Vol.1 – Chapter 37 – Mother and son share their hearts


Of course, Wang Shouzhe and Gongsun Hui could not participate in it randomly, otherwise it would not boost the morale of the family's servants, but make them feel uneasy.


The entire transportation channel had been initially established, and Wang Shouzhe no longer participated in it. Such a huge amount of grain transportation could not be done in a short time.


This was not a game world where one could complete the grain delivery task with a few clicks of a mouse.


In addition, he was the leader of the clan and naturally should delegate tasks and look at the bigger picture. If he participated in everything from beginning to end, what use would the clan members and servants be?


Even Gongsun Hui, the madam, was called away by him. The last section of the transportation line was completely entrusted to Wang Luotong to manage. The girls in the clan also needed to take responsibility.


Walking and chatting with Gongsun Hui, they crossed the large backyard and entered the backyard of the Wang Clan's main house, and then slowly walked to the courtyard where he grew up as a young clan leader.


Wang Gui, his personal servant, was repairing the courtyard with two servants. As soon as he saw Wang Shouzhe and Gongsun Hui, he immediately came forward to greet them, "Greetings, clan leader and madam."


Wang Gui was Wang Shouzhe's attendant. He came from a side branch of the Wang Clan and had a clear background. Most importantly, he was a talented youth with a low-grade talent of grade C among the side branch descendants.


Don't underestimate him as just a personal servant. He had been serving the young clan leader since he was a child and would inevitably become Wang Shouzhe's confidant in the future. Once he established his own family and had descendants with higher-grade talents, he would have the opportunity to be transferred to the direct line of the family and even have his name included in the genealogy.


"Wang Gui, brew a pot of Shanyang Ling tea for me and the madam," Wang Shouzhe gave the Ling tea he brought with him to Wang Gui.


"Ling tea?" Wang Gui had been with Wang Shouzhe for ten years and had never seen Ling tea twice, so he was a little stunned.


"Don't, this is for you to drink alone, my dear. These years are the most critical moment for your growth. You need to quickly reach the eighth or even ninth level of Qi refining to match the strength of your clan leader!" Gongsun Hui immediately refused, "Clan leader, you shouldn't insist. You are curious about where this batch of old grain came from, right? Let's drink some Ling tea together, and I will slowly tell you."


"Madam, please don't refuse. You are curious about where this old grain came from, right? Let's drink some Ling tea together, and I will slowly tell you." Wang Shouzhe firmly invited her and scolded Wang Gui, "What are you still doing? Go and make tea."


"Yes, yes, yes." Wang Gui trembled all over and quickly retreated.


Since the legitimate son was so determined, Gongsun Hui could not refuse. In the side hall of his courtyard, the two sat facing each other. After a few moments, Wang Gui brought a pot of Ling tea and some snacks such as melon, fruit, and honey, and then bowed and withdrew."Zhe'er, your courtyard is no longer suitable for the status of a Clan Leader." Gongsun Hui looked around and said, "When Madam finishes her first year of mourning, she will move out of the main courtyard and give you the space for your own use. It will also be convenient for you to marry the daughter of Liu Clan."


"Madam, there's no need for that." Wang Shouzhe smiled and poured tea for both of them. "My courtyard is fine, and I'm used to living here. You and Luomiao can continue to live here comfortably. Don't make unnecessary changes."


"How can this be considered unnecessary? As the head of the family, you should live in the main courtyard." Gongsun Hui said, "Moreover, you may be used to living here, but the daughter of Liu Clan may not be. When she enters the Wang's Clan, I will have to hand over the financial accounts to her. This is the rule of the aristocratic families."


Wang Shouzhe shook his head. "If the daughter of Liu Clan marries into our family, she will be your daughter-in-law. How can I be so presumptuous? Let's not talk about this for now. Madam, please have some tea. Let me tell you about my recent gains and the things that need to be discussed."


For Wang Shouzhe, Madam Gongsun Hui was mature and stable, and her status in the family was very high. Even the prestige of several elders in the Clan was not comparable to hers.


If he could revive the family just by practicing every day, he wouldn't mind doing so. However, his vision and goals were far beyond what the elders and members of the Clan could compare. As a young Clan Leader, if he wanted to make radical changes in the family, he would inevitably encounter resistance from the conservative faction.


