Chapter 6 – The hand in the toilet

The door of the restroom opened, and a pale hand reached out from the darkness. Everyone was too scared to move, their hearts pounding in their chests.

At this moment, Yang Jian never expected that his classmate Fang Jing would suddenly go crazy and push him towards the direction of the ghost.

“Fang Jing, are you trying to kill me?”

Yang Jian gritted his teeth, realizing that something was wrong and quickly grabbed Fang Jing’s arm.

They both stopped in their tracks, frozen in place.

“If you don’t die, Yang Jian, I won’t be able to rest easy in this lifetime. Did you really think I was just joking before? You’re still too naive. You knew I was going to do something, yet you weren’t prepared. But that’s what I expected from you. After all, you’re just a clueless student who doesn’t know how cruel the world can be. Today, I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Fang Jing turned around and yelled, “Come help me. We have to push him inside and hold down the ghost in the restroom. Otherwise, we’ll all be done for if it comes out. If you want to live, you have to sacrifice someone. There’s no other way.”

The pressure of righteousness prevailed, and under the threat of the fierce ghost, people would do anything to survive, especially if they had a seemingly legitimate reason.

Immediately, three male classmates rushed over with fear in their eyes and grabbed Yang Jian.

The four of them pushed him with all their might, and no one could resist.

In an instant, Yang Jian was pushed to the door of the restroom.

The next moment, the pale hand reached out from the darkness and landed on his shoulder. The fingers tightened, and the cold and stiff hand firmly gripped him.

A terrifying force dragged Yang Jian towards the dark restroom behind him.

“Yang Jian, get in there. You’re done for this time. Be smarter in your next life,” Fang Jing banged on the door and shouted.

Yang Jian was angry and frustrated. He could already feel his shoulder going numb, as if the cold and pale hand had crushed it. At the same time, a bone-chilling coldness enveloped his entire body, and his blood seemed to freeze in this moment.

“You scumbags. You want to kill me, your classmate? If I’m going to die, I’ll take you down with me,” Yang Jian said, grabbing the arms of the two classmates who had betrayed him.

The terrifying pulling force behind them dragged them forward.

Fang Jing realized something was wrong and quickly backed away, not letting Yang Jian grab him.

“No, please, let me go. Yang Jian, let me go. Please don’t grab me. Grab someone else,” the two classmates begged, their voices trembling and tearful.

Yang Jian thought he was about to die, but he wasn’t as scared as he thought he would be. Surrounded by darkness, he spoke coldly, “Stop screaming. If you want to kill me, then I’ll take you down with me. Fang Jing, don’t think you’re safe. If I become a ghost, I won’t spare you…”


With a loud bang, the pale arm retracted into the darkness, and the door of the restroom closed instantly.

Yang Jian and the two classmates who betrayed him disappeared before their eyes.

The door was tightly shut, and there was no more movement.

Seeing this scene, Fang Jing finally breathed a sigh of relief, a smile appearing on his face.

Yang Jian, you’re finally done for.

“Fang Jing, did you really kill Yang Jian and the others?” the others who witnessed the scene trembled and asked.Fang Jing’s face was ferocious: “Shut up! We would all be dead if that ghost hadn’t come out just now. What are you still doing here? If you want to live, come with me. Those three can’t hold on for too long. Once the ghost kills them, it will come out again, and then it will be us who die.”

With that, he didn’t say another word and turned to go up.

“Fang Jing, why are we going back?”

“There’s only a dead end if we keep going down. Who knows what else we’ll encounter. Going back might lead us to Zhou Zheng. If he’s not dead yet, maybe he can save us,” Fang Jing said.

He was also filled with fear.

Because the more people die in the Ghost Realm, the more frightening it becomes. There isn’t much time left to escape.

It was cold, dark, and accompanied by the sound of dripping water, like a tap that wasn’t turned off.

Yang Jian’s two classmates were taken into this dark restroom by that pale hand.

“Get out of here, leave quickly.”

Duan Peng and Zheng Fei broke free from Yang Jian, panicked and frantically groping along the walls, trying to find the door to escape.

The cold walls were mottled and pitted, emitting a putrid smell.

The restroom was so small that under normal circumstances, even with their eyes closed, they could feel their way to the door and leave. But they were groping around, and all they could feel was the wall in front of them.

The wall was on the left, and the wall was on the right…a wall that seemed to have no end blocked their way.

The door was gone…

“Where’s the door? Where’s the door? It was here just now. Zheng Fei, did you find it?” Duan Peng’s voice was trembling.

“I don’t have it either.” Zheng Fei’s voice was filled with fear.

They frantically searched the walls, not leaving any inch untouched, trying to find the familiar door to the restroom.

But no matter how hard they searched, they couldn’t find the door to leave. There was only a mottled, cold wall.

Or maybe there was no door here at all.

While they were searching for a way out, Yang Jian’s situation was becoming more dire.

Because he could feel that cold hand gripping his shoulder, and from the beginning, his shoulder had lost sensation. Now, his whole arm had lost sensation, and as time passed, more and more of his body lost sensation…if it spread to his whole body, Yang Jian was sure he would become a cold corpse.

Yang Jian was covered in cold sweat, struggling with all his might to break free.

It was useless. That area that was caught was as if it was nailed down by an iron nail and wouldn’t budge no matter what.

Using all kinds of methods to struggle, he still couldn’t produce any effect.

“Am I going to die here?” This was the only thought in his mind at the moment.

In the end, he might have accepted his fate.

He wasn’t afraid anymore, he just wanted to call his family and leave a final message before he died.

Yang Jian smiled bitterly, enduring the icy cold and numbness throughout his body, and took out his phone, trying to call his family.

But when he opened his phone, the screen flashed, showing the forum story he had read earlier.

The story went straight to the last page.

There was an audio file on the forum.

Yang Jian suddenly saw that audio file and was stunned, suddenly associating it with the sound of the old man knocking on the classroom door earlier.”Wait, wait a minute. If that old man really uses knocking sounds to kill people, then this sound should not only work on humans, but also on ghosts. Zhou Zheng said that only ghosts can deal with ghosts.”

He thought of this, and his eyes suddenly lit up, with a glimmer of hope to survive.

Without hesitation, Yang Jian’s other arm was still able to move, and he opened the audio file.

“Thump, thump~!”

The dull knocking sound rang out again, echoing in the darkness.

But something unexpected happened.

The pale hand that was grabbing Yang Jian’s shoulder seemed to have been burned, and quickly withdrew, disappearing into the darkness.

The cold and stiff feeling quickly dissipated from his body.

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