Chapter 84 – A small attempt

In my confusion, Director Zhou smiled and said, "Even though you haven't officially joined our company yet, I believe you are the most suitable candidate. Of course, if you're not ready yet, I won't force you."


After Director Zhou finished speaking, Li Xiaoyun also looked at me, seemingly eager for me to join her in this business negotiation.


"No problem, I will do my best to assist Director Li." I didn't hesitate any longer and replied with a confident smile.


Director Zhou patted my shoulder and said, "I look forward to your triumphant return."


Before I could respond, Li Xiaoyun took over the conversation and said, "Director Zhou, don't put too much pressure on Zhao Yang. This is his first negotiation. It's not that easy to achieve a triumphant return."


Director Zhou teased Li Xiaoyun with a smile, "Xiaoyun, you seem so concerned about him. I think your friendship is quite special!"


Li Xiaoyun, being a seasoned professional, didn't show any embarrassment. She just smiled and said, "I'm just telling the truth!"


Director Zhou chuckled knowingly. Li Xiaoyun and I bid him farewell and prepared to drive to Times Department Store.


On the way, Li Xiaoyun drove while I sat in the passenger seat. She asked me, "Zhao Yang, do you think you can handle it?"


"No big deal, we'll be fine together." I replied calmly. This calmness came from my work experience. I had dealt with several top celebrities when I worked at Baoli, so a simple business negotiation wouldn't cause me any stress. Besides, I had a general understanding of the background and team information of Aosen Advertising. I believed I could handle the upcoming business negotiation.


Li Xiaoyun nodded and said, "Hmm, I have full confidence in your psychological quality and expression ability. I'm just worried that you don't know enough about Aosen Advertising…"


"Don't worry, I have you to cover the internal issues of the company. With our tacit cooperation, we can definitely handle it."


Li Xiaoyun nodded and smiled, "Zhao Yang, your confident look is quite charming. It's hard to connect it with the you I first met."


"You'll get used to my hidden depths!" I joked.


But Li Xiaoyun took it seriously and said earnestly, "I'm looking forward to the surprise you're going to give me!"



A short while later, Li Xiaoyun and I arrived at Times Department Store. After parking the car, we headed straight to their office area.


Led by the receptionist at Times Department Store, Li Xiaoyun and I arrived at the office of the planning department manager. After knocking on the door and receiving a response, we walked in.


Li Xiaoyun greeted Manager Lin of Times Department Store with a friendly smile, "Sorry to keep you waiting, Manager Lin."


Manager Lin responded with a smile, "No need to apologize, we still have 10 minutes before our scheduled time."


Li Xiaoyun nodded in response, then introduced me to Manager Lin, "This is Zhao Yang, a colleague from our planning department. He has experience in planning for top department stores. If you have any questions about our company's planning, you can discuss with him."


"Hello, Manager Lin." I nodded in greeting.


Manager Lin asked politely with a smile, "So we're in the same line of work. May I ask which department store you used to work for?"


"I worked at Baoli Department Store in Suzhou, but I moved back to Xuzhou due to some personal issues."


Manager Lin exclaimed in surprise, "Baoli Department Store! I have some connections with their planning department manager, Chen Jingming. But compared to Baoli, our Times Department Store still has some gaps."


I wasn't surprised by Manager Lin's comment. There are only about ten top department stores in Jiangsu Province. It's not unusual for people in the same industry, especially those in planning, to know each other, even if they're in different cities. Indeed, Times Department Store is a bit behind Baoli, as they only have five top international brands at present. But it's already top-notch in Xuzhou.


Following Manager Lin's words, I said, "Chen Jingming is a superior I greatly respect. It was my fortune to work under him."


This was not flattery. My gratitude for Chen Jingming was heartfelt. I just didn't have the chance to repay his kindness, which made me feel guilty and sad.


Manager Lin nodded in agreement with my evaluation of Chen Jingming. He then gestured for Li Xiaoyun and me to sit down and chat. The atmosphere became much more relaxed because of the connection with Chen Jingming.


Manager Lin's assistant poured a cup of coffee for Li Xiaoyun and me, and our conversation began.


Manager Lin first asked Li Xiaoyun some questions about advertising production and pricing. Li Xiaoyun gave very professional answers to each question.


Finally, Manager Lin turned to me and said, "Zhao Yang, tell me more about your company's advertising planning capabilities."I nodded and said straightforwardly, "Manager Lin, I believe you understand that in a third-tier city like Xuzhou, the term 'advertising planning ability' is somewhat difficult to define. I also believe that when Times Department Store chooses an advertising company to cooperate with, what they value is not the advertising planning ability, but how many promotional resources the advertising company has and how many advertising channels they have opened up. Am I right?"


Manager Lin looked at me in surprise, then laughed and nodded, "Indeed, you do have experience working in a department store. In a city like Xuzhou where the advertising market is not yet mature, we don't have high expectations for so-called 'advertising planning ability'. Indeed, what we value more is the advertising resources that the advertising company has."


The reason why Manager Lin emphasized the generally weak advertising planning ability of advertising companies in Xuzhou was merely to gain an upper hand in the negotiation and to bargain on the advertising price.


Knowing the enemy and knowing yourself ensures victory in every battle. I understand the advertising needs and mentality of the department store industry. I then said with a friendly smile, "Manager Lin, let me briefly introduce the advertising resources that our Orson Advertising currently has."


Manager Lin made a gesture for me to continue, while Li Xiaoyun next to him looked at me nervously. In her eyes, I hadn't officially joined Orson Advertising yet, so how could I know about their advertising resources?


I quickly recalled the information about Orson Advertising that I had read at noon, and then said, "Currently, we have billboards on the Jingfu and Ningxu highways in Xuzhou. In addition, we have building advertisements in Xuzhou's high-end villa areas: Longrun Mountain Villa, Sunflower Garden, and South Shore Villas. We also have the advertising rights for the entire Yunlong District's bus stops, including prime-time TV slots. These are irresistible advertising resources for a high-end department store. If Times Department Store can cooperate with us, Orson Advertising, I believe we have the ability to integrate these advertising resources and create the most suitable advertising plan for Times Department Store, improving communication efficiency and saving resources to the greatest extent."


After I finished speaking, Li Xiaoyun looked at me in surprise. She definitely didn't expect that I had already memorized all the advertising resources that Orson Advertising had.


After I finished speaking, Manager Lin was silent for a while before he finally said, "There are only a handful of advertising companies in Xuzhou that have advertising planning capabilities, and there are even fewer that understand department store marketing. The advertising resources you have are indeed very attractive to us. I will definitely consider Orson Advertising seriously. However, I still need to report to the higher-ups about the cooperation. You guys wait for my news."


Li Xiaoyun wanted to say something, but I nudged her foot with mine to signal her not to speak. Then I smiled at Manager Lin, "Manager Lin, we will wait for your good news."


Manager Lin stood up, and we shook hands. I had a strong feeling that this cooperation with Times Department Store would definitely be successful. In a few days, Manager Lin would come to us to discuss the details of the cooperation.

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