Vol.1 – Chapter 31 – Bee Control Notes


Especially for some Lingtai ancestors who understand health preservation, they can live to nearly two hundred years old. In this case, they can often see the birth of their eighth or even ninth generation descendants.


If they can further achieve the Tianren realm, the maximum lifespan can reach four hundred years old. The whole family will also rise with the tide, and can even be described as ascending to heaven with chickens and dogs.


Therefore, when Ming Sheng Ancestor was happy, he took out an ancient animal skin book and threw it to Wang Shouzhe: "This is the 'Bee Taming Notes'. Consider it as a gift to your Wang Clan for having a spiritual insect master. It is the notes of a Lingtai realm wandering cultivator who is good at driving various types of spiritual bees from hundreds of years ago, which records some techniques and key points for raising all kinds of spiritual bees. But this is only a compiled version, and there may be omissions. It is for reference only."


Wang Shouzhe was stunned, and immediately exclaimed: "Thank you, Ancestor, for your kindness."


Now that Luo Jing has the talent of a spiritual insect master, but it is obviously not enough with only the "Insect Classic" in the family.


This "Bee Taming Notes" is undoubtedly focused on spiritual bees, and it is of great benefit to Luo Jing, who has a purple crystal spiritual bee hive.


"After taking the benefits, hurry up and leave. Don't bother me here." Ming Sheng Ancestor impatiently drove people away.


"Farewell, farewell." Wang Shouzhe has already gained a lot from this trip, and quickly stuffed the "Bee Taming Notes" into his arms, respectfully leaving the "Yingxiu Shengmingyue" attic.


Ming Sheng Ancestor looked at Wang Shouzhe's leaving figure from afar, feeling both happy and lost. He was happy that this descendant of his bloodline was quite outstanding and had great potential in the future. The lost part was that among the young men of the Lu Clan of two generations, there was no one who could compare with Shouzhe.


Fortunately, there is still Xiaoxiao.


Ming Sheng Ancestor affectionately touched the sleeping head of Lu Xiaoxiao: "This child, unexpectedly awakened the fire body of my Lu Clan ancestor. Although it is thin, it is already extraordinary. It is truly a blessing for my Yingxiu Lu Clan."


The inheritance of every Xuanwu family is not so simple. And every ancestor who opened up territory and established a family is a stunning genius.



After receiving many benefits and bidding farewell to Ming Sheng Ancestor, Wang Shouzhe was led by a maid to the guest room- Yakexiu. This is the place where the Lu Clan specifically entertains distinguished guests. The entire courtyard by the lake is his residence, and there are several wing rooms outside for the family's servants to prepare for the guests.


The family's servants who came with the Wang Clan, as well as Wang Luo Jing, went to help deal with the disaster. Wang Shouzhe was rare and quiet, so he instructed the Lu Clan maid to prepare a bath, relaxed and soaked, washing away the fatigue of the past few days.


Then he ordered no one to disturb him, and entered the cultivation mode. Whether it was the Gongsun Clan of Shanyang or the Lu Clan of Yingxiu, they all brought out the best spiritual food to entertain Wang Shouzhe and his party. They ate all the way and didn't have time to digest the qi and blood properly.


Moreover, he just consulted Ming Sheng Ancestor for many cultivation issues today, which made him suddenly enlightened. After entering a state of meditation, he quickly entered a state of cultivation.


This refining lasted until the early morning of the second day. His meridians and acupoints were in a state of exhaustion, and his vigorous qi and blood had been consumed a lot. However, his eyes were full of brilliance, obviously making great progress, and he took a small step firmly towards the seventh level of the Qi refining realm.This made Wang Shouzhe extremely happy. After combining some modern Earth thinking and being guided by Ming Sheng Ancestor, he had a much clearer understanding of the path of cultivation in the Qi Refining Realm.


As he stepped out of the room, Wang Zhong was already waiting outside, bowing and saying, "Master, Young Uncle has come to visit. He heard that you were in seclusion and didn't dare to disturb you, so he's waiting in the living room."


Wang Shouzhe asked Wang Zhong to lead the way to the living room and casually asked, "How was the disaster relief yesterday?"


"Everything went smoothly. Lu Clan made a lot of preparations as soon as they received our letter," Wang Zhong exclaimed. "Miss Luo Jing is really amazing. In a short time, she controlled several Nine-Star Insect Kings and suppressed the signs of the insect disaster outbreak."


