Chapter 17 – Reviving Nine Needles

“Little Ye, do you have something else to do?”

Seeing Ye Qiu turn back again, the Dragon King felt a little strange and asked in confusion.

Ye Qiu said, “I suddenly thought of a way just now, which might have some effect on your condition.”

“Oh?” The Dragon King’s eyes lit up and he asked eagerly, “What method?”


At the words, the light in the Dragon King’s eyes instantly dimmed.

“Little Ye, thank you, but in my current condition, acupuncture won’t work.”

Over the years, the Dragon King had seen countless doctors and tried acupuncture to treat the Gu poison, but it had no effect at all.

Ye Qiu said, “Dragon King, the acupuncture I’m talking about may not be able to help you clear the Gu poison or cure your body, but it can help you extend your life.”

“My life is not long, so it’s better not to waste your effort… What did you just say? Extend my life?”

The Dragon King suddenly reacted, looking at Ye Qiu in astonishment.

“Yes, it can help you extend your life,” Ye Qiu said.

“Are you not joking with me?” The Dragon King was a little incredulous.

After all, the art of extending life only existed in legends and TV dramas. In real life, no one had heard of such a secret technique.

“I’m not joking with you, everything I said is true,” Ye Qiu said very seriously.

The Dragon King scrutinized Ye Qiu for a while, seeing that he really didn’t seem to be lying, and then asked, “How long can it extend my life?”

“If everything goes well, it can give you another month.”

“Just one month…”

The Dragon King’s face showed a sense of loss.

Is there a difference between seven days and a month?

No difference.

It’s just waiting for death.

Zhao Yun had been with the Dragon King for so many years and could see the Dragon King’s thoughts at a glance. He quickly advised, “Dragon King, since Ye Qiu has this ability, let him help you extend your life!”

“Although one month is not long, it can still buy you some time.”

“Maybe within this month, we can find someone to cure your Gu poison.”

“It’s easy to say! For nine whole years, I have sought out so many famous doctors, and not one of them could detect the Gu poison in my body. Do you think that in just one month, we can find someone to cure my Gu poison?” The Dragon King had no hope at all.

Over the years, he had come to understand a truth: the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Every time he found a famous doctor before, the Dragon King would be excited and have great confidence in the doctor, but the result was disappointment time and time again.

Zhao Yun continued to persuade, “Dragon King, in the nine years we have seen so many doctors, none of them could detect the Gu poison in your body, but Ye Qiu just arrived today and saw it at a glance. Now he can help you extend your life. What does that mean? It means that your life should not end.”

“You should let Ye Qiu extend your life!”

“I believe that there is a way out for the willing. Within this month, there will definitely be a turning point. Ye Qiu, don’t you think so?”

Zhao Yun winked at Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu understood and also persuaded, “Dragon King, you should not hesitate anymore, let me extend your life!”

The Dragon King said, “Seven days and a month are not much different, and dying a little earlier is a kind of relief for me. You don’t know, the kind of unbearable abdominal pain in the middle of the night makes life worse than death!”

“Dragon King, I forgot to tell you just now, once the life extension is successful, the symptoms of abdominal pain will disappear immediately.”

“Is that true?” The Dragon King was a little skeptical of Ye Qiu’s words and said, “The Gu poison is not removed, so how can the abdominal pain disappear?”

“That’s the magical part of this acupuncture technique. It can’t clear the Gu poison, but it can extend life and relieve pain.”

“If what you said is true, and there is no more abdominal pain, then it’s worth a try.”

Zhao Yun quickly said, “Ye Qiu, the Dragon King has agreed, so hurry up and give him the life-extending acupuncture!”

“Do you have silver needles?” Ye Qiu asked.

“I have them at home, I’ll go get them now,” Zhao Yun quickly ran into the house, and when he came back, he had a medicine box in his hand.

Opening the medicine box, there were silver needles, alcohol, and disinfectant cotton balls inside…

Everything was there.

Ye Qiu first used tweezers to pick up a piece of disinfectant cotton ball, then poured alcohol onto the cotton ball, and then picked up a silver needle and wiped it with the alcohol cotton ball to disinfect it.

In this way, it took nearly three minutes to disinfect all the silver needles.

“Dragon King, turn your back to me and undo your shirt,” Ye Qiu said.

The Dragon King immediately did as he was told.

Ye Qiu reminded him, “When I start needling, it will be quite painful. If you can’t bear it, just call out!”

“Don’t worry, I’ve endured abdominal pain every day for so many years, so the pain of needling is nothing.”

“Shall I start?”

“Go ahead!”


Ye Qiu quickly needled the Dragon King’s Da Zhui acupoint.

Two seconds later.

Ye Qiu asked the Dragon King, “Do you feel anything?”

“It’s a bit numb, a bit painful, and it’s getting more and more painful, ah ah ah… it hurts!”

The Dragon King yelled.

Zhao Yun was quite frightened and quickly asked, “Ye Qiu, will the Dragon King be okay?”

“Don’t worry, this is a normal reaction.”

Ye Qiu then picked up another silver needle and quickly pierced the Dragon King’s Shen Dao acupoint.


The Dragon King’s cry grew louder.

Then, Ye Qiu pierced the Dragon King’s Ling Tai acupoint with a silver needle.

The Dragon King suddenly stopped yelling in pain.

“Do you feel better now?” Ye Qiu asked the Dragon King.

“Mm.” The Dragon King nodded. The previous two needles almost took half his life, and he was sweating profusely.

“From now on, you won’t feel any pain, and it will even help balance your body’s yin and yang.”

Ye Qiu continued needling.

The fourth needle pierced the Zhi Yang acupoint.

The fifth needle pierced the Zhong Shu acupoint.

The sixth needle pierced the Zhi Zhong acupoint.

The seventh needle pierced the Jue Yin Shu acupoint. The eighth needle pierced the San Jiao Shu acupoint.

The ninth needle, the Ming Men acupoint!

The needling was complete.

A miraculous scene appeared.

The protruding purple meridian at the intersection of the Dragon King’s back and chest disappeared without a trace, as if it had never appeared before.


Ye Qiu let out a long breath.

It worked!

“How do you feel now?” Ye Qiu asked the Dragon King.”I feel much better now, my body is warm and cozy, just like before I was poisoned by the Gu. Little Ye, what kind of acupuncture is this? How is it so miraculous?”

“This is the Reviving Nine Needles technique, which can regulate the balance of yin and yang in the body and replenish vital energy.”

“You’re really amazing, to have mastered such a powerful acupuncture technique.”

Ye Qiu smiled to himself, thinking it wasn’t his own skill that was amazing, but the Ancestor of the Ye Family!

The Ancestor of the Ye Family had passed on so many things to him, each one a remarkable divine technique. He really wondered how powerful the Ancestor of the Ye Family had been in life?

“Ye Qiu, was the life extension successful?” Zhao Yun asked anxiously.

“It was successful,” Ye Qiu replied. “The Dragon King will be safe for a month.”

“That’s a relief,” Zhao Yun sighed.

Just then, Ye Qiu’s phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

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