Chapter 38 – Soul Loss Syndrome

Hearing Guo Danu inquire about Guo Shaocong, Ye Qiu instantly understood that Guo Danu was testing him.

Because of Guo Shaocong’s disappearance, Guo Danu had begun to suspect him.

Although Ye Qiu became more vigilant in his heart, his face remained expressionless as he seriously said, “Vice President Guo, I was about to ask you, where did Guo Shaocong go? I haven’t seen him.”

“Do you really not know where Shaocong is?”

Guo Danu squinted his eyes, trying hard to detect any flaws in Ye Qiu’s demeanor.

However, he was disappointed.

Ye Qiu’s face was calm, showing no signs of irregularity.

Ye Qiu said, “I went to the ward to look for Guo Shaocong. Zhang Lili said he went for a walk in the garden, so I went to the garden to look for him, but I still couldn’t find Guo Shaocong.”

“Is that so?” Guo Danu’s eyes were filled with deep suspicion as he said, “Little Ye, you wouldn’t be lying to me, would you? How could you possibly not know where Shaocong is?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask Director Bai. When I went to the garden to look for Guo Shaocong, Director Bai was right beside me, she can vouch for me.”

“Director Bai, is what Ye Qiu said true?” Guo Danu turned to Bai Bing and asked.

“Ye Qiu isn’t lying, what he said is true,” Bai Bing replied.

Guo Danu chuckled and said, “I thought Little Ye knew Shaocong’s whereabouts.”

“Vice President Guo, you’re Guo Shaocong’s father, wouldn’t he tell you where he’s going?” Ye Qiu retorted.

“You don’t understand, Shaocong is playful, and he’s an adult now, I can’t control him,” Guo Danu followed up with a question, “Little Ye, what do you need Shaocong for?”

“Zhang Lili falsely accused me, saying I plagiarized Guo Shaocong’s medical record. I need to clear things up with him,” Ye Qiu feigned a bit of anger.

Guo Danu kindly said, “That’s a small matter. When Shaocong comes back, I’ll make sure he explains things to you. For now, you should go and treat Mr. Li!”


With that, Ye Qiu left with Bai Bing.

As soon as they left, the smile on Guo Danu’s face disappeared, replaced by a cold indifference.

“This little bastard is quite cunning. Since you won’t tell me Shaocong’s whereabouts, you can’t blame me for what happens next.”

A cold light flashed in Guo Danu’s eyes as he grabbed the phone from his desk and dialed a number.

Five seconds later, the call connected, and a commanding male voice came through, “Who is this?”

“Director Li, hello, it’s Little Guo!” Guo Danu bent over, speaking with utmost respect.

There was silence on the other end, as if recalling who “Little Guo” was. After a while, the voice tentatively asked, “Are you Guo Danu from Jiangzhou Hospital?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m Guo Danu from Jiangzhou Hospital. Thank you for remembering me, Director Li,” Guo Danu said, seemingly flattered.

“What do you want?” Director Li asked.

“Well, there’s a doctor in the Surgery department of our hospital, who today, for some reason, insisted on treating Mr. Li. I couldn’t stop him.”

“A doctor from Surgery? What’s his name? How old is he?”

“His name is Ye Qiu, in his early twenties, a probationary doctor in Surgery.”

“Nonsense! How could a probationary doctor possibly cure my father?” Director Li said sternly, “Guo Danu, I order you not to let that doctor treat my father.”

Guo Danu said, “I can’t stop him, he’s already started the treatment.”

“What are you doing? As the Executive Vice President, you can’t stop a probationary doctor?”

“Director Li, you don’t understand, Director Bai from Surgery supports Ye Qiu’s treatment, I really can’t do anything.”

“I don’t care what you have to do, you must stop them. I’m on my way to the hospital now. I warn you, if anything happens to my father, I won’t let you off the hook.”


Director Li hung up the phone angrily.

On this end, Guo Danu’s face revealed a smile of successful scheming, and he sneered, “Ye Qiu, I’m not only going to make you lose your job, but I’m also going to make sure you end up in jail.”

After leaving Guo Danu’s office, Bai Bing’s face was grave as she said, “Ye Qiu, you shouldn’t have agreed to take on the treatment. Mr. Li’s status is extraordinary. If there’s any problem with the treatment, you’ll be in big trouble.”

“Director, I know all that you’ve said, but did I have a choice?” Ye Qiu said, “If I don’t treat him, I’ll offend Director Li. Rather than that, why not give it a try? What if it succeeds?”

“What if?”

Hearing these two words, Bai Bing’s face became stern as she reprimanded Ye Qiu, “You’re a doctor, you shouldn’t rely on luck. Treating patients must be done with certainty because it concerns human life.”

“I’m sorry, Director, I was wrong,” Ye Qiu quickly admitted his mistake.

Bai Bing’s expression softened a bit as she said, “Since you’ve already agreed to the treatment, give it your all! As Vice President Guo said, if you can cure Mr. Li, it will be a great opportunity for you.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Ye Qiu followed Bai Bing to the intensive care ward.

He noticed that this intensive care ward was on the same floor as Lin Jingzhi’s ward, with only a few rooms in between.

Upon entering, he saw an unconscious old man lying on the bed, around seventy years old, with a sallow complexion. Beside him was a middle-aged female caregiver, wiping the old man’s feet.

Seeing Bai Bing and Ye Qiu enter, the caregiver quickly stood up. Before she could greet them, Bai Bing said, “You can step out for now, we need to check Mr. Li’s condition.”

“Yes!” The caregiver responded and quickly exited the room.

“Ye Qiu, take a look at Mr. Li first.”

Ye Qiu nodded, picked up the medical record hanging by the bed, and browsed through it carefully, examining Mr. Li’s condition and the changes in his health over the past few years.

According to the medical record, Mr. Li showed no signs of illness before becoming comatose. He simply dozed off in his chair and became vegetative.

Over the years, Director Li had consulted numerous medical experts and tried various methods in an attempt to awaken Mr. Li, but all efforts had failed.

Mr. Li showed no response at all.

Now, his life was sustained solely by intravenous fluids.

After several years, Mr. Li had become skin and bones.

Ye Qiu closed the medical record, sat down by the bed, and then placed a few fingers on Mr. Li’s pulse, feeling it carefully.

Seeing this, Bai Bing curiously asked, “Ye Qiu, do you know Chinese medicine?”

“Mm,” Ye Qiu hummed in affirmation.

“Why haven’t you mentioned this before?”

“Director, you never asked me.”

“Can you treat Mr. Li’s condition?” Bai Bing inquired.

Ye Qiu replied, “It’s hard to say, Mr. Li’s condition is quite strange.”

“What’s strange about it?”

“Mr. Li’s pulse is steady and strong. A normal vegetative person shouldn’t be like this. It seems, Mr. Li is suffering from what legends call ‘Soul Loss Syndrome’!”

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