Chapter 30

“Isn’t that ghost coming?”

Yang Jian stayed at home all night, without sleeping. He looked exhausted, his eyes bloodshot, as he stared in the direction of the front door.

The front door was not closed.

Because he wanted to see the ghost as soon as possible.

But things were not as perfect as he had imagined.

“I can’t keep waiting here for the ghost to appear. If the ghost has already left and doesn’t plan to come back, then I’m just wasting my time. And time is precious to me right now.”

Yang Jian rubbed his bloodshot eyes to clear his mind and relax.

Being tense all night like this would drive him crazy.

“If I can’t find this ghost in a short time, then I have to be prepared for the worst.” Yang Jian got up from the sofa, took a shower, and packed his things, getting ready to go out.

The two plans he had in mind were: first, if he could survive, he would find a way to live. Second… if he was really going to die, he needed to make some money to support his parents in their old age.

Carrying a backpack, Yang Jian walked out of the somewhat old residential building.

Looking up at the hot sun outside, he felt a little dizzy.

“But it seems that ghosts are not afraid of sunlight.” Yang Jian touched his back, feeling no abnormal reaction from his eye.

In other words, even during the day, ghosts could still appear.

According to folklore, ghosts only appear at night, but now it seems that this statement has been overturned.

It can only be said that the brightness of the day can give people a certain sense of security, making them less fearful.

“Boss, do you recycle phones?”

Yang Jian came to a small phone repair shop by the street.

The phone shop owner glanced at him and said, “We don’t take old phones, only smartphones released in the last two years.”

Yang Jian sat down and said, “I’m not selling the phone in my hand. I’m selling these.”

He took out the phones that Zhang Wei, Wang Shanshan, Zhao Lei, and others didn’t want from his backpack.

“So many? Where did you steal them from?” The boss was stunned, looking at the various models of smartphones with some suspicion.

“My friends didn’t want them and gave them to me. Besides, can you steal such new phones? Boss, give me a price. If it’s reasonable, I’ll sell them all to you.” Yang Jian said.

The boss looked at them and saw that they were all good products, with new phones worth two or three thousand yuan each and some as expensive as seven or eight thousand yuan.

“I can only give you three hundred yuan for this one. This one is good, I can give you a thousand yuan for it… ” The boss made an estimate.

At this moment, one of the phones on the counter suddenly rang.

Yang Jian glanced at it and saw that it said “Dad”.

Who knows whose father it was.

“The owner is calling the owner, right?” The boss smiled. “If I don’t handle it well, it will cause me a lot of trouble. I can only give you five hundred yuan for this phone.”

He then tried to turn off the phone.

Yang Jian picked it up and answered, “It’s not the owner, it’s a friend’s dad.”


A middle-aged man’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “Is this Yang Jian?”

“Yes, who is this?” Yang Jian asked.

“Sure enough, Shanshan’s phone is with you. I’m Wang Shanshan’s father, Wang Bin. I have something to talk to you about. Are you available? I want to meet you.” Wang Bin said.

“Oh, it’s Uncle Wang. I’m a bit busy these days. It’s not very convenient.” Yang Jian said.

Wang Bin said, “It won’t take up too much of your time. Where are you? I’ll come and pick you up.””If you have something to say, just say it. I have something going on over here and can’t leave right away.” Yang Jian said.

There was a moment of silence on Wang Bin’s end before he spoke up. “It’s about my daughter Shanshan. Do you know what happened to her at school that day?”

“Did Shanshan not tell you about the ghost haunting the school?” Yang Jian asked.

A ghost haunting the school?

Wang Bin was taken aback by the question.

Could such a ridiculous thing still happen nowadays?

But he didn’t laugh because he thought about the recent school closure and the strange things that happened to his daughter Shanshan. He felt that there was something unusual going on.

“A ghost haunting the school? Do you high school students still believe in that?” He asked with some doubt.

“I didn’t believe it before, but I do now.” Yang Jian said. “What happened to Wang Shanshan? Did she encounter the ghost again?”

“Maybe it’s just her nerves, she’s easily frightened. She keeps feeling like something is following her…and Shanshan said you could help her.” Wang Bin said.

