Chapter 36 – In the process of growing up

Since Wang Bin hung up the phone, he felt like time was passing too slowly.

He heard the sound of his front door opening and faintly sensed that something was walking into the living room from outside, as he could hear the sound of objects being moved around.

It was like a mischievous child playing around.

But every sound made Wang Bin’s heart skip a beat.

Thinking about the child in the living room, just a wall away, he felt an inexplicable fear.

He dared not open the door, nor even approach it.

He was afraid that the child would appear outside the door at any moment.

However, waiting passively for something was never a solution.

As the sounds outside the living room stopped, it seemed that the child had grown tired of playing with the objects in the living room. Then, the sound of faint footsteps gradually approached and finally stopped outside the door.

“It’s here, it’s coming in. Dad, Mom, you have to leave. It’s here for me, I can feel it. Hurry and go…” Wang Shanshan’s emotions became agitated at this moment. She seemed to sense the appearance of the ghost infant.

“Daughter, what nonsense are you talking about? How could Mom leave you alone?” Wang Haiyan wiped away her tears and said, “Husband, what’s outside? We can fight it if we have to.”

Reminded by her, Wang Bin also regained his senses. He suppressed his inner fear, looked around, and finally picked up a clothes hanger, ready to fight. He was waiting for the child to rush in, so he could smash it to pieces.

“No, Dad, don’t. The detective said that ghosts cannot be killed. We need to find Yang Jian. Only he can save us.” Wang Shanshan was terrified and wanted to stop Wang Bin’s actions.

But Wang Haiyan hugged her.

“I already called Yang Jian earlier and promised him fifty thousand to do the job. He should be on his way here… Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.” Wang Bin said nervously.

However, at this moment…

With a click, the door lock snapped shut and the latch opened by itself.

The doorknob turned slowly, accompanied by a crisp creaking sound. The door opened a crack.

Then, the crack grew bigger and bigger.

In the next moment, a child’s head appeared, with a pair of pitch-black eyes without pupils, staring at the people inside with a sinister and eerie gaze. Finally, the eyes stopped on Wang Shanshan.


Wang Haiyan and Wang Shanshan screamed.

“Damn it, die!” Out of his duty as a husband and father, Wang Bin summoned up his courage and shouted, picking up the clothes hanger and smashing it towards the ghost infant.

But the ghost infant completely ignored him. It ran along the wall at a terrifying speed and then pounced directly towards Wang Shanshan.

The ghost infant opened its mouth, which was wider than any human’s, revealing a black hole that seemed to swallow up anything that entered it, never to appear in this world again.

It wanted to swallow Wang Shanshan whole.

Wang Bin was both terrified and angry.

Wang Shanshan and her mother Wang Haiyan huddled together, screaming frantically.

However, at this moment…The bedroom light suddenly flickered and turned red. The light bulb seemed to transform into a red eye, and a strange atmosphere filled the room.


With a loud noise, the ghost baby was thrown out and crashed heavily into the wardrobe.

Yang Jian walked over from the corner of the bedroom with his phone in hand. His body was emitting red light, and his face and the back of his hand had opened up crimson eyes, each one slightly turning and staring at the flying ghost baby.

“You didn’t answer your phone. I thought you were dead. I was about to call the police to collect your bodies. The crematorium must be doing good business lately. I wonder if I should queue up.”

Yang Jian looked at the ghost baby and his heart trembled. It used to crawl on the ground in school, but now it had grown taller and could walk on its own.

This ghost was growing…

The words written on the skin of the person it possessed were indeed correct. The thing inside the ghost baby’s stomach was unusual. Who knows what level of fierce ghost this ghost would grow into in the future.

Zhōu Zhèng, oh Zhōu Zhèng, you really let out something extraordinary.

“Yang, Yang Jian?”

Hearing Yang Jian’s voice, Wang Shanshan immediately looked up, and her fear turned into surprise as if Yang Jian had become her savior at this moment.

“You…you’re Yang Jian? How did you get in just now?” Wang Bin asked in terror.

“If I couldn’t even get in through the door, how could I dare to earn your fifty thousand? Uncle Wang, don’t you understand the principle of getting what you pay for? This thing has exceeded my previous estimate. As of now, I’m not even sure if I can handle this situation. So…I need more money.”

He wasn’t joking.

He could have repelled this ghost baby when he had four eyes before.

But now, this thing could no longer be considered a ghost baby. It should be called a ghost child.

The level of terror must have increased as well.

“It’s best not to exceed the limit of six eyes, otherwise, we can only run away.” He glanced at everyone and prepared to retreat.

With no relatives or friends here, and only classmates, Yang Jian couldn’t possibly risk his life to save them.

Wang Bin was also a smart person. Seeing Yang Jian’s look of retreat, he quickly said, “One million. I’ll give you one million…there will be additional rewards after this is over.”

Yang Jian took back his gaze and sighed, “Another despicable rich man. The price was set too low before.”

One million was worth taking a risk.

After all, that was the price in the country.

Immediately, he focused on the ghost baby again.

The ghost realm had already opened, and this opportunity couldn’t be wasted.

At this moment, the ghost baby slowly stood up. It tilted its head and looked at Yang Jian with its pitch-black eyes. Its dark green skin emitted a smell of death.

The kick just now didn’t hurt it at all.

It was only pushed back because Yang Jian was in the ghost realm.

Ghosts couldn’t be killed.

Only ghosts could deal with ghosts.

These two sentences weren’t contradictory.

So, does that mean Zhou Zheng’s words meant that only a ghost could repel another ghost? Yang Jian’s gaze flickered. He had dealt with supernatural events several times and had gradually overcome his fear.

Perhaps it was also related to him becoming half-human and half-ghost.”I don’t know if you understand human language, but what I want to say is that I have saved this family today. Can you give me face and let it go?” Yang Jian said.

But before he finished speaking, a dark green aura suddenly emerged from the ghost baby.

The aura gradually spread… and things around them began to be affected.

“This is… the Ghost Realm?” Yang Jian’s eyes suddenly shrank, and his heart trembled.

Damn it, it’s learning and growing.

This ghost baby is definitely not simple.

“This ghost baby is evil. It’s better to send this ghost away first.” Yang Jian’s expression changed slightly.

Suddenly, the ghost baby stepped on nothingness and fell through the ground, directly dropping to the floor below.

Yang Jian took a step forward, and the red light flashed on his body, disappearing in front of Wang Bin and others.

The Ghost Realm followed the ghost baby all the way down.

16th floor… 13th floor… 9th floor.

Just as they reached the last floor, Yang Jian withdrew the Ghost Realm.


With a loud noise, the ghost baby fell from the 16th floor and directly flattened on the ground, lying in a creepy posture.

Yang Jian looked down at the motionless ghost baby on the ground.

He knew that it was not dead.

He looked at the time.

The limit of the Ghost Realm was almost up.

“First, take Wang Shanshan’s family away from here, and then figure out how to deal with this later.” Yang Jian knew that he lacked experience in dealing with powerful ghosts, so he had to prioritize stability.

He disappeared on the spot.

Just moments after he left.

The ghost baby, lying on the ground like a pile of flesh, slowly moved its strange body and finally stood up.

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