Vol.1 – Chapter 19 – Nanshan New Life

Compared to the bustling north and southeast, the southwest region where Shu Mountain is located is somewhat remote and the Confucianism and Taoism are not prosperous. In the vast southwest land, there are only a few famous academies, and Nan Shan Academy is one of them. Although it has never produced a champion or a second-place scholar in history, it has obtained the third-place scholar position.

Unfortunately, the third-place scholar was later imprisoned, and Nan Shan Academy also lost a bit of its glory.

But this place is still the first choice for the children of the dignitaries and wealthy families in Yanjiao City.

Today, a new student has arrived at Nan Shan Academy.

“Fellow classmates, let us welcome Chu Liang to join our Gengzi class.”

The old teacher stood in front of the podium and raised his hand. A handsome young man in brocade clothes walked in from outside, attracting the attention of the entire classroom.

He had clear and bright features and an extraordinary temperament, wearing the same Confucian robe as others, but with a little more detachment. With the teacher’s call, he came to the school and nodded slightly to the people below.

Behind him was a book boy with thick eyebrows and big eyes, bronze skin, and a small blue hat on his head. He carried a heavy basket of books and seemed a little sulky.

“Chu Liang, find an empty seat to sit down first, and we will start today’s class.” The teacher introduced him and then said.

“Yes.” Chu Liang saluted the teacher and walked forward.

There were about twenty male students and ten female students in the class, each with their own desk. He looked around and sat in an empty seat at the back, with Li Jue, who seemed absent-minded, on his right.

Just as he was about to sit down, he heard the teacher scold again, “Book boy, don’t come in. Wait outside. If you have a heart for learning, listen quietly by the window and don’t disturb.”

“Oh…” The book boy behind Chu Liang stopped and put down the basket of books, then walked out of the classroom dejectedly.

This book boy was none other than Lin Bei.

He came to the outside of the classroom and stood by the window, looking inside. He happened to meet Chu Liang’s gaze and still felt a little resentful.

“Why are you a student and I’m just a book boy after we both came to the academy?” He conveyed his indignation silently with his eyes.

“Maybe it’s because of the different temperament. The role is not distinguished by nobility or inferiority.” Chu Liang responded with his eyes.

“I don’t understand.” Lin Bei still didn’t give up.

“Okay, the identity of a book boy makes it easier to inquire about information. You might as well go and inquire in your own circle. Maybe you can find some information about this strange case.” Chu Liang replied again.

Lin Bei gave up and turned to hang out with his own book boy circle.

These students in Nan Shan Academy are all the children of local wealthy or official families, and they naturally bring book boys and servants. It is impossible for so many people to enter the classroom together. There is a special outer room in the courtyard for them to rest. If they want to learn, they can also listen outside the window. As long as they don’t make noise, they usually won’t be restrained.

The class time in Nan Shan Academy is quite long. After the first class, the surrounding students were a little sleepy, but Chu Liang was still enthusiastic. He used to be an excellent student and was quite nostalgic for the classroom environment.The former teacher once said that he lacked focus. If he could concentrate on studying, no one could surpass him and his achievements would be unlimited. Unfortunately, he had too many interests at the time and spent a lot of energy excelling in various sports, chess, and games. That’s why he only ranked third in the province.

Li Jue, who was sitting next to him, seemed to have slept early due to poor rest at night. Chu Liang didn’t need to worry about him, so he looked around to see if he could strike up a conversation with someone.

At this moment, the girl with freckles on her face on his left looked at him with shining eyes and curiously asked, “Chu Liang, where are you from?”

For handsome transfer students, everyone was inevitably curious.

“I’m from Xingzhou City.” Chu Liang said the prepared information.

“Xingzhou City? Why did you come to Nanshan Academy then?”

“Because of my family, we all moved here, so I had to come here too.” Chu Liang smiled.

“Nanshan Academy is pretty good, it’s one of the best in the southwest.” The little girl smiled too.

“I thought so too before I came, but after arriving, I suddenly became worried…” Chu Liang seemed a little worried, “I heard that the academy has been haunted recently.”

“Ah…” The little girl’s face suddenly became serious. She looked around and whispered, “There is such a thing, but you don’t have to be afraid. Only those few bad guys…”

“Li Chunxia!” Suddenly, a scolding voice sounded from nearby, “Are you being a blabbermouth again?”

The little girl who was talking to Chu Liang trembled and shook her head, not daring to speak again.

It turned out that a muscular and sturdy young man not far away stood up and looked over with an unfriendly face, seeming to be sensitive to their whispered conversation even though they were separated by several rows of seats.

The sturdy young man then pointed at Chu Liang, “You’re new here. If you want to study here properly, don’t ask about things you shouldn’t, got it?”

Faced with this intimidating warning, Chu Liang smiled and nodded, not saying anything as if nothing had happened.

At this moment, a gentle voice came from behind, “Yan Xiaohu, why are you being so fierce again?”

“Mr. Song…” The sturdy young man named Yan Xiaohu immediately became obedient when he heard the voice, turned around and sat down.

Then, a woman in a blue long dress with a green short jacket walked in. She was tall and slender, even a bit thin. Her hair was simply tied up, revealing her porcelain-like earlobes and neck. Her skin was as white as mutton fat, and her features were simple and clean. Her eyes were deep and bright.

Although she had a serious face and tried to look mature, it was clear at a glance that she was still very young.

“Is she also a teacher at the academy?” Chu Liang was surprised.

This woman looked too young.Just then, Mr. Song walked in from outside and approached Li Jue, gently nudging him awake before walking up to the podium and softly saying, “Let’s begin class.”

Li Jue looked at the female teacher and became unusually alert.

Compared to the old teacher who had tried to wake everyone up with all his might but to no avail, her voice was gentle and soothing, even to the point of being soft-spoken. However, all the students below, regardless of gender, became more alert and no one fell asleep again.

“Do we have new students today?” Mr. Song looked at Chu Liang and introduced himself by saying, “Let me introduce myself first. My name is Song Qingyi, and I am a poetry and literature instructor at Nanshan Academy.”

Chu Liang met her gentle gaze and felt a faint sense of strangeness.

Although Song Qingyi was young, her skills were profound, and she taught the class in an interesting and easy-to-understand way.

After class was lunch break.

On the way to lunch, Chu Liang met up with Lin Bei.

“How did it go?” Chu Liang asked.

“I found out everything.” Lin Bei’s face was full of excitement. “That Mr. Song’s name is Song Qingyi, from Jiangnan, and she just arrived at Nanshan Academy a few days ago. She’s about eighteen or nineteen years old… and unmarried!”

Chu Liang: “?”

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