for the sake of your sister-in-law and elder brother? Don’t worry, my sister-in-law will definitely educate him well.”

As soon as she said this, even Wang Shouxin put down his wine glass and looked expectant. Although he wanted to kill that little bastard, he was still his son after all. What parent doesn’t want their child to succeed?

“Sister-in-law, elder brother, we are a family.” Wang Shouzhe put down his wine glass and said seriously, “Zong Wei is my nephew and also the hope of the younger generation of our Wang’s Clan. You both hope for your son to succeed, so how can I, as Fourth Uncle, hope for my nephew to fail?”

“Yes, Fourth Uncle is right.” Xu Shi smiled and said, “We will listen to your instructions on how to discipline him.”

“It’s simple, from now on, the young people under the age of thirty in our clan will be judged based on their character and achievements to determine their ranking.” Wang Shouzhe stated his final goal, “I will arrange five rankings in order, and each ranking will have different family allowances and resources. I will also establish various standards and conduct an assessment every year to determine the rankings.”


Even Gongsun Hui was a little surprised.

It is true that the clan will rank the younger generation, but it is usually based on factors such as bloodline, potential, and age, and the ranking will not change.

“Not only that, I will also introduce a comprehensive merit system for the entire clan. As long as you make contributions to the clan, you can continuously earn contribution points. With contribution points, you can exchange for various cultivation resources, even spirit tea, spirit wine, martial arts techniques, and other treasures in the clan’s treasury.” Wang Shouzhe said seriously, “As long as you have the ability, you can obtain more cultivation resources.”

Wang Shouzhe’s ideas were based on the settings in novels and games, and it avoided the situation where everyone in the clan shared the same resources. Although there are many clan members who work hard now, this is not a long-term solution. When the clan becomes wealthy, people’s hearts will change.

“But, but what does this have to do with Zong Wei’s matter?” Xu Shi opened her mouth in surprise.”Big sister-in-law, you’re confused,” said Wang Shouzhe. “Is Zongwei’s talent bad? It’s not excellent, but it’s not bad either, right? But why is he only at the second level of Qi refining at the age of twenty? He can’t even compare to his younger siblings. It’s because he has been spoiled since childhood, by the two elders, the uncle, as well as by you and big brother. This has made him lack competitiveness and unwilling to endure hardship, gradually developing all kinds of bad habits.”

“Then, is there still hope for Zongwei?” Xu Shi asked weakly. To be honest, she was also very disappointed with her son’s behavior. But no matter what, he was still her son.

“There is!” Wang Shouzhe said seriously. “That is to deprive him of all his resources, let him fight for his own resources with his own hands, and be ashamed and brave. Let him climb to the top of the family’s hierarchy on his own, and take back the resources he was deprived of. Only when he grows and improves through his own efforts will he mature.”

“Fourth brother is right,” Wang Shouxin slapped the table and agreed. “That little brat has been too privileged. How can he grow up without suffering?”

“But if Zongwei still doesn’t work hard…” Xu Shi hesitated and said, “Won’t he miss the best time for cultivation?”

“Heh, if he still refuses to work hard in this situation,” Wang Shouzhe sneered. “Big sister-in-law, can you still expect him to achieve anything in his life? It’s okay, although our Wang’s Clan is poor, we can still raise a rice worm. You don’t just have this one son. I think Zongchang is good. He’s only thirteen this year, and he’s already at the second level of Qi refining. If such potential can be well cultivated, he will surely become the pillar of our Wang’s Clan in the future.”

At the mention of Wang Zongchang, Xu Shi and Wang Shouxin both showed a relieved expression. Anyway, this younger son was quite capable and much stronger than his older brother.

“Shouzhe, you’re right,” Wang Shouxin seemed to have made up his mind. “Give that little brat one last chance. If he still can’t make it, then let him fend for himself. I, Wang Shouxin, will pretend that I never had this son.”

Xu Shi was a little anxious and was about to say something, but Wang Shouzhe comforted her, “Big sister-in-law, don’t worry. Big brother and I won’t harm Zongwei. If it still doesn’t work, I’ll handle it. I really don’t believe that I can’t deal with that kid.”

With these words, Xu Shi’s anxious heart was put at ease, and she gratefully said to Wang Shouzhe, “Fourth Uncle, I’ll listen to you for everything.” Unconsciously, she had much more awe and trust in Wang Shouzhe’s eyes.After the matter was settled, everyone stopped talking about it. Wang Shouzhe and his brother Wang Shouxin toasted to each other and talked about their brotherly feelings, drinking a pot of spirit wine.

After the banquet, Wang Shouxin, who was quite drunk, was helped back by Xu Shi.

Gongsun Hui, who witnessed all of this, felt both happy and emotional as she looked at Wang Shouzhe. If the matter with Zong Wei was not handled well, it could cause a rift between the brothers.

But Wang Shouzhe not only handled it very well, but also brought Xu Shi and Wang Shouxin together. Just think, even the most incompetent Wang Zongwei in the clan had to follow the sequence, so what reason did others have to object?

“Madam, regarding the clan’s merit system, it’s best for you to manage it.” Wang Shouzhe thought that Gongsun Hui was the best candidate for this.

Then, they began to discuss the various aspects of the merit system.

Meanwhile, Wang Shouxin, also helped by Xu Shi, returned home. Xu Shi was a little drunk and said, “Shouxin, I think Fourth Uncle is not a simple person.”

“Of course, don’t you see whose brother he is?” Wang Shouxin boasted, “If he didn’t have to take over the family business, Fourth Brother might already be a student at the Purple Mansion Academy.” Today, everything that Wang Shouzhe did made him feel very proud, giving him a feeling of standing tall in front of Xu Shi.

“You’re so full of yourself… What are you doing?” Xu Shi had only just begun to speak when Wang Shouxin hugged her, causing her to become angry.

“Didn’t Fourth Brother say you’re a great contributor?” Wang Shouxin carried Xu Shi to the bedroom, “We can’t disappoint Fourth Brother. We have to have more children and make more contributions to the clan.”

“You dog, do you think I’m…” Xu Shi’s words were cut off as she screamed.

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