Vol.1 – Chapter 26 – Dream Butterfly


Wang Liu Yu also asked Wang Luo Jing many questions. Obviously, she felt sorry for her clever niece who lost her father at a young age, and even specially gave her a ten-golden-ticket.


"Auntie, Jing'er can't take it. I heard that Cousin Zhuo is now breaking through to the third level of Qi Refining Realm. You should keep it for him." Wang Luo Jing repeatedly shook her head, refusing to take it.


Usually, the young members of the clan's cultivation resources mainly come from the clan's supply. In addition, some relatives with closer blood relations, such as parents, will try to support the younger generation.


But Wang Luo Jing's father, Wang Ding Bang, died five years ago, so Luo Jing would be at a disadvantage in this regard.


"Jing'er, Auntie asked you to take it, so take it." Wang Liu Yu said slightly annoyed, "Your dad is gone, can I, as your aunt, not help you a little?"


"Luo Jing, just accept it." Wang Shouzhe smiled and said, "Don't let Auntie's kindness go to waste."


He knew very well that after Wang Luo Jing and Wang Shouzhe both showed great value, "Cheap Grandfather" Gongsun Mote specially invited Auntie and Uncle Three to sit together, which was intended to strengthen the intimacy between the two sides and play the family card again.


Moreover, Wang Luo Jing is a future Spirit Insect Master. When is the best time to pull her in if not now? Wang Shouzhe is naturally willing to see the relationship between the two sides become closer, after all, the comprehensive strength of Gongsun Clan is much stronger than that of Wang Clan.


"Yes, Fourth Brother, thank you, Auntie." Wang Luo Jing obediently accepted it.


Then the two families sat down happily to eat.


However, this time, the protagonist who was being praised was not Wang Shouzhe, but Wang Luo Jing.


"Luo Jing." Gongsun Mo personally served her a bowl of white jade spirit rice, with a large piece of spiritual horn beef and a large piece of spiritual fish meat on top of it. "You worked hard today. Eat more, don't be polite."


Wang Luo Jing was a little at a loss and looked weakly at Wang Shouzhe. The resources of any clan are uniformly distributed. As a girl in the direct line of the clan, Wang Luo Jing's cultivation sequence is not high in the clan. The amount of spirit food she can allocate every month is very limited. How can she afford such a luxurious way of eating?


She pursed her lips, wanting to eat but dared not.


"Eat it, don't let your grandfather's kindness go to waste." Wang Shouzhe touched her head with heartache, "Brother will work harder in the future and strive to make everyone in the family live a good life."


"Well, thank you, Fourth Brother. Thank you, Grandpa Gongsun." Wang Luo Jing obediently picked up the chopsticks and ate the white jade spirit rice, looking very satisfied.


Seeing her eating so happily, Wang Shouzhe was not only relieved but also felt the pressure of being the head of the clan.


"Zhe'er, this time it's thanks to you." Gongsun Mo poured spirit wine and said to Wang Shouzhe, "Our people have evaluated it. Thanks to your support this time, we can reduce the production loss by at most 20% compared to last year, saving thousands of golden tickets."Thousands of Top Gold were a huge sum of money for both the Gongsun and Wang clans. What Gongsun Mo cared about even more was that Wang Shouzhe had shown goodwill towards the Gongsun Clan.


Therefore, the Gongsun Clan also showed their utmost sincerity in entertaining Wang Shouzhe and his group, with plenty of spiritual food and drink. This treat would cost at least a dozen Top Gold.


"Grandfather and I are being too polite," Wang Shouzhe said humbly after taking a sip of spiritual wine. "It's also fortunate that my sister-in-law has comprehended some insect-controlling techniques."


The accompanying young clan leader, Gongsun Qiang, looked excited. "You're lucky, Shouzhe. As soon as you became the clan leader, you discovered a spiritual insect master in our clan. I wonder if Luo Jing has a betrothed? Would you consider our little Yan?"




Wang Luo Jing was eating her meal, but her eyes widened as if she had been frightened.


"Cousin, Luo Jing is only twelve years old," Wang Shouzhe said with a hint of dissatisfaction. "Moreover, your cousin is from the Gongsun Clan's direct line, while our Luo Jing is only from the collateral line. I'm afraid they're not a match."


"It's okay, it's okay," Gongsun Qiang seemed not to have heard Wang Shouzhe's implication and continued to say, "We won't mind Luo Jing's bloodline. She's a good girl like that."


Wang Shouzhe rubbed his forehead. You don't mind, but our clan does.


