Vol.1 – Chapter 71 – Seventh Peak, Linglong Qingxiao thinks of Taiping

In recent years, Dugu Qingxiao and the others have also inquired about Xu Taiping's news, but the answers they got were all vague.


There was even one time when they heard some bad news, saying that there were evil ghosts and demon wolves lurking near the Green Bamboo Residence, and even the spring eyes used as the formation's eyes were destroyed.


If it weren't for Qingxiao stopping her, Zhao Linglong would have violated the sect's orders and gone down the mountain that time.


It was also at that time that the two of them felt that Xu Taiping might be in danger. After all, for outer disciples, it is very normal to not survive for more than three years under the rampant monsters at the foot of the mountain.


"Yes, it's him, Senior Brother, look!"


Zhao Linglong nodded vigorously and then threw the scroll in her hand in front of Qingxiao, continuing, "Little Taiping not only is still alive, but also signed up for the Seven Peaks selection this time!"


Qingxiao unfolded the scroll and found Xu Taiping's name in the list.


"The kid is quite competitive."


Qingxiao's mouth curled up, looking pleased.


"It's been three years, and Taiping's height is probably taller than mine now."


Zhao Linglong smiled and gestured with her hand.


"Yes, it's been three years in the blink of an eye."


Qingxiao put away the scroll and nodded with a smile.


"Senior Brother, even if Taiping doesn't pass the Seven Peaks selection this time, I want to ask Dad to bring him up the mountain. Even if he can't become a formal disciple, it's good to help manage the medicine garden and spiritual beasts."


Zhao Linglong suddenly looked at Qingxiao with a serious expression.


She must do something for the young man she brought up the mountain with her own hands and cut off worldly ties!


Qingxiao thought seriously for a moment and then nodded, "Taiping was brought up the mountain by both of us. We can't just leave him alone. We'll go to ask Master together."


In his opinion, Xu Taiping had already qualified to stay in the Qingxuan Sect after surviving in the outer disciple mountain for three years. It wouldn't be a problem to become a menial worker if he couldn't become a disciple.


"Great, with you, Senior Brother, and me together, Dad will definitely agree!"


Zhao Linglong was very happy to hear this.


The two of them didn't look down on Xu Taiping, but they were very clear that with the aptitude of a White Spirit Bone, it was most likely that he would only break through the Opening Realm within three years. Among the outer disciples, there were many who had broken through the Opening Realm, and many of them had been at the foot of the mountain for more than ten, twenty, or even thirty years!


In their Seven Peaks, there was a disciple who passed the Seven Peaks selection at the age of fifty and eventually became their junior brother.


It was not easy to stand out from thousands of outer disciples and become one of the final seven disciples. What's more, there were even some formal disciples who had been expelled from the mountain for violating the rules.


That was why the two of them were now considering Xu Taiping's future.


"By the way, Senior Brother, the Seven Peaks selection is still held at the Sword Control Platform on the First Peak, right? Should we sneak down the mountain to take a look?"


Zhao Linglong looked at Qingxiao with anticipation.


"It's too early."


Qingxiao shook his head and then explained to Zhao Linglong, "Because there are many people in the Seven Peaks selection, it will be divided into four areas: South Mountain, West Mountain, East Mountain, and North Mountain. Twenty-eight people will be selected from each area, which is called the Four Mountains Assembly."


"After the Four Mountains Assembly, the 112 people selected will be arranged to undergo the second round of selection at the Dragon Gate Hall, and then twenty-eight people will be selected from them, which is called the Dragon Gate Assembly."


"After the Dragon Gate Assembly, the final twenty-eight people selected will be arranged to ascend to the Sword Control Platform on the main peak, where they will undergo the final round of selection under the witness of the Sect Master and the Peak Masters, and the strongest seven disciples will be selected for the Seven Peaks to choose, also known as the Seven Peaks Assembly."


Because Qingxiao had been arranged by the sect to participate in the Seven Peaks selection before, he was very clear about the selection process.


"This whole process will take at least a month."


Zhao Linglong usually didn't care about these things, and she often only went to watch the excitement in the final round. She didn't expect the selection process for the Seven Peaks to be so complicated.


"It's going to take that long?"


She was a little disappointed because she was eager to see Xu Taiping.


"Wait, does that mean that we can only ask Dad for help when Taiping reaches the Seven Peaks Assembly?"


Zhao Linglong suddenly became worried again.


"No need."


Qingxiao shook his head and continued, "As long as he can hold on until the Dragon Gate Assembly, even if he loses in the Dragon Gate Assembly, I can find a way to ask Master to keep him."


Upon hearing this, Zhao Linglong secretly breathed a sigh of relief and then said excitedly in a low voice, "Taiping, you have to fight hard. As long as you can win in the Four Mountains Assembly, we can meet again!"


"Don't cause any trouble during this time. If you are grounded by Master, we won't be able to watch Taiping's competition."


Seeing Zhao Linglong so excited, Qingxiao was worried that she would sneak down the mountain again.


"But, Senior Brother, I really want to see Taiping's competition. Can you think of a way?"


Zhao Linglong pleaded as she pulled on Qingxiao's sleeve.


Qingxiao sighed and then thought for a moment before saying, "I'll see if I can borrow a mountain patrol mirror from Master. It should be able to show the competition scene during the Dragon Gate Assembly. As for the Four Mountains Assembly, we can only ask for the battle report from the senior brother in charge after the competition."


"You're really great, Senior Brother!"


Zhao Linglong hugged Qingxiao.


"Don't disturb me while I'm cultivating my sword!"


Qingxiao pushed Zhao Linglong away with a look of disgust.



Ninth day of the first month.


West Wind Pavilion.


Today was the first day of the Four Mountains Assembly.


"These people seem to be much older than me."


When Xu Taiping arrived at the martial arts field of the West Wind Pavilion, he found that he seemed out of place among the crowd. The cultivators on the field were either tall and sturdy young men, middle-aged men, or ethereal and elegant old men. He was the only young man there.


"Green Bamboo Residence, Xu Taiping."


With a bronze mirror in hand, he arrived at the West Wind Pavilion's registration desk to register."Green Bamboo Residence, Xu Taiping, take your token, Bing twenty-seven."


The manager glanced at Xu Taiping's bronze mirror, then handed him a bamboo token inscribed with "Bing twenty-seven."


"Go to the notice board up ahead to find your token number, and you'll be able to locate the arena where you'll compete, as well as the token number of your opponent."


Without lifting his head, the manager pointed with his finger towards a huge notice board at the entrance of the martial arts field.


"Thank you."


Xu Taiping nodded, then walked towards the notice board with the bamboo token in hand.


"Eh, little Child, could it be that you're also here to participate in the Seventh Peak selection?"


Before Xu Taiping could reach the notice board, a brawny man with a shiny bald head and a large beard suddenly grabbed hold of him.

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