Madam Gongsun Hui should be his strongest and most steadfast ally. She was the legitimate daughter of the Gongsun's Clan in Shanyang!


Gongsun Hui took a sip of the spiritual tea and her eyes were full of curiosity. Since this son became the head of the family, he had become more and more mature, and many of his methods were beyond her understanding.


After a brief pause, Wang Shouzhe explained the reasons and consequences of how he obtained a large amount of funds and food from Qian's Trading Company. Of course, he concealed his secret alliance with Qian Xue'an.


Gongsun Hui's mouth kept opening wider, and her eyes gradually widened. This was simply incredible and too audacious. With the advance knowledge of some insect disasters, he acted decisively and played Qian's Trading Company in the palm of his hand.


This kind of operation was beyond Gongsun Hui's imagination. She was also a little scared afterwards. After all, Wang Shouzhe had used the reputation of the Clan as collateral for 4,200 Top Gold of gold. If he failed to predict accurately, he would probably become the first prodigal son in the history of the peaceful Wang's Clan!Even though the plan had succeeded, Gongsun Hui was still shaken and couldn't calm down. She was too bold!


"Don't blame me for not consulting with you beforehand, Madam. The timing was crucial and we couldn't afford to take it slow," Wang Shouzhe calmly sipped his tea and said, "This capital can be injected into the clan's account, but it should only be announced to the elders internally that I borrowed it from the Gongsun Clan in Shanyang and the Lu Clan in Yingshuo. This is to prevent any unnecessary trouble caused by the news."


"I understand," Gongsun Hui drank two cups of spirit tea in a row before finally calming down and dispersing her chaotic thoughts. She now understood why her son had asked her to drink the tea before telling her the news. The impact of the news was too great, and he was afraid she couldn't handle it.


After settling her mind, Gongsun Hui slowly said, "I'm afraid that inviting me to drink spirit tea wasn't just to inform me of the news, was it?"


"Hehe, Madam has sharp eyes. My little plan can't hide from you," Wang Shouzhe chuckled and said, "I'm talking about the flaws in the clan's system, especially in terms of hierarchy. It's not just about bloodline, talent, and gender. There's a lack of competition and too much leniency towards the younger generation."


Gongsun Hui furrowed her brows and said, "Are you talking about Wang Zongwei? I've heard about his situation. He has already been brought back by the loyalists and is currently locked up in the woodshed. It's said that when Shouxin heard about it, he was furious and almost broke Wang Zongwei's leg. He's still being held there."


"What's your opinion on this, Madam?" Wang Shouzhe drank his spirit tea and casually asked.


Gongsun Hui pondered for a moment and said, "That child is indeed unruly. As the clan leader and elder, it's your responsibility to discipline him, even if it means temporarily depriving him of his cultivation resources as punishment. However, you must also consider the face of the two old patriarchs, Uncle Dingchuan, and your elder brother Shouxin. They have worked hard for the clan their whole lives. You can't just permanently give Wang Zongwei's resources to Luo Tong, can you?"


"This is why I asked to discuss this matter with you over tea, Madam. Even you think the same way, let alone others," Wang Shouzhe confidently smiled and said, "Do you really think I would permanently deprive Wang Zongwei of his resources? No one, including myself, can make that decision."


Gongsun Hui was slightly surprised: "If even you don't have the final say, then who does?"


Just as he was about to speak, a middle-aged woman's voice came from outside the door: "Fourth Uncle, is Wang Shouzhe at home?"


Gongsun Hui's expression changed slightly: "It's Xu Shi, from the Longning Clan. She's always been proud and difficult to deal with. Wang Shouzhe, you have to be careful when you talk to her."


But Wang Shouzhe smiled confidently: "Madam is joking. Xu Shi is my sister-in-law. We're all family, why would we need to be careful?"


Immediately, he pushed the door open and greeted her with a smile, "Sister-in-law, you came to visit me in person without any prior notice. Let me accompany you out."


Even Gongsun Hui was a little surprised by his smooth change in attitude. Her own son was no match for him. Not only did she feel that her elder brother Gongsun Qiang was far inferior to him, but even her deceased husband Wang Dingyue was no match for him.

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