Fortunately, Gongsun Hui interrupted the conversation. "Brother, don't get your hopes up too high. Our Luo Jing is a spiritual insect master with unlimited potential. Take her ability to control the Nine-Star Insect King, for example. In the future, she will be a hot commodity in the entire Changning Wei. After the Purple Mansion Academy's insect-exterminating powder had such a big flaw, no one wants to use it anymore."


After a pause, Gongsun Hui continued, "Take Gongsun Clan's 16,000 mu of arable land, for example. It needs to be treated with insect-exterminating powder once a season and twice a year, which costs more than 300 Top Gold per year. If our Wang Clan charges the Gongsun Clan only 200 Top Gold and sends a spiritual insect master to drive away the insects, would you do this business?"


Gongsun Hui's words seemed to have awakened everyone.


Even Gongsun Mo took a deep breath and looked at Wang Luo Jing with great solemnity, as if he were looking at a gold mine.


The earning ability of spiritual insect masters was too strong.


Regarding this business, Wang Shouzhe had already considered it. However, with only Luo Jing as a spiritual insect master, the quantity of land she could take care of in a limited time was inevitably limited. If she could take care of 50,000-60,000 mu of land at most, it would be great.


But even so, just by helping various clans to drive away insects, they could earn at least 700-800 Top Gold a year, which was already a discounted price for friends.


Furthermore, spiritual insect masters were best at cultivating spiritual insects, and there were many economical types of spiritual insects, such as spiritual silkworms and spiritual bees.So Madam Gongsun Hui spoke Wang Shouzhe's mind. "Gongsun Qiang, you're thinking too optimistically. No one would be willing to marry off such a valuable 'golden child'."


"Wang Shouzhe, you're really lucky," Gongsun Qiang said with envy and jealousy in his eyes. He wished his clan had a spirit insect master like Wang Shouzhe.


Unfortunately, spirit insect masters were not easy to come by. Firstly, the number of people with the talent for communicating with insects was extremely rare, and it was a very niche talent. Secondly, none of the major clans had a legacy of spirit insect masters, making it difficult to identify those with the talent from within the clan.


According to the information held by the Gongsun clan, there were only three spirit insect masters in the entire Changning Wei region. They were from the Shanyin Liu clan, the Changning Xu clan, and one was enshrined in the city guard mansion.


The Gongsun and Wang clans both had good relations with each other, so they enjoyed the meal together.


The next day, Wang Luojing, who had recovered her strength, continued to tame the newly captured grasshopper king and nine-star insect king. With her many experiences, she seemed to have made great progress and tamed several insect kings in just half an hour.


By the afternoon, she had released the insect kings into the fields of two other farms. The Gongsun clan members would continue to capture wild grasshopper insects and nine-star insects to supplement the farms.


With the restraint of the insect kings and leading the way, those grasshopper insects and nine-star insects would not leave.


"Fourth Brother, the taming level of those insect kings is too low," Wang Luojing said tiredly after completing everything. "I'm afraid their wildness will return in a few days, so we'll have to come back again. Fourth Brother, let's go to the Lu clan in Yingshuo first."


"Luojing, you look a little tired," Wang Shouzhe said with concern. "Why don't we rest tonight and go tomorrow?"


"I'm fine, Fourth Brother," Wang Luojing shook her head. "The signs of the insect disaster are becoming more and more obvious. If we don't go tomorrow, the Lu clan will suffer great losses. Fourth Brother, I know about the relationship between the Lu clan and you…"


Yes, the relationship.


In fact, purely from a blood relationship perspective, the relationship between the Lu clan in Yingshuo and Wang Shouzhe was very close. Wang Shouzhe's mother, who died of illness, was the daughter of the Lu clan's young lady and the sister of Lu Zhengxiong, the current clan leader of the Lu clan.


In addition, Lu Zhengxiong's wife came from the sixth generation of the Wang clan, which was Wang Shouzhe's aunt, Wang Liuling.


This custom of intermarriage was often played out among the Xuanwu families. The mutual marriage between the two main lines would bring the two clans to the highest level of intimacy.The only accident was that Wang Shouzhe's mother, Lu Mengxue, passed away when he was six years old, leaving behind a young son and daughter. In Wang Shouzhe's memory, his mother's memory was always the strongest, and he still felt very sad when he thought of her.


Fortunately, his stepmother Gongsun Hui treated him very well since he was young, treating him as her own child. Gradually, he accepted his stepmother and reduced much of the trauma in his heart.


As his memories and emotions merged deeper and deeper, Wang Shouzhe also gradually felt that he was more and more integrated into this world, as if he was a part of this world that had grown up here since childhood, and the memories of Earth gradually became like a dream.

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