Vol.1 – Chapter 73 – Zhan Sunhu, what did you say his name was?

"I, Sun Hu, have arrived!"


Upon hearing this, Sun Hu let out a loud shout and then leaped directly into the air, like a fierce tiger, jumping onto the platform that was at least one zhang high.


This leap was full of momentum.




"Brother Hu, you have to set a good example for us!"


Sun Hu's brothers cheered loudly and enthusiastically.


In their eyes, Sun Hu's victory in this round of competition was already a sure thing.


"Xu Taiping, where are you?"


At this moment, the examiner called out Xu Taiping's name again.




Just as Xu Taiping was about to step onto the platform, he raised his hand in response.


"Why are you walking over there?"


The examiner was puzzled.


"Is it not allowed?"


Xu Taiping was a little puzzled, thinking to himself that if it wasn't allowed, then the platform should not have been set up.


"Go up, go up."


The examiner impatiently waved his hand.


Of course, the platform was accessible, but since the start of the competition, no one had walked up the steps in a serious manner. Now, encountering someone who did so earnestly, the examiner was somewhat unaccustomed to it.


Meanwhile, Sun Hu's brothers below the platform burst into laughter at the sight.


"Kid, be careful when climbing the steps, don't fall!"


"Or should we give you a hand?"


The harsh living environment of the outer disciple at the foot of the mountain had shaped their personality to be bullying and admiring of the strong. Now, seeing Xu Taiping climb onto the platform in such a normal way, how could they not make fun of him?


"It's just climbing onto the platform, why make such a fuss?"


Xu Taiping was very puzzled by this.


In his view, those who jumped onto the platform from the side were like using feet instead of chopsticks to eat.


"Kid, are you tired? How about taking a break and catching your breath?"


Seeing Xu Taiping step onto the platform, Sun Hu crossed his arms and grinned.


Although Sun Hu's tone did not seem intentionally mocking, the disdain and arrogance in his eyes were quite obvious.


"No need."


Xu Taiping shook his head solemnly.


He was not angry because of Sun Hu's disdain, nor did he look down on Sun Hu.


Because before coming here, he had already warned himself that until he became an official disciple on the Seventh Peak, every competition was a life-and-death battle for him, and he had to do his best.


After saying this, Xu Taiping earnestly displayed the stance of the Green Bull Fist, amidst Sun Hu's disdainful smile and the laughter below the platform.


"Oh, little guy, are you serious now?"


Although Sun Hu still had a playful smile on his face when he spoke, his eyes were noticeably more serious.


Although he didn't want to admit it, he felt a pressure from the young man in front of him after he displayed his fist stance.


"Pressure? Can a little kid like this give me pressure? Sun Hu, you might as well change your name to Sun Cat."


Sun Hu immediately felt a bit ridiculous and self-deprecating, thinking that it was just his illusion.


But if Sun Hu knew that the young man in front of him had single-handedly killed an Evil Ghost and slain a demon tiger, he probably wouldn't think it was an illusion.


"Are both sides ready?"


At this point, the examiner standing on the platform asked loudly.


"I am ready."


Xu Taiping immediately responded, his eyes still fixed firmly on Sun Hu in front of him.


"I am also ready!"


Sun Hu flexed his arm, which was thicker than Xu Taiping's thigh, and grinned at the examiner on the side.


"In that case, let the competition begin!"


Seeing that both were ready, the examiner immediately struck the gong by his side with a "clang."


"Kid, come, let uncle give you a punch!"


Sun Hu took a step forward with a "smack," stood in the middle of the platform, and then beckoned to Xu Taiping.




Xu Taiping nodded.




As soon as the words fell, Xu Taiping took a step forward, and with the Shadow Wind Step in full display, his body, accompanied by the sound of bursting air, rushed from one end of the platform where Sun Hu was to the other.




Before Sun Hu could react, Xu Taiping's fist had already appeared in front of him.




Although Sun Hu's protective energy had been activated, it was no match for Xu Taiping's Green Bull Fist.


It shattered with a loud noise.




After the protective energy shattered, Xu Taiping's fist continued to strike heavily on Sun Hu's raised arms.




With the sound of bones breaking, Sun Hu's burly body flew straight out.


It wasn't until he flew out more than ten zhang away from the platform that he fell heavily to the ground.


The whole place fell silent.


No one paid attention to Sun Hu, who lay on the ground, lifeless. All eyes were fixed on the young man on the platform.


With just one punch, he defeated the somewhat famous Sun Hu. The faces of everyone present were filled with disbelief.


"I yield."


Facing everyone's gaze, the young man remained calm.


After bowing in the direction where Sun Hu had fallen, he walked straight to the examiner on the side.


"Sir, my opponent has fallen from the platform. Does that mean I have won this round?"


Xu Taiping politely asked the examiner.


"Yes, yes!"


The examiner was stunned for a moment, then nodded and announced loudly, "In this round, Xu Taiping defeated Sun Hu and advanced to the top one hundred and twelve."


As soon as this was said, there was an uproar below the platform, and the several cultivators who were close to Sun Hu looked at each other, as if they could not believe their eyes.


"Brother Hu? Was he defeated like this?"



Meanwhile, the commotion on the platform also caught the attention of the West Wind Pavilion.


"What's going on? Why is there so much noise on that platform over there?"


Left Ju and Zhou Gu, who were responsible for patrolling, looked at the Xuan-ranked platform in surprise.The two of them, because of the offense they caused Uncle Jiu last time, were transferred from the lucrative positions in the Liefeng Hall and returned to the West Wind Pavilion to become two ordinary guards on duty. This time, after pleading with the Pavilion Master for a long time, they finally managed to secure the duty of patrolling the Four Mountains Conference.


"Brother Zuo and Brother Zhou might not know yet."


A patrolling examiner familiar with the two approached them at this moment.


"Just now, on the Xuan-character stage, a dark horse emerged. A boy no older than fifteen, incredibly, with a single punch, sent Sun Hu of Chiyang Manor flying out of the ring, directly inflicting serious injuries that required him to be carried away."


He vividly recounted the event to the two men.


"A single punch seriously injured Sun Hu of Chiyang Manor?"


Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu exchanged incredulous glances.


Sun Hu of Chiyang Manor had a bit of a reputation among the Outer Disciples, and Zuo Ju and Zhou Gu had naturally heard of him. So, to suddenly hear that someone had seriously injured him with a single punch, and that someone was a fifteen-year-old boy, was a bit too much for them to take in at once.


"Didn't this Sun Hu break through to the Opening Realm last year?"


Zuo Ju asked Zhou Gu.


"That's right." Zhou Gu frowned, "Although Sun Hu is only a White Spirit Bone, his horizontal training skills are quite astonishing, having already reached the Copper Skin Iron Bone realm. To be defeated by that boy with a single punch, could it be that among the Outer Disciples of our West Wind Pavilion, a genius has emerged?"


"Brother Liu, what's the name of that boy?"


Zuo Ju quickly asked the patrolling examiner.


"It seems… it seems to be Xu Taiping."


The patrolling examiner thought hard for a moment before he answered.

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