Chapter 80 – The impulse to marry and have children

That night, Li Xiaoyun and I talked for a long time. The atmosphere was much more natural than when we first met. We even discussed our respective college romances, which made us both feel a bit melancholic and wistful.


Li Xiaoyun graduated from our local Mining University in Xuzhou. Her boyfriend in college was from Xiamen. Despite their deep love for each other, they eventually broke up due to geographical issues.


When I talked about my relationship with Jian Wei, I felt even more helpless than Li Xiaoyun. I was so reckless for love, even accommodating Jian Wei and moving to Shanghai with her. I was willing to work and live in Shanghai, but in the end, I couldn't escape the fate of breaking up. I was depressed for a long time, gradually realizing that the beauty of love is fleeting, and not many people can truly hold onto it.


As Li Xiaoyun and I shared our feelings, it was already 10 o'clock at night, and it was about time to say goodbye.


Standing outside the restaurant, I counted out 1,000 yuan from my wallet and handed it to Li Xiaoyun, apologizing, "I feel a bit embarrassed, asking you for money on our first blind date."


Li Xiaoyun took the money from my hand with a smile, "It depends on how you see it. At that time, I thought you were quite peculiar, but now I think you are carefree, like a real man."


I joked, "So borrowing money can also show a man's carefreeness. Then next time I'll borrow more from you."


"That won't do. If it happens too often, it proves that the man has a problem. A man can be down and out for a while, but he can't always be like that, right?" Li Xiaoyun said to me, not joking at all.


I nodded seriously, understanding Li Xiaoyun's meaning. If I could really join their company, it would be time for me to prove my work ability.




When I got home, Mr. Ban and my mother were still up. They were recently hooked on a family drama and went to bed later than usual.


Seeing me come back, my mother asked with concern, "Zhao Yang, you went on a date with Xiaoyun today, right?"


"Yes," I replied.


"Did you pay back the money you borrowed from her last time?"


"I did. By the way, she's planning to introduce me to a job. So you don't have to worry about my work anymore," I said. The reason I told my mother was because I didn't want her to pressure Mr. Ban about my work situation.


"Is it at the advertising company where she works?"


"Yes, it is."


My mother sighed, "Xiaoyun is really a good girl. Have you thought about trying to date her?"


I said helplessly, "You know what kind of person your son is. Do you think she would be interested in me?"


"You silly boy, if she didn't have a good impression of you, would she lend you money, go on a date with you, and help you find a job?… Although Xiaoyun's family is not rich, her parents both have decent jobs. Your father also has a stable job. Our families know each other well and are well-matched. I think it would be great if you two were together. The key is that you need to pull yourself together and secure a job, understand?" My mother said earnestly.


"Mom, you're right!" I agreed.


My mother nodded and asked again, "Tell me quickly, do you like Xiaoyun? Do you want to date her?"


"I do, why wouldn't I? Xiaoyun is great, she's a girl who can live a good life."


My mother's face lit up with joy, "That's good. It will be much more convenient for you two to get along if you work in the same company. You must seize this opportunity, understand?"


"You can rest assured, I also want to get married soon, and then work hard to give you a grandson."


The future I described made my mother laugh heartily. Mr. Ban, who had been silent, suddenly asked, "Zhao Yang, did that girl from Suzhou leave today?"


"Yes, she left this morning."


Mr. Ban nodded and said after a while, "She's also a good girl."


I looked at Mr. Ban in confusion, but he didn't say anything more. He picked up the remote control and changed the channel as if nothing had happened. I thought I might be overthinking. Maybe Mr. Ban was just simply sighing. In some ways, Mi Cai was indeed a good girl. But I always felt that her world was too unreal, and the distance between us was too far.




Back in my room, I lit a cigarette as usual, habitually pondering life, love, and recent experiences.


At this moment, I believe I have let go of Jian Wei. Because I have subtly entered another state of life. I yearn for a stable, simple love, and then when the time is right, turn this love into marriage. And my blind date, Li Xiaoyun, is the most suitable candidate.


I think this kind of life is good, a happy family together. I don't have to wander, I don't have to go to bars and rely on the dizziness after getting drunk to dispel loneliness.Perhaps my decision to return to Xuzhou was the most correct one I've made in my life. It was a gift from heaven, allowing me, a man who should have been outstanding, to return to the right path and realize my life's value in a complete family.


Suddenly, I thought of Mi Cai, and a faint pain arose in my heart. This pain made me realize that I was missing her. However, I preferred to interpret this longing as sympathy, sympathy for her background, sympathy for her current dire situation.


Only then did I remember to send her a message, asking if she had safely returned to Suzhou.


After a long time, Mi Cai replied to me. The content was very simple, just two words: "Arrived."


I immediately replied to her: "You've been driving for so long today, rest early, don't get too tired!"


I waited for a long time, but Mi Cai didn't respond. I fell asleep while waiting…


That night, I had a dream. In the dream, I saw the city hidden in the sky again. The city was still crystal clear, and I also saw the woman with long hair hanging over her shoulders. But there was only a silhouette. I tried my best to approach her to see who she was, but even when I ran, I couldn't get close to her.


I shouted, "Who are you?"


"A woman in your heart."


"If you are the woman in my heart, why can't I get close to you?"


"Because you don't understand what your heart wants."


I repeated her words, but before I could understand, I suddenly woke up. Looking out the window, the sky was already slightly bright. Only then did I realize that what I had just experienced was just a dream. But I was delighted because of this dream. This delight was so faint that it almost didn't exist, so it instantly turned into loss. Do I really not understand what my heart wants?


As I sat thinking for a long time, the phone suddenly rang. I picked it up and saw that it was Li Xiaoyun.


I quickly answered the phone and greeted Li Xiaoyun, saying, "Good morning, Xiaoyun."


"Good morning, Zhao Yang."


"Do you need something so early?"


"Did you forget that we agreed last night that you would send me your resume?"


I apologized, "Look at my memory, I'll get up and send it to your email right away."


"Do you remember my email? I doubt you do."


I said awkwardly, "Don't think I'm that forgetful, it's saved in my phone!"


Li Xiaoyun finally laughed and said, "Then hurry up and send it over. Today I'll give it to Director Zhou of the planning department. Let's try to settle your job as soon as possible."


"Thank you for taking so much trouble!" I thanked her sincerely.


"I'm afraid you won't have a source of income, and you'll have to borrow money from the girl at your next blind date." Li Xiaoyun laughed heartily after saying this.


I was speechless for a long time before sighing, "You really know how to hurt people with your words!"


"That depends on who it is. If I don't stay aggressive, I might be bullied by you in the future. Aunt Zhang said that you were quite naughty when you were young, bullying girls was like a daily routine for you!" Li Xiaoyun said with some emotion.


I laughed, "I'm very good to my girlfriend."


Li Xiaoyun paused, as if she understood the meaning of my words, and then changed the subject after a while, "It's getting late, I need to wash up and eat, I have to go to work later."


"Alright, you go ahead."


"Mm, remember to send me your resume."


After I responded, Li Xiaoyun hung up the phone. Listening to the "beep beep" sound on the phone, I smiled, thinking that Li Xiaoyun was really a nice girl. Suddenly, I had an impulse to get married and have children, right here in this city that raised me.


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