Chapter 45 – To watch or not to watch

Mi Cai bit her lip and looked at me, as if she couldn’t communicate with me in words anymore. After a long time, she frowned and said to me, “Why are there people like you in the world who have no manners?”

I let go of Mi Cai and said indifferently, “Can’t you look at things from both sides? Using your toiletries shows that I am not petty!”

“Did you get my permission to use them?”

“So I said I am not petty. Is it necessary to make a big deal out of such trivial matters and ask for your permission?”

“But I used your toothbrush without knowing it!” Mi Cai said with a disgusted expression.

“I’ve already used it, should I go back in time with a time machine and remind you not to use it?… That’s unrealistic, so you should just let it go… You have to understand, there is nothing in this world, you are fake, I am fake, and of course the toothbrush is fake…”

Mi Cai finally calmed down a bit and said, “Who knows if you have any contagious diseases.”

“If you get infected, it’s your own fault. Do you know how small the chance is for us to meet in this vast sea of people? And the chance of me using your toothbrush and other toiletries is even smaller.”

Mi Cai, who had just calmed down, became angry again and said, “According to your logic, no matter what happens in the future, it will always be my fault, and I deserve to be unlucky?”

“You can say that.” After speaking, I looked at Mi Cai and smiled, “You really understand me, you know what I’m thinking without even guessing!”

Mi Cai, in extreme anger, sneered, “That’s how despicable people like you are. No one needs to guess, we can all see through the ugly faces of people like you.”

“You’re swearing again. Even if I am despicable, as a dignified woman like you, you shouldn’t say such things. It ruins your image!”

“Zhao Yang, are you trying to make me angry today?”

“If you’re afraid of getting angry, then just leave. Leave this place to me, so that everyone can be comfortable and peaceful.”

Mi Cai suddenly calmed down and said calmly, “You wish. I won’t fulfill your wish, you scum.”

“Anyway, I’m not leaving tonight. If you don’t mind, I definitely won’t mind living together again.”

Unexpectedly, Mi Cai didn’t argue back. She turned around and went back to the bathroom, slamming the door shut. I didn’t know what she was doing inside.

I sat on the sofa and turned on the TV, but my mind wasn’t focused. I kept glancing towards the bathroom, feeling a sense of conspiracy. Suddenly, I remembered the last time she tricked me into going to a deserted place in the middle of the night, and I felt a sense of fear.

“As an intelligent person like me, can I be fooled twice by the same person? Obviously not!” I comforted myself in my heart and felt relieved.

After feeling relieved, my mood inexplicably improved. So, while Mi Cai was in the bathroom, I went to the convenience store downstairs to buy toiletries. Of course, I took the key with me, just in case Mi Cai locked me out.

I felt a little guilty, so I bought the most expensive toiletries for Mi Cai in the convenience store, and bought some random ones for myself. After all, I’m not a picky person.

I took a walk outside the residential area for a while, smoked a few cigarettes, and dispelled the depression in my heart before returning to the place I was staying. Mi Cai happened to come out of the bathroom at the same time, with wet hair as if she had just taken a shower.

I asked in confusion, “Didn’t you throw away all the toiletries? Why are you using them again?”

“Don’t I have any backups?”

I suddenly became uneasy, “You… Why didn’t you say earlier? I just went to the convenience store and bought a set for you, it cost more than 50 yuan.”

“Is that so?” Mi Cai wiped her wet hair with a new towel, her tone calm as if nothing unpleasant had happened just now.

“Here, take a look.” I handed her the bag.

“Then put it in the cabinet in the bathroom and use it later.” Mi Cai remained calm.

I nodded and walked towards the bathroom. Inside, there was only steam and the lingering scent of shower gel. I looked around cautiously, afraid that Mi Cai would play tricks on me. Based on my understanding of her, the calmer she was, the more she would try to harm me.

Except for the clothes Mi Cai had changed out of, there was almost nothing in the bathroom. After making sure it was safe, I opened the cabinet under the sink and indeed found many spare toiletries. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have used the ones she had used. After all, I’m not someone who enjoys arguing and fighting.

After that, I washed up in the bathroom. When I was done, just like Mi Cai earlier, I used a dry towel to wipe my wet hair and walked out of the bathroom.

To my surprise, Mi Cai didn’t rest, but sat on the sofa in the living room, eating cherries and reading documents.

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet?” I asked Mi Cai.

“Waiting for my hair to dry.”

I sat down next to Mi Cai and casually picked up a cherry to eat. Then I asked, “Do you really like eating cherries?”

Mi Cai patiently replied, “Yes, I’ve liked them since I was little.”

I looked at Mi Cai and felt that something was off. With my recent bad behavior, her one-word answer of “yes” was already giving me face. She even told me that she liked eating cherries since she was little.

I reassured myself: I’m a man, what can she do to me? Just calmly live here and there’s no need to be suspicious and overthink.

Bored, I glanced at the documents that Mi Cai was holding in her hands. Sure enough, I saw the logo of Zhuo Mei Shopping Center on the documents. It was indeed true that Mi Cai was the CEO of Zhuo Mei.

I nudged Mi Cai, who was engrossed in reading, and asked, “Hey, do you know what job I do?”

“Who wants to bother with you.” Mi Cai replied impatiently this time.I gave an awkward smile, feeling somewhat relieved. She should treat me with this kind of impatience. It wasn’t surprising that Mi Cai knew nothing about my work situation. Although I believed that Zhuomei also had our Baoli’s personnel files, Mi Cai would definitely not look at them. Even if she did, she would only look at the top executives of Baoli, not a small fry like me. So, she had no idea that I worked in the planning department of Baoli.

Of course, I would never take the initiative to tell Mi Cai that I worked at Baoli. This was entirely due to my pride. I didn’t want to be so much lower than her. At least in this room, we were equals, or rather, I was superior. This was not nonsense, but logically supported. She was afraid of cockroaches, cockroaches were afraid of me, so I was two levels above her.

In my self-delusion, I felt even more triumphant. I casually tossed two cherries into my mouth and started humming Wang Fei’s song “The New Tenant” in front of Mi Cai.

Mi Cai was annoyed but didn’t want to argue with me anymore. She slapped the file on the table, got up, and left the couch.

“What are you going to do?” I asked, thick-skinned.

“Wash clothes,” Mi Cai replied without turning her head.

“So, you’re not kicking me out tonight?”

“Stay as long as you like,” Mi Cai said resentfully.

“Will you stay with me?”

“Of course, I’ll stay with you.”

Mi Cai’s answer made me feel triumphant. I had easily won over a woman. I was already fantasizing about moving my luggage back here tomorrow night. In this city, this old house was the place I had always dreamed of.

Continuing to hum the annoying “The New Tenant”, my eyes glanced at the file Mi Cai had left behind. My heart suddenly pounded. This file was Zhuomei Shopping Center’s business plan for November. It must contain their strategic suppression of our Baoli and the upcoming promotional activities.

If I read this plan, Zhuomei’s strategic intentions would be clear, which would be extremely beneficial for our countermeasures against Zhuomei’s marketing plan.

To read or not to read, I was torn for a moment.


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