Chapter 61 – Submitting a resignation letter

Chen Jingming remained silent as he smoked. Circle and I stood there, waiting. Finally, with a sigh, Chen Jingming extinguished his cigarette in the ashtray and said, "There's been a change in the power struggle within Zhuo Mei!"


Circle was shocked. "What happened, Manager?"


Chen Jingming leaned back in his office chair, closing his eyes. After a long pause, he opened them again, gritting his teeth. "I don't know how Zhuo Mei's CEO found out about Mi Zhongde's plot. In just three days, she swiftly investigated Manager Li from the Investment Department's financial situation and ousted him from Zhuo Mei due to financial issues… This girl, she's not ordinary, she's got guts… Heaven is not on my side!"


I knew the girl Chen Jingming was referring to was Mi Cai. I hadn't expected that she would dismantle this plot against her in just three days.


I remained silent, while Circle looked at me in confusion. Chen Jingming didn't know about my relationship with Mi Cai. He might have thought that someone within Zhuo Mei had leaked the information to her, but Circle knew.


In the end, Circle didn't confront me in front of Chen Jingming. However, he asked Chen Jingming in a low voice, "So, Manager, what should we do now?"


Chen Jingming sighed heavily. "Our Bao Li has missed the best opportunity in history to surpass Zhuo Mei. What's coming next will definitely be a fierce battle. Let's stick to the original plan and focus on the upcoming promotion."


Circle nodded, then tentatively asked, "Manager, what's the company's attitude towards this?"


Chen Jingming shook his head. "I haven't reported this to the higher-ups yet. Wait for my notice about the final result. I will do my best to fight for your and Zhao Yang's promotions… Work hard!"


"And you, Manager…?"


Chen Jingming didn't answer Circle. He just waved us away, indicating that we should leave. His dejection made it clear to both Circle and me that he had lost his chance to be promoted to the top of the company because of this incident.



After leaving Chen Jingming's office, Circle pulled me into the elevator, and we ended up on the rooftop of the company.


I lit a cigarette, waiting for the volcanic eruption that Circle was brewing.


"Zhao Yang, I really wish it was someone from their company who leaked the information, not you!" Circle suppressed his emotions, not as angry as I had imagined. He was always calmer than others.


"It wasn't someone from Zhuo Mei who leaked it. I told Mi Cai."


"Doing this, can you face Chen Jingming? Can you face the opportunity we've worked so hard for all these years?" Circle's words were cold, filled with suppressed anger.


I remained silent, taking a deep drag on my cigarette. What I had done was indeed unfair to everyone, including myself. I had ruined not only Chen Jingming and Circle's chances but also my own future.


"Speak up!"


Unable to contain his anger, Circle finally kicked me in the stomach. As I fell to the ground, gasping for breath, I didn't look at Circle. After a while, I picked up the cigarette that had fallen from my hand and took another puff. I was in pain, both physically and emotionally, but I didn't know what to say or do.


"Zhao Yang, did you take any benefits from Mi Cai? Are you planning to jump ship to Zhuo Mei for a better position?" Circle's face grew colder as he spoke.


"I didn't… I didn't take anything from her…"


Circle didn't want to hear my explanation and interrupted me, cursing, "Zhao Yang, you're a bastard… Chen Jingming shouldn't have kept you by his side. You've abandoned your principles for a woman! Do you know how long Chen Jingming has been waiting for this opportunity?… I've misjudged you!"


After saying this, Circle didn't look at me again. He walked towards the stairwell, his back radiating anger.


I finished my cigarette and lay on the ground, looking at the blue sky, letting the wind cut through me. Amid the pain, I laughed bitterly. Circle and I had been brothers for nearly ten years, but he thought I had done this to curry favor with Mi Cai. So, this was how he saw me!


In reality, I had only written a letter to Mi Cai. She didn't know who the sender was, and there was no exchange of benefits between us. I didn't try to curry favor with her, but Circle didn't even give me a chance to explain. Maybe I didn't need to explain. If he understood me, he wouldn't have misunderstood me.


I had always believed that we were close friends, but why didn't he understand me? Could ten years of friendship not earn understanding and trust?I felt like crying, but no tears came out. Instead, I sobbed, breathing in the cold air. In my sobs, this vast city gradually transformed into a city of wounds. In this wounded city, I lost the purity of love, the brotherhood… Once again, I felt the urge to leave, to leave all the pain and sadness behind, and depart alone.



Leaving the rooftop battered by the cold wind, I immediately took my resignation letter to Chen Jingming's office. At this point, I didn't even want to find another job here. After handing over my work, I left, leaving this wounded city forever.


I opened the door to Chen Jingming's office, walked in with my head down. Chen Jingming, who was reading some documents, looked at me puzzled and asked, "Why are you here again?"


I placed the resignation letter on Chen Jingming's desk, and said apologetically, "Manager, I'm here to resign."


Chen Jingming looked at me in surprise, and after a long while, he put the documents aside and asked me, "Why do you suddenly want to resign? You didn't mention it to me just now."


"Manager, I've been thinking about resigning for a long time, and I've thought it through… I can't afford a house in this city, I see no hope, and my mother's health is not good, I want to go home and be with her. I hope you understand." I tried to speak to Chen Jingming in a calm tone. Although this was not the real reason for my resignation, it was a heartfelt one.


Chen Jingming shook his head and said to me, "Zhao Yang, I've made it clear to you and Circle just now. I will do my best to apply for your promotions. You won't be affected by this incident." He paused, then added, "Although you seem to be cynical, you are talented. This can be seen in the promotion plan you proposed. Although we don't know the results yet, the plan is innovative… If you are willing to adjust your attitude and continue to work at Bao Li Department Store, you will have a future."


Chen Jingming's words made me feel even more guilty. I owed him. I knew that meeting him was my good fortune. In the future, in the treacherous workplace, I might not have the chance to meet such a good boss again. But because of this, I had to leave. I couldn't live with my guilt. My departure was the best explanation for myself, for Circle, and for Chen Jingming.


After a long silence, I said to Chen Jingming again, firmly, "Manager, please understand me, let me go!"


Chen Jingming looked at me for a long time before asking, "Are you sure?"


Without any hesitation, I said, "I'm sure, Manager."


Chen Jingming nodded, took a pen from the pen holder, and signed his name on my resignation letter.

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