When Wang Zhong mentioned Luo Jing's name, he already had a tone of deep respect from the bottom of his heart. It can be seen that Luo Jing's performance was highly recognized and admired by the family's generals.


It seems that Luo Jing has great talent in the field of Insect Masters and has made progress in a short period of time.


As he pondered, Wang Shouzhe entered the living room of Yakeju and bowed to Lu Zhengjie, "I'm sorry for being late, I hope my Young Uncle can forgive me."


"It's alright, it's alright." Lu Zhengjie smiled and stood up, "Shouzhe, this time our Lu Clan is indebted to your support. The insect disaster was suppressed as soon as it started."


If the grain production drops sharply, it will not only cause economic losses but also trigger a series of chain reactions.


Daqian was founded by Xuanwu Clan, and Xuanwu Clan has various privileges locally, but it also shoulders the responsibility of protecting the land and the people. The treatment of power and the obligations of responsibility are obviously more than those of the ancient gentry in the Earth.


"Young Uncle is too polite. The Wang and Lu Clans are blood relatives and mutual support is only natural," Wang Shouzhe said modestly.


After a brief chat, Lu Zhengjie said again, "The case of the wealthy merchant's family being killed has also been solved. The wandering cultivator was not a tough nut to crack. They all confessed after only two hours of torture, and all the hidden stolen goods were found. They will be executed publicly soon as a warning to others."


"Wandering cultivators wandering around is still a hidden danger," Wang Shouzhe frowned, "If we can't control the wandering cultivators who enter the territory, similar cases will happen sooner or later."


"This matter is extremely difficult. Most wandering cultivators travel back and forth as itinerant merchants, and Daqian's laws do not prohibit wandering cultivators from wandering around," Lu Zhengjie frowned and changed the subject, "By the way, this case was quickly solved, all thanks to your contribution, Shouzhe. The Garrison has decided to give you a reward of fifty Top Gold. Although it is not a lot, it is already the maximum amount that can be obtained."


"Thank you, Young Uncle, for mediating." Wang Shouzhe was also quite satisfied with this result. Fifty Top Gold is not a small amount. Some wandering cultivators would be willing to risk their lives for this amount.


After receiving the reward, Wang Shouzhe also asked to take his leave.


He left behind two family generals to cooperate with Wang Luo Jing and entrusted his Young Uncle to protect her during the disaster relief. The insect disaster of Lu Clan and Gongsun Clan has only been preliminary suppressed, and the domestication degree of those wild insect kings is too low, they need to be strengthened repeatedly. She needs to run back and forth between Lu Clan, Gongsun Clan, and Wang Clan in the next ten days.


Wang Shouzhe himself has many things to do and cannot participate in this matter all the way. He can only entrust the safety task to Lu Clan and Gongsun Clan.


After saying goodbye, he handed over the "Bee Control Notes" to Wang Luo Jing.Wang Shouzhe rode a black steed and led two family generals all the way back to Changning Wei. Without the burden of a carriage, they arrived at Changning Wei after only three or four hours of riding.


Just as they settled down in the villa behind the Ping'an Wang's fish stall and were ready to rest for the night before visiting the Qian's Trading House tomorrow morning, Qian, the head of Qian's Trading House, rushed into Wang's villa.


Obviously, he had already arranged for someone to keep an eye on the city gate.


As soon as the two met in the living room, before the tea and fruit were served, the chubby Qian complained, "Brother Wang, you've really screwed me over this time."


"What are you talking about, Qian?" Wang Shouzhe personally poured tea for Qian and calmly said, "I kindly helped your Qian's Trading House clear out the insect repellent inventory. Is there something wrong with that?"


Qian drank the tea in one gulp, and said angrily, "Wang, let's not beat around the bush. You're clearly taking advantage of our Qian's Trading House and making a fortune. Your methods are quite clever."


"Brother Qian, you're too kind. Making money by exploiting information asymmetry is the way of merchants," Wang Shouzhe smiled and said, "If it were you, I'm afraid you would do even worse than me."


"Information asymmetry, information asymmetry," Qian muttered a few words, and then sighed helplessly, "Brother Wang, I admit you have a point. But you're not contributing anything, yet you're going to make a lot of money from it. You've really screwed me over. If I can't resolve this smoothly, I'm afraid it won't end well for me. Brother, please be merciful."


"Don't worry, Brother Qian. Didn't I say before that I would give you a great achievement?" Wang Shouzhe calmly said, "This great achievement will not only allow you to redeem yourself, but also likely help you advance further."


"What?" Qian couldn't believe it.

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