Chapter 11 – Gradual recovery

In the dim light, they saw a dark blue baby lying next to Wang Shanshan. Its black eyes stared at them, making everyone’s hearts almost collapse with fear.


Everyone screamed and instinctively ran away from Wang Shanshan.

“Damn it, did the ghost baby attack someone else because it couldn’t attack me?” Yang Jian clenched his fists tightly, feeling powerless.

He wanted to save her, but he didn’t dare to get close.

His eye could only see through the darkness in the ghost domain, and his self-protection was just an instinctive measure. He had no means to deal with the ghost baby.

“Let’s go.”

He gritted his teeth and almost instinctively wanted to run away.

“Koko, help, help me…”

Wang Shanshan was in pain, like a dying fish, opening her mouth and reaching out to Yang Jian, as if it was her last hope, making a desperate plea for help.

Although Yang Jian did not turn around, the eyes behind his head saw this scene.

Seeing the painful and pleading expression of his classmate Wang Shanshan, he instinctively stopped his escape.

This scene was similar to when Fang Jing pushed him into the toilet before.

Wang Shanshan had not lost consciousness yet. Although she was extremely frightened, she desperately hoped that someone could help her.

“If I leave now, what’s the difference between me and Fang Jing? Sacrificing a classmate’s life to hold back the ghost, just to save myself?”

Yang Jian struggled inwardly. “Wang Shanshan, Duan Peng, and Zheng Fei are different. Duan Peng and Zheng Fei deserved to die because they wanted to kill me to save themselves.”

“And now, I should be considered a ghost controller, possessing the power of the ghost, and no longer an ordinary person. Saving someone doesn’t necessarily mean I will die.”

In an instant, he thought a lot.

The ghost eye behind his head had been watching Wang Shanshan, watching her painful struggle and her gradually drooping arm.

If he didn’t save her, Wang Shanshan would definitely be strangled to death by the ghost baby.

“Damn it.”

Yang Jian cursed, turned around and ran towards them, and punched the ghost baby in the head that was strangling Wang Shanshan without hesitation.

If this scene was uploaded online, he would definitely be criticized by keyboard warriors for violently attacking a baby.

The ghost baby was punched, and its head shriveled in one place, but it was not harmed. Its black eyes looked at Yang Jian strangely.

“Wow, wow…”

The ghost baby seemed to be angry and let go of Wang Shanshan, pouncing on Yang Jian. Its cheek split open and its mouth opened wider than humanly possible, swallowing half of his arm in one bite.Cold and viscous, like being sucked into a black hole, not only could Yang Jian not swing his arms out, but his whole body was constantly sinking into the pitch-black mouth.

“Cough, cough.”

Wang Shanshan was almost sitting on the ground, gasping for air.

“Am I going to be eaten?”

Yang Jian felt a sign of melting in his body, as if all his flesh and blood were rushing into that mouth and he was about to be eaten alive.


A sharp pain came from his arm.

It felt like his flesh was being torn apart, and his soul was being crushed.

The ghost baby let out a painful cry, spit out Yang Jian’s arm, then fell to the ground with a snap and crawled away, as if trying to escape. It quickly disappeared up the stairs.

“Damn it, this feeling again.”

Yang Jian was covered in cold sweat, trembling with pain, and couldn’t help but scream.

But he saw that the half of his arm that was swallowed by the ghost baby was emitting a red light, and his flesh was torn open by something. One by one, crimson eyeballs emerged from the wound.

Before, there was only one eye on the back of his hand, but after being attacked by the ghost baby, a second eye appeared on the back of his head.

But now, after being bitten, four eyes suddenly grew out.

The number of red eyes rapidly increased.

Perhaps it was because of this that the ghost baby was forced to retreat.

“Yang, Yang Jian, are you okay?”

Wang Shanshan survived, although she was still terrified, she knew that Yang Jian had saved her just now.

Looking at Yang Jian writhing in pain on the ground, she asked anxiously, reaching out to help him up.


Yang Jian’s struggling stopped, and a strange joint suddenly extended from his arm, grabbing Wang Shanshan’s hand. This was not something a normal person could do.

Five eyeballs on his arm turned and stared at her.


Wang Shanshan screamed in fear and sat down on the ground.

But soon, the five eyeballs on his arm closed again.

At this time, Yang Jian’s voice sounded: “I’m fine. Good people have a hard time. I almost sacrificed myself to save you. I still can’t learn to be as ruthless as Fang Jing.”

The pain quickly subsided, and he stood up pale, leaning against the wall, his muscles twitching.

He really didn’t want to experience that kind of pain that felt like his soul was being crushed again.

“Being bitten by that thing feels like the whole person is going to be eaten. Is this the power of the ghost baby in Zhou Zheng’s stomach? It’s really scary… and that thing seems to be growing,”

Yang Jian looked at his arm and felt that there were many things wriggling under his skin, ready to emerge.

The presence of those eyes was becoming stronger and stronger.”It’s definitely a resurrection.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, I’ve caused trouble for you,” Wang Shanshan whispered.

“It’s okay, saving you was my personal choice. I just don’t want to become like Fang Jing, someone who resorts to anything to stay alive. And since the moment I was pushed into the toilet, I was already dead. Now, I’m just relying on the power of the fierce ghost to survive. Every minute counts, even if I don’t save you, I won’t live much longer,” Yang Jian said.

After all that had happened, he could understand his situation.

“Don’t stand here, come with me. If that thing comes back, we’ll all die here,” Yang Jian said, suppressing his pain.

“I, I don’t have the strength to walk, I can’t move,” Wang Shanshan said tearfully.

“The movies are right, women tend to be a liability in times of crisis and can easily get people killed,” Yang Jian said, but he noticed two dark handprints on the back of Wang Shanshan’s neck.

They were left by the ghost baby and looked like tattoos, especially conspicuous. The dark color was spreading around her neck like an acute infectious disease.

He felt a chill in his heart but didn’t say anything because it wasn’t the time to talk about it.

He had only temporarily repelled the ghost baby, and it might come back stronger. If it attacked again, Yang Jian felt that he would follow in Zhou Zheng’s footsteps and die from the fierce ghost’s resurrection.

“I’ll help you leave, can you still walk?” He helped Wang Shanshan up, feeling her trembling all over.

It was caused by excessive fear.

She didn’t intentionally seduce him or anything, it was just a woman’s instinct to seek protection from a strong man in times of fear.

At this moment, Yang Jian clearly fit the bill.

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