Chapter 1 – Commit adultery

Ye Qiu pushed open the door and heard the voices of a man and a woman coming from the bathroom.

“I’ve put up with it for too long these past few days.”

“I’m still taking a shower, can’t you wait a bit?”


Ye Qiu felt as if he had been struck by lightning, his face turning pale.

Because the last sentence was spoken by Zhang Lili.

Zhang Lili was Ye Qiu’s girlfriend.

They were classmates at the Medical College and had been together for two years. After graduation, they both applied to work as doctors at Jiangzhou Hospital and were still in the probationary period, not yet officially employed.

Ye Qiu never expected that Zhang Lili would betray him.

Hearing the gradually increasing gasps from the bathroom, Ye Qiu became furious, clenching his fists and striding towards the bathroom.

He wanted to see who the man inside was!

But when he reached the bathroom door, he stopped in his tracks.

What difference would it make to see the man inside?

The distance of a door made Ye Qiu feel as if there were a thousand miles between him and Zhang Lili at that moment.

Forget it, after all, they had been in love, so they should leave each other with some dignity!

Ye Qiu took a deep breath, turned around to leave, and at that moment, he heard voices coming from the bathroom.

“Hurry up, Ye Qiu will be off work soon. If he sees us, it’ll be over.”

“If he sees us, what’s it matter? I’m not afraid of him.”

Ye Qiu frowned, the voice of the man inside sounded familiar.

He only heard Zhang Lili say, “Are you sure you told your dad about my obtain tenure?”

“Don’t worry, my dad is the Vice President. If you want to obtain tenure, it’s just a matter of his word.”

It’s him!

Ye Qiu instantly confirmed the identity of the man in the bathroom, Guo Shaocong!

Guo Shaocong was a surgeon at Jiangzhou Hospital, relying on his father, who was the Vice President of the hospital, to act arrogantly and domineeringly.

From the first day he entered the surgery department, Ye Qiu had heard a lot of gossip about Guo Shaocong, such as forcing his pregnant girlfriend to have an abortion, seducing married women, and coercing beautiful nurses…

In short, Guo Shaocong was a scumbag!

“For the sake of being confirmed, Lili actually got involved with this scumbag Guo Shaocong. Is it worth it?” Ye Qiu’s heart was bleeding.

In the bathroom.

Zhang Lili asked again, “Will Ye Qiu be confirmed?”

“He doesn’t stand a chance,” Guo Shaocong said. “I asked my dad, and among the batch of probationary doctors, there’s only one confirmation spot, and the rest will have to wait until next year.”

“Ye Qiu scored full marks in the job application exam, performed well during the probationary period, and most importantly, Director Bai thinks highly of him,” Zhang Lili said.

“Director Bai’s favor doesn’t mean anything. The final decision still lies with my dad,” Guo Shaocong said. “But my dad mentioned that Director Bai approached him, wanting to give the confirmation spot to Ye Qiu. I just don’t understand why Director Bai is so good to Ye Qiu. Do they have an affair?”

“What nonsense, Director Bai is so beautiful, how could she be interested in Ye Qiu?”

“True, Director Bai always has a cold face, as if she’s keeping everyone at arm’s length. She seems frigid.”

“Did you ask your dad who will get the confirmation spot this time?”

“No need to ask, it’s naturally for you! It’s a pity for that kid Ye Qiu, not only can he not be confirmed, but he’s also been cuckolded, how pathetic.”

“Why, do you feel sorry for him?” Zhang Lili asked.

“Feel sorry for what!” Guo Shaocong laughed. “Speaking of which, that kid is really stupid. After dating you for two years, he hasn’t even slept with you. If people didn’t know better, they’d think he’s practicing virginity kung fu.”

“Alright, stop talking!”

“What I’m saying make you feel sorry for him? Well, after all, you’ve been together for two years…”

“What nonsense, he’s just a bastard, why would I feel sorry for him!” Zhang Lili said disdainfully.

Outside the door, Ye Qiu heard this and his breathing became rapid, his face turning red, his eyes almost spewing fire.


Although these words were harsh, they were true. He was indeed a bastard.

It was because he was a bastard that his mother was expelled from the family.

This was the secret that Ye Qiu found most difficult to talk about.

He had only told Zhang Lili.

“Ye Qiu is a bastard? What’s going on? Tell me.” Guo Shaocong asked.

Zhang Lili said, “To this day, Ye Qiu still doesn’t know who his biological father is.”

“No way, he doesn’t even know who his father is? Is he lying to you?”

“He really doesn’t know.”

“Then who did his mother have him with? Even if it was with a dog, he should know the dog’s name…”

Veins bulging on his forehead, Ye Qiu couldn’t allow anyone to insult his mother, and in anger, he kicked the door open.


The bathroom door suddenly burst open, causing a commotion inside.

“Ah…” Zhang Lili screamed loudly, quickly grabbing a towel to cover herself.

Guo Shaocong was also startled, hastily standing up from the bathtub. When he saw that it was Ye Qiu at the door, his previously tense emotions vanished, and he smiled, “Lili, look who’s here?”

Zhang Lili looked towards the door and was stunned, “Ye Qiu, when did you come back?”

“I’ve been back for a while. I’m sorry to disturb your good time.” Ye Qiu’s face was dark, trying hard to control his anger.

Zhang Lili explained, “Ye Qiu, things aren’t what you think, I…”

“I saw it with my own eyes. Do you still want to tell me that everything I saw was fake? Zhang Lili, I never thought you would be this kind of person!”

Ye Qiu’s questioning made Zhang Lili angry and ashamed.

Zhang Lili couldn’t be bothered to explain, and said coldly, “I was blind back then, otherwise, how could I have fallen for a loser like you.””After being with you for two years, you’ve only ever given me a lousy bracelet, claiming it’s some family heirloom, pah.”

Zhang Lili took off a white jade bracelet from her wrist and threw it into Ye Qiu’s hands, saying, “From now on, you take your path, and I’ll take mine. We have nothing to do with each other anymore!”

Ye Qiu stared blankly at Zhang Lili, feeling a chill in his heart.

How had his beloved woman turned into this?

Guo Shaocong wrapped his arm around Zhang Lili’s waist and said to Ye Qiu with a smile, “Kid, want to watch a live show? I can perform it with Li Li just for you.”

“Go to hell,” Ye Qiu punched Guo Shaocong in the face.


Guo Shaocong’s nose burst, bleeding profusely.

“Damn, you dare hit me? I’ll kill you.” Guo Shaocong’s fists rained down on Ye Qiu like a storm.

Standing at one meter ninety, Guo Shaocong was a head taller than Ye Qiu and liked to work out, boasting a strong physique. Ye Qiu was no match for him.

Soon, Ye Qiu was beaten to the ground.

“A bastard dares to hit me? You’re really asking for it!”

After beating him for a while and growing tired, Guo Shaocong viciously stomped on two of Ye Qiu’s fingers, breaking them.

“Ah…” Ye Qiu cried out in pain and passed out.

“So weak and still dared to lay a hand on me, what a waste.”

Guo Shaocong spat on Ye Qiu’s body and didn’t notice that at that moment, a stream of fresh blood flowed from Ye Qiu’s fingers, seeping into the white jade bracelet…

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