Chapter 58 – The two letters I wrote

This was my first night in the bachelor apartment, but I made one of the most significant decisions in my life. I wrote two letters, one for Mi Cai tomorrow, and the other was a resignation letter to Chen Jingming after completing this promotion plan.

I knew that when I chose to tell Mi Cai about Mi Zhongde’s power conspiracy, it also meant betraying Circle, and even more so, I felt guilty for Chen Jingming’s kindness. I had no face to stay in Baoli Department Store, resignation was the only path I could choose.

I picked up the pen, took a deep breath, and without much thought, I quickly wrote the two letters. Then I broke the pen and threw it into the trash can. The pen was innocent, but my emotions needed to vent. I had ruined my own future, and even the future of Circle and Chen Jingming.

Thinking of the sacrifices Le Yao made for my career, I felt suffocated again. Although this decision upheld the little belief deep in my heart, it let down my true friends.

I folded the two letters and put them in my pocket. Although I didn’t regret my choice, I knew that the night ahead would be sleepless. I wanted to drink, the more the better, then fall asleep drunk, and no longer care about these heavy realities.

I took a taxi to CC’s restaurant. At this moment, I really wanted to drink. If CC was free, I wanted to chat with her. It didn’t have to be about my choices regarding human nature, just casual chat would do.


It was already late, nearing closing time. There were very few customers dining in the “Empty City” music restaurant, and CC was sitting in a corner drinking beer, still living unlike a woman, despite her beautiful appearance.

I sat down opposite her, and CC only then noticed my arrival. She snapped her fingers at the waiter, who immediately brought me a large glass of draft beer.

CC looked at me and teased, “What’s wrong, Zhao Yang? Got beaten up by life again?”

“Pretty much, you really know me well!” I said, taking a big gulp of the draft beer.

“Otherwise, why would you come here so late?”

I didn’t say anything, just gulped down the beer like water, until the cold pain from the alcohol stimulated my brain and I stopped.

CC just watched me, occasionally taking a few sips of her own beer, until I stopped and then asked me, “Tell me, how has life upset you again?”

I was silent for a long time before I said, “You’d say we’re both idealists, right? Living with ideals and sticking to them is a beautiful thing, so why does reality have to constrain us so much?”

CC thought for a moment and said to me, “Actually, I’ve figured out something over the years. There’s nothing wrong with living as an idealist, but you need material support. Like this music restaurant of mine, it can support me now, I don’t have to worry too much about material things, so I can continue to live this idealistic life. If it wasn’t for the anonymous customer who gave the restaurant 100,000 yuan at the critical moment of life and death, allowing the restaurant to continue operating, where would I talk about ideals?”

I was silent for a long time again before I said, “CC, you’re right! Living idealistically also needs material as a foundation.”

CC was indeed right. Take the incident I encountered this time as an example. If I had enough financial security, didn’t have to worry about my career, and Circle and Chen Jingming were already in high positions at Baoli, then I could tell Mi Cai everything without any worries, to fulfill my conscience and belief.

Even though I understood that living as an idealist requires material support, I still didn’t plan to change my decision. I would still tell Mi Cai about Mi Zhongde’s power conspiracy. Perhaps deep down, even if this matter cost me the hard-won career prospects, I still felt it was worth it.

After finishing a large glass of draft beer, I ordered another one, and CC just smoked and accompanied me. We didn’t communicate anymore. This lack of communication stemmed from our idealistic perspective of seeing through the reality of this world. Seeing through it, we were tired and didn’t want to say anything more.

After two large glasses of draft beer, I started to feel dizzy. The tension that had been tight all the time gradually relaxed, so much so that CC’s face across from me became blurred. So I took advantage of the momentum and ordered a glass of high-proof liquor and drank it all. This kind of heavy drinking with the purpose of getting drunk made my dizziness stronger and stronger, and in the end, I just lay down on the table in front of CC… My spiritual world was quiet, but the reality of tomorrow might be a mess.


The next day, I woke up with a hangover headache. The autumn rain outside the window was drizzling, and the sky was gloomy. I looked into the room and found that I was sleeping in CC’s boudoir, and then I remembered that I had deliberately got myself drunk yesterday.

I lifted the quilt, put on my shoes, left the bed, and walked out of the bedroom. I found that CC was still asleep on the sofa in the living room. Looking at the time, it was already 7:30, so I didn’t disturb CC and quietly left.

I went downstairs, walked out of the community, and hailed a taxi. But the destination was not my company, but Zhuomei. Since I had made my choice last night, I would follow my choice.

20 minutes later, I arrived at the entrance of Zhuomei’s underground parking lot waiting for Mi Cai. Knowing her, she should not have arrived at the company yet.

After waiting for about 20 more minutes, I finally saw Mi Cai’s red Q7. As she drove the car into the underground parking lot, I stopped a passing student-looking young man.

I said to the puzzled young man, “Could you do me a favor?”

The young man immediately looked at me warily and asked, “What favor?”

I took the letter out of my pocket, handed it to him, and said, “Help me deliver a letter to a girl.”The boy suddenly understood and said, “Is this a love letter? But with the advancement of technology, why would anyone write a love letter? You can just send a text message or something.”

“Are you a 90s kid?”


“I’m from the 80s. Do you know what a generation gap is? In our time, writing love letters was the trend. It’s called style. Please help me deliver this to her quickly. She’ll be taking the elevator soon,” I said urgently.

“But I’ll be late for school!”

“It’ll only take a moment, it won’t delay your school.”

The boy still looked hesitant.

I immediately changed my strategy and asked, “Do you like to look at beautiful girls?”

Upon hearing about a beautiful girl, the boy immediately perked up and asked, “Is she beautiful?”

“If she wasn’t beautiful, would I be interested in her? Don’t worry, she’s absolutely beautiful. You go down the elevator, wait for her in the underground parking lot… Remember, she’s wearing a purple-grey coat, long hair over her shoulders, the most beautiful woman there. Make sure you don’t get it wrong.”

“Alright, I’ll see if she’s as beautiful as you say.” The boy finally took the letter from my hand.

I reminded him again, “Just give her the letter, don’t say anything else, especially don’t describe my appearance in front of her, understand?”

The boy nodded knowingly, “I get it, you want to surprise her. Good luck with your confession!”

I nodded in approval, “Not bad, we don’t really have a generation gap.”

The boy chuckled and ran towards the elevator in the mall… I lit a cigarette and watched him leave quietly, feeling as if I had finally let go of a heavy burden. As for tomorrow, we’ll see…


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