Chapter 36 – Tenure quota

Guo Danu snatched up the phone and demanded, “How’s the situation?”

“Director Guo, as per your instructions, I’ve copied the video and am about to send it to your email.”


Guo Danu hung up and immediately opened his email, where a surveillance clip popped up.

The video was only a few minutes long, and after watching it, Guo Danu fell into deep thought.

He played the video again.

Zhang Lili took two steps forward and sneaked a peek, seeing in the video Ye Qiu kicking open Guo Shaocong’s hospital room door, then speaking with Bai Bing in the corridor, searching the garden, and finally hurrying into the car with Bai Bing, leaving the hospital.

Zhang Lili felt puzzled and asked, “Director Guo, isn’t this the video from the day Shaocong went missing? Why are you watching this?”

“How dare you ask me? If it weren’t for your incompetence in finding Shaocong, would I need to watch this?” Guo Danu snapped irritably, “Idiot!”

The grievances Zhang Lili had just suppressed surged back up, and tears involuntarily streamed down her face.

“Stop crying! Dry your tears immediately! If you dare cry in front of me, I’ll have you thrown out of the hospital this instant!”

Zhang Lili, frightened, quickly wiped away her tears.

“I’ll have you know, tears are the most useless thing in my presence, just a few drops of water, nothing but an annoyance.”

“Director Guo, I’m sorry…”

“You should be sorry for Shaocong, not me! You can’t even find your own boyfriend, yet you have the nerve to play the victim in front of me, shameless.”

After venting his anger, Guo Danu added, “I think your previous guess was right; Shaocong’s disappearance must be related to Ye Qiu.”

“Director Guo, did you discover something?” Zhang Lili asked eagerly.

Pointing at the surveillance footage on the computer, Guo Danu explained, “In the video, Ye Qiu’s objective is clear; he went to the special care ward to look for Shaocong. He seemed anxious, which makes me think something must have happened related to Shaocong. Otherwise, why would Ye Qiu and Bai Bing leave the hospital in such a hurry?”

“Could they have left the hospital to grab a meal?” Zhang Lili suggested.

“Are you brainless? Was it mealtime then?” Guo Danu glared at her and continued, “Bai Bing is a workaholic. She’s been at the hospital for years without ever taking a day off. For such a disciplined person to leave her post during work hours, don’t you find that odd?”

“It is a bit strange.”

“More than a bit, it’s extremely strange,” Guo Danu said. “Shaocong’s disappearance, Bai Bing abandoning her work to leave the hospital, Ye Qiu’s hurried actions—linking these together, I’m almost certain Shaocong’s disappearance has something to do with Ye Qiu.”

Zhang Lili said, “Then what are we waiting for? Why not just call Ye Qiu and Director Bai here and ask them?”

Guo Danu glanced at her and thought to himself, this woman has a pretty face and a good figure, but why is her brain like a pig’s?

“Director Guo, shall I call Ye Qiu and Director Bai now?” Zhang Lili asked for instructions.

“No need to call them. It’s useless.”

“How can it be useless? Just asking might reveal Shaocong’s whereabouts.”

Guo Danu was nearly driven to rage by Zhang Lili and said, “If Shaocong’s disappearance was really Ye Qiu and Bai Bing’s doing, do you think I could get anything out of them? It’s like if you killed someone and I asked if you did it, would you admit it?”

Zhang Lili shook her head, “Of course not, only a fool would admit it.”

“Exactly. Neither Ye Qiu nor Bai Bing are fools. If Shaocong’s disappearance is really related to them, then I can’t expect to get anything valuable from their mouths.”

“Director Guo, what should we do now?” Zhang Lili asked.

After pondering for a moment, Guo Danu picked up the phone on his desk, dialed a number, and once connected, he said, “Director Bai, bring Ye Qiu to my office immediately.”


After hanging up, a cold glint flashed in Guo Danu’s eyes.

Zhang Lili, not understanding his actions, asked, “Director Guo, didn’t you just say we wouldn’t get anything valuable by asking them? Why call them here?”

“Why all the pointless chatter!” Guo Danu, displeased, waved her off, “This doesn’t concern you, get out.”


Zhang Lili uttered and turned to leave. After she was gone, Guo Danu couldn’t help but curse her as an idiot again.

In the director’s office, Bai Bing’s brow furrowed after hanging up the phone.

“Director, what’s wrong?” Ye Qiu asked with concern.

“Vice President Guo wants me to bring you to his office,” Bai Bing said, puzzled. “What does he want with us at this time?”

“I guess he might be asking about a patient’s condition.”

The news of Ye Qiu treating patients had spread throughout the surgery department, and he guessed that Guo Danu was most likely concerned about that matter.

“Ye Qiu, when we meet Vice President Guo, listen more and speak less to avoid displeasing him. After all, he is a superior,” Bai Bing advised.

“Don’t worry, Director, I know how to handle it.”

Ye Qiu had already decided that as long as Guo Danu didn’t target him, he would give the due respect, but if Guo Danu tried to bully him by throwing his weight around, he wouldn’t hold back.

In this day and age, if you give face, you’re a leader; if not, you’re nothing.

Ye Qiu followed Bai Bing to Guo Danu’s office.

As they entered, before they could even greet him, Guo Danu rose to warmly welcome them, “Director Bai, you’ve arrived, please have a seat.”

He personally poured tea for them, his face beaming with a smile.

Surprise flickered in Bai Bing’s eyes. Ever since Guo Danu became the executive vice president, he had been aloof, usually talking down to subordinates. This kind of personal tea service was a first for her.

As for Ye Qiu, upon seeing Guo Danu’s actions, he instantly became more vigilant.

When he was young, Qian Jinglan often warned him that if someone suddenly became overly enthusiastic, they definitely had an ulterior motive.

What could Guo Danu’s motive be?

Ye Qiu glanced at Guo Danu and noticed that Guo Danu was also looking at him.

“Little Ye, I hear you have the power to bring the dead back to life?” Guo Danu asked with a curious face.

Ye Qiu replied modestly, “Vice President Guo is joking. I’m just an ordinary person; how could I possibly have such abilities?”

“Little Ye, I’ve heard all about your deeds. A hero indeed, so young and yet so impressive,” Guo Danu gave Ye Qiu a thumbs up, then added, “Little Ye, in light of your exceptional performance, the hospital has decided to grant you this year’s only tenure spot.”

At these words, both Ye Qiu and Bai Bing were taken aback.

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