Vol.1 – Chapter 21 – Fighting

When Song Qingyi passed by the gate of the academy, she vaguely heard some commotion outside.

A beautiful female instructor walked out gracefully and saw a group of students gathered not far from the gate, watching something. There seemed to be sounds of fighting and wailing coming from inside.

Song Qingyi quickly became tense and walked over, asking while separating the students, “Who’s fighting? What happened?”

But the crowd was so dense that she could only make her way in slowly.

“Mr. Song!” A student on the outside turned around and saw her, immediately respectfully giving way. “It’s Yan Xiaohu and a new student…”

“Yan Xiaohu…” Song Qingyi immediately called out, “Yan Xiaohu, stop immediately! Don’t bully and beat up your classmates!”

However, the beating and screaming inside continued, and even became more intense as she approached.

Hearing the heavy thudding sounds, Song Qingyi frowned tightly. “I warn you for the last time, Yan Xiaohu, if you don’t stop, I’ll have the dean expel you!”

As she shouted loudly, the students in front also recognized her voice and quickly gave her a path.


Song Qingyi saw Yan Xiaohu, whose face was covered in blood, lying miserably on the ground. His eyes could only open halfway, and it was unclear whether there were tears or blood inside. He was still murmuring in pain.

“Mr. Song, I stopped a long time ago! I didn’t even dare to fight back! I was beaten like this, and you still want to expel me…”

“Hmm?” Song Qingyi was stunned, her expression shocked.

In her impression, Yan Xiaohu was the little tyrant of Nanshan Academy, bullying his classmates all day long. So when she heard that he was fighting with someone else, she subconsciously thought that he was the one who beat someone up. But he had inherited martial arts skills and had two gangsters with him all year round. Who could beat him like this?

Wait a minute…

The two gangsters, were they the two strong men kneeling with their heads down on the side?

Where did the person who beat him go?

She looked around and found that all the students watching were backing away, leaving only two people standing in place, who were immediately highlighted.

One was a handsome young man with a warm smile, who seemed to be a new student today, named Chu Liang. The other was his book boy with thick eyebrows and big eyes. They were pointing and pretending to be onlookers.

Song Qingyi frowned and looked at Chu Liang. “Did you do this?”

“Ah.” Chu Liang shook his head. He didn’t expect the students at Nanshan Academy to be so taciturn. He had no choice but to apologize immediately. “Mr. Song, I’m sorry! Yan Xiaohu just asked me for ten taels of silver as protection money, and I had to resist. It violated the rules of the academy. Please punish me, Mr. Song.”

“… ” Song Qingyi was silent for a moment.

She felt that she couldn’t say the reprimand she wanted to say, why couldn’t she say it?

“In any case, you can’t beat people…” After pausing for a moment, she whispered.

Chu Liang added, “I also wanted to pay the money to settle the matter, but it was my book boy who was too angry and got into a fight with the other three. I will definitely punish him severely when I go back.”He looked at Lin Bei as he spoke.

Lin Bei immediately understood and cried out in pain, “Ah, my lord, his face hurt my hand so much… it seems to be broken, we need to go to a doctor quickly.”

“Is it that serious?” Chu Liang looked a little nervous and turned to Song Qingyi, “Mr. Song, I need to take my servant to get treatment, if we go too late…”

“Okay, you all go get treatment.” Song Qingyi looked at him angrily and also said to Yan Xiaohu and the others on the ground, “I will let the dean punish you tomorrow when you come to school.”

Immediately, Li Chu took the “injured” Lin Bei, and two thugs carried the barely conscious Yan Xiaohu, each heading towards the road to get medical treatment.

However, the two Black Tiger gang thugs had not gone far with Yan Xiaohu when they heard a shout behind them, “Stop!”

They turned around and saw the two little troublemakers from earlier. How could they dare to continue walking? They immediately threw Yan Xiaohu on the ground and knelt down, grabbing their ears.

“Don’t be so nervous.” Chu Liang smiled at them, “I just wanted to say that although all of today’s events were your fault, we are not unreasonable people.”

As he spoke, he reached out to Lin Bei, “Give me a sword coin.”

Lin Bei didn’t understand and took out a sword coin from his pocket and handed it to Chu Liang.

Chu Liang handed it to one of the thugs, “Take this back to your leader and say it’s the medical expenses for injuring his son. Remember, you must personally hand it over to your leader.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The two thugs nodded like little chicks pecking at rice and quickly fled.

“Hey! You left the young master here.” Lin Bei shouted.

“Thank you, thank you.” The two thugs turned back, picked up Yan Xiaohu, and then flew away again.

Watching their backs disappear, Lin Bei asked, “Why did you give them a sword coin?”

“So that we don’t have to worry about retaliation.” Chu Liang explained, “If we beat up the younger one, the older one might come after us again. Yan Xiaohu’s father shouldn’t come looking for trouble after seeing the sword coin.”

“Then why did you take my sword coin?” Lin Bei asked again.

“I need the money.” Chu Liang said seriously.

Lin Bei: ?

At night.

Chu Liang found Li Jue’s room and found him sitting there lost in thought, not sure what he was thinking about.

According to the news he heard today, Li Jue used to be a diligent student, but recently he seemed lost and confused.

When he saw Chu Liang come in, Li Jue came back to his senses and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chu Liang put five taels of silver on the table, “This is the money I got back from Yan Xiaohu for you, you don’t need to pay today… and you probably won’t need to in the future.”

Li Jue was silent for a moment, then said, “I saw you teach him a lesson today… thank you.”

“Being chivalrous is part of the practice for cultivators.” Chu Liang smiled.

“Um…” Li Jue didn’t know what he was thinking and fell into a daze again.

Chu Liang suddenly asked, “Why did you say he won’t live long?”

“Hm?” Li Jue was startled by his question, his eyes flickering, but he didn’t answer.

“Is it because of Situ Yan?” Chu Liang asked again.

“I don’t know…” Li Jue shook his head.”Do you know if it’s because they bullied Situ Yan before?” Chu Liang asked again.

Li Jue seemed a bit irritable and looked at Chu Liang. “Don’t ask anymore!”

“Your father paid a high price to Shu Mountain to have us come and protect you. The longer we stay, the more money you’ll spend. It’s better for you to solve this matter sooner. I ask you, is the vengeful spirit that kills people Situ Yan?” Chu Liang’s voice was calm but powerful.

“…” Li Jue frowned and pondered for a long time before raising his head. “It should be her.”

“Then why are you so afraid… is it because you also bullied her?” Chu Liang continued to ask.

“I didn’t!” Li Jue shook his head firmly. “I never did.”

“Then… who are those people?” Chu Liang asked.

Li Jue held his head, seeming to have many things he didn’t want to mention, but still answered, “Zhang Cong, Wu Shaoan, Yan Xiaohu, Chen Da… they often bullied Situ Yan…”

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