Chapter 8 – Strange tree

Yang Jian quickened his pace and continued to move forward in the darkness.

“Step, step~!”

However, the clear sound of footsteps behind him remained steady and followed closely.

No matter how fast Yang Jian increased his speed, he couldn’t shake off the sound of those footsteps. And as time passed, the sound of those footsteps got closer and closer.

At first, he only felt the sound of footsteps about five or six meters behind him.

But then he felt the sound of footsteps about three meters behind him.

As he walked on, the sound of those footsteps was almost right behind him.

Yang Jian held his phone tightly in his hand, afraid to let the screen go dark because he was ready to open the audio file at any time.

If that ghost really attacked him again.

The knocking sound in that audio file was his only means of survival.

He was tense and ready to fight off the ghost at any moment.

However, things didn’t go as Yang Jian expected. The sound of footsteps behind him remained at a distance of one meter, neither leaving nor getting closer, no matter whether he sped up or slowed down.

“Could it be that thing is waiting for my phone to run out of battery?”

Suddenly, Yang Jian’s face changed and he looked at his phone, which had less than ten percent battery left, feeling more and more uneasy.

If that was the case, it was only a matter of time before he died in the hands of that ghost.

It was impossible to leave here alive.

Looking at the battery level on his phone: 7%.

“If the battery is below 5%, there is a possibility of shutting down at any time.”

Yang Jian now regretted it. He had played with his phone too much during the day and drained the battery.

“But now is not the time to think about this. If I don’t want to die here, I have to run out of this place before my phone runs out of battery, or else…”

He gritted his teeth and started running.

He ran at the fastest speed towards the direction where the sound of dripping water came from.

“Step, step~!”

The sound of footsteps behind him followed closely and couldn’t be shaken off.

Yang Jian could even feel the cold and eerie air and the faint smell of corpses coming from behind him.

The ghost was following him closely.

Under full sprint, the location of the dripping water sound was getting closer and closer.

But at this moment, the screen of his phone automatically lit up.

Battery: 5%.

It displayed: To prevent the phone from shutting down automatically, please charge it in time.

“Damn it.”

Yang Jian was panting, and sweat was pouring down his body. He looked at his phone and felt more and more panicked.

Although he was already very tired, he dared not stop.

Stopping meant death.Continuing to grit his teeth and run madly…

Suddenly, a faint glimmer of light appeared in the darkness before him.

This light was a light shade of red, making it particularly clear in the darkness like a spark in the night. Although it was faint, it was especially eye-catching.

“That is…”

Yang Jian’s eyes brightened, feeling ecstatic as if he had seen hope to survive.

However, at this moment, his phone vibrated, and the screen lit up again.

It displayed: Automatic Shutdown in Progress.

Although there was still some battery left, the phone had already begun to shut down forcibly.

However, at the moment the phone screen went completely dark…

Yang Jian felt a chilling aura envelop him from behind, and the sound of footsteps rapidly approached… that thing had instantly closed in from a meter away.

Right behind him.

Although he couldn’t see in the darkness, he could feel a cold, pale hand reaching over, brushing past his ear and grabbing towards his neck.

No matter how he ran, he couldn’t shake off that hand.

“Am I going to die here…” Yang Jian already felt the icy fingers touch the skin on his neck.

The coldness spread through his body like ice, causing goosebumps to rise.

A faint smell of decay filled his nose.

There was no way out.

The faint red light in the darkness became even more conspicuous.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps behind him stopped and disappeared in an instant. That cold hand had just touched Yang Jian’s neck but suddenly froze, not choking him.

Yang Jian, who had run a few steps forward, felt that the thing behind him had pulled away.

It seemed that the ghost had stopped chasing him.

“What just happened…” Yang Jian ran a little further before he couldn’t run anymore and stopped to catch his breath. He was covered in cold sweat, still in shock from the danger earlier.

Recalling the perilous scene from before, he was certain that he could survive not because he was lucky, but because the ghost had given up on chasing him. But why?

He listened left and right, but the sound of footsteps following him did not appear again.

He seemed to be temporarily safe.

“Forget it, since that thing didn’t chase me, that means I’m okay for now. Anyway, I still need to leave this place as soon as possible.” Yang Jian took a deep breath and looked at the position of the red light before walking towards it.

Soon, he arrived at the location where the red light was emanating from.

“A light bulb? A glass bead?” Yang Jian was stunned, as he couldn’t see clearly in the darkness.

He tried to reach out and touch the spot where the red light was emanating from.

“Ah~!”In an instant, Yang Jian felt a sharp pain and quickly withdrew his hand.

“This…this isn’t a lamp.”

What frightened him was that he saw the glass ball emitting red light sticking to his hand, and it was wriggling crazily. It even drilled a hole and entered his hand.

Coldness and pain engulfed his body.

Yang Jian fell to the ground, the pain causing him to convulse and feel as if his soul was being crushed.

But amidst the painful struggle, Yang Jian noticed changes around him.

The darkness surrounding him was quickly receding.

He could see…

Everything around him was clear.

It was as if he suddenly had night vision.

The pain came and went quickly.

In less than three minutes, Yang Jian felt the pain receding like the tide.

He lay on the ground, gasping for air, his muscles still twitching from the pain.

“What’s going on?”

After a while, Yang Jian regained some strength and struggled to sit up.

But when he saw everything around him clearly, his eyes suddenly shrank in horror.

Before him was a tree.

A pale tree that looked like it was made of bones.

There were tattered human skin, dirty cloth strips, decapitated heads, strange paper flags hanging from the tree. But what frightened him more was a four-meter-tall figure lying on the trunk of the tree.

No, not a human.

It was a shadow, a silhouette that looked like a human, as if it was condensed from darkness.

The towering figure hung upside down on the tree, with its head facing the ground.

Looking closely, Yang Jian noticed an iron nail, the thickness of an adult’s arm, nailed to the chest of the black shadow. No, to be precise, it was a coffin nail commonly used in folklore. The nail had been rusted and seemed about to break.

“Tik-tok, tik-tok!”

Black blood was flowing out of where the shadow was nailed.

The sound of dripping water that he had heard along the way in the darkness was actually from this.

But when Yang Jian saw the head of the huge black shadow, he suddenly felt a chill.

The head of the black shadow had no facial features, only a depression. The depression seemed to be the position of the shadow’s eye, and the red light he had seen before seemed to be its eyeball.

Yang Jian looked at his hand.


The broken skin was stretched open, revealing a red eyeball that turned a few times, and a strange perspective appeared in his mind.It seemed as if an eye had really grown on the back of his hand, and the image from the eye could be transmitted to his mind.

Eerie, bizarre, or perhaps an unknown ability.

But as Yang Jian looked at this strange white bone tree, along with the human skin, corpse, and the huge black shadow nailed to the trunk…

“This place is eerie. Whatever this tree is, it’s better to leave as soon as possible.”

He vaguely felt that the huge black shadow nailed to the tree was even more terrifying than the old man.

Moreover, he seemed to sense that the empty eye sockets of the hanging corpse on the tree were secretly watching him.

A creepy feeling.

He looked at the red eye revealed on the back of his hand, a gloom enveloping his heart, unable to dispel it.

But this was not the time to worry about that.

The darkness around him seemed to have faded away, and Yang Jian could see everything around him very clearly.

It was a dim and endless space, empty and desolate, with only this white bone tree.

It was like a different world, not the familiar school he knew.

But when he turned around, he could see a door in the direction he came from. It was…the door to the restroom.

It turned out that the door was so close to him, but he hadn’t noticed it before.

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