“Something is following her?” Yang Jian’s eyes flickered. “Is it a baby?”

A baby?

Wang Bin remembered the palm prints in the bathroom, weren’t they baby palm prints?

“Do you think my house is haunted?” Wang Bin asked seriously. “Please don’t use ghosts to brush me off. Shanshan’s situation is not good. If you know anything, please tell me the truth. Of course, as a reward, I won’t owe you anything.”

He was a successful person, how could he believe in ghosts?

Yang Jian pondered for a moment.

From Wang Bin’s tone and attitude on the phone, it was clear that Shanshan had indeed encountered a ghost.

It was likely the ghost baby that escaped from the school.

But it didn’t make sense.

Although the terror of the ghost baby was not as great as that of the knocking old man, Shanshan was just an ordinary person. If she really encountered it, she wouldn’t still be alive.

Ghosts don’t negotiate with you when they kill.

“Hey, are you still there?” Wang Bin asked when he heard Yang Jian’s silence.

Yang Jian came back to his senses. “I can help with Shanshan’s situation, but it’s a very complicated matter. Last time, I almost couldn’t make it out of the school after saving your daughter for free. But this time, I’m not going to do it for free, so Wang Uncle…how much are you willing to pay to solve this problem?”

Wang Bin was stunned for a moment, but quickly responded, “If Shanshan can recover, I can give you a private benefit of 20,000 yuan. Of course, if you can’t help my daughter, you won’t get a penny.”

He didn’t expect this student named Yang Jian to be so worldly, knowing how to take money to do things.

His tone became more distant.

“20,000? I thought you were going to say 200. 20,000 is too little. This matter is very dangerous and not as simple as you think. If I don’t intervene, not only Shanshan, maybe your whole family will die. That thing doesn’t show mercy when it kills.” Yang Jian said.

If he had to deal with the ghost baby, he would have to use the power of a fierce ghost.

And this would speed up the revival time of the fierce ghost.

In other words, he would be risking his life to help.

Sacrificing oneself to light up others is like a candle.

Yang Jian needed to earn a service fee, besides, the Wang family was relatively wealthy, and he himself was poor.

“How about 50,000?” Wang Bin replied.”It seems that Uncle Wang still doesn’t understand the market for these things. Solving a similar incident abroad starts at least at five million US dollars. But I am a fair person. Considering that we are classmates, I’ll take fifty thousand.” Yang Jian said seriously.

“Damn it, fifty thousand? Are you crazy about money? And you still have the nerve to say it’s because we’re classmates.” Wang Bin’s temper was good, but he couldn’t help getting angry when he heard the price.

Yang Jian smiled and said, “Uncle Wang, you don’t need to get angry. With your family background, although fifty thousand hurts a bit, it’s not something you can’t afford. After all, your house is worth at least four million. Alright, let’s end the call here, Uncle Wang. Think about it and reply to me as soon as possible.”

“Because if it’s too late, either Wang Shanshan will die, or I will die. I don’t have much time left to live, and my mother needs to be supported. Making this money from you is like exchanging my life. It’s not easy. If it’s too late, then finding someone to help won’t be solved with just spending money. Also, don’t call this number again. Call my other phone, which has free calls.”

After saying that, he gave Wang Bin Zhou Zheng’s satellite positioning phone number and hung up directly.

“Friend, if you add up all these phones, I’ll give you five thousand yuan.” The boss said at this time.

Five thousand?

Yang Jian frowned and put down the phone, “So little? Are you kidding me, boss?”

“Your phones are not worth much. For example, this latest model of the iPhone is fake.” The boss said, “If you don’t want to buy it, you can take it back. I won’t take the other phones either.”

The boss suddenly changed his attitude and waved his hand to drive Yang Jian away.

Yang Jian stood up and grabbed his collar. His eyes, bloodshot and with a hint of red light, were filled with a strange indifference as he said, “Do you want to die, you swindler? If you want to die, just say it. I’ll grant your wish. You’ve lied to me, and now it’s on my head.”

The boss looked at Yang Jian’s eyes and was suddenly frightened.

Was this the look a person should have?

Cold, without any emotion, with a kind of eerie and scary feeling.

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