Vol.1 – Chapter 64 – Taiping helps Baiyu to see his mother in peace



With a burst of energy, the window shattered, and the figure of the demon from beyond the domain dissipated.




But in the next moment, a dark shadow, as fast as lightning, rushed in through the window, and a white bone hand reached out from the shadow, tearing apart the illusion of the golden-armored warrior.




The demon-slaying array set up outside the house was destroyed, and after tearing apart the golden-armored warrior, the white bone hand reached directly for the Fairy Lingyue.


Obviously, he had sensed the presence of Fairy Lingyue.


"Even stronger than last time."


Fairy Lingyue snorted coldly, and calmly began to mobilize the power of her primordial spirit, preparing to force the demon from beyond the domain back with a single blow, just like last time.


"My soul is no longer as weak as it was last time. This time, I will destroy you completely."


As she spoke, she raised a finger and pointed it at the demon from beyond the domain.




At that moment, the cry of a spirit bird suddenly sounded, followed by a blue light that turned into a giant raptor flying towards the skeletal arm of the demon from beyond the domain.




With just one claw, the giant raptor tore the skeletal arm apart, and then swallowed it whole.




Fairy Lingyue was stunned on the spot.


After swallowing the arm of the demon from beyond the domain, the raptor transformed into a small blue bird, circled around Xu Taiping's head, and then flew back into the Azure Phoenix ring on Xu Taiping's hand.


"Could it be that the ancient fierce beast, the Azure Phoenix, just swallowed the soul of the demon from beyond the domain?"


Watching this scene, a very shocking idea flashed through Fairy Lingyue's mind.


"The Earth-Hiding Fruit is truly remarkable, to be able to resurrect such a terrifying existence."


Looking at the Azure Phoenix ring in Xu Taiping's hand, Fairy Lingyue, still full of shock, muttered to herself.


Although the Earth-Hiding Fruit belonged to Fairy Lingyue, she had not had the opportunity to plant it before encountering a disaster and perishing, so she had not truly witnessed the power of the Earth-Hiding Fruit.


"The Earth-Hiding Fruit must have sensed the potential danger on Taiping's body, which is why it gave birth to the Azure Phoenix ring. Now, it seems that I am a little envious of this kid."


Fairy Lingyue sighed.


But then she thought that without Xu Taiping's diligent cultivation and his repeated adventures, the Earth-Hiding Fruit would not have had the nourishment to give birth to the Azure Phoenix ring.


So in a sense, the Azure Phoenix ring was a reward from the Earth-Hiding Fruit to Xu Taiping for his diligent cultivation and adventurous treasure hunting.


"However, given the nature of the demon from beyond the domain, losing an arm this time will surely lead to even more intense retaliation next time. Whether the Azure Phoenix ring bestowed by the Earth-Hiding Fruit is a blessing or a curse for Taiping remains to be seen."


Fairy Lingyue murmured with some concern, then disappeared into the green gourd.


At this moment, Xu Taiping, having successfully established his foundation, entered a very mysterious state.


Now, he could clearly see the true energy flowing through every meridian in his body with his spiritual sense, and he could clearly sense his bones being strengthened and his meridians being widened, as if he were being reborn.


What surprised him the most was the boundless sea of true energy in his dantian.


With this sea of energy, not only would his true energy be transformed into even purer true essence, but he would also be able to generate true essence on his own, without the need to cultivate and meditate to automatically replenish the consumed true essence.


Most importantly, he would be able to cast spells without relying on Gathering Qi Pills, and the power of techniques like the Ice Breath Technique would increase by at least thirty percent.



Five days later.


In the evening.


On the rugged mountain road to Fenglai Valley.


Xu Taiping, wearing a mask and night clothes, hurried through the forest.


"I never thought you would break through the Gazing Abyss Realm in such a short time."


White Feather, now the size of a sparrow, landed on Xu Taiping's shoulder.


"If I hadn't broken through, I wouldn't have agreed to your request."


Xu Taiping replied.


As he spoke, he leaped over a ditch.


"Taiping, rest assured, I will only go to see my mother once, and I won't be a burden to you."


White Feather assured Xu Taiping.




Xu Taiping nodded.


But in his heart, he had already prepared for the worst, which was to face the pursuit of the Peacock King.


"Besides this road, there is a secret passage in Fenglai Valley that leads directly to the Star Observation Cliff. After seeing my mother, we can enter the secret passage and destroy the door. Even if the Peacock King finds out, he won't be able to catch up with us."


White Feather added.


He had actually calculated it and didn't want Xu Taiping to risk his life for nothing.


"I'm afraid the execution ground is very far away,"


This was the only worry Xu Taiping had.


"It's not too far. The only place in Fenglai Valley that can be used as an execution ground is Danxia Ping, and below the cliff behind Danxia Ping is the entrance to the secret passage."


White Feather was very confident in his own speculation.


"Taiping, if… if possible, let me talk to my mother a little longer."


He then quietly asked Xu Taiping.


"Don't worry, as long as there is no danger to your life, I will try to buy you as much time as possible."


Xu Taiping nodded.


In fact, he had one more thing to say, which was that if possible, he wanted to try his best to rescue White Feather's mother.


Of course, he wouldn't promise White Feather anything if he wasn't sure he could do it.


"White Feather, come in. Although this road is safe, there is still a possibility that the Peacock King will find your aura."


Xu Taiping patted the green gourd at his waist.




Without saying a word, White Feather entered the green gourd.



Half an hour later.


Star Observation Cliff.


By the light of the moon, Xu Taiping looked down from the top of the cliff and saw a giant white-headed eagle chained to Danxia Ping below. The white-headed eagle was enormous, almost occupying a third of Danxia Ping.


Without a doubt, this was White Feather's mother.


"These bastards, how dare they treat my mother like this!"


White Feather, who had poked his head out of the gourd and seen this scene, was so angry that he trembled all over.


"White Feather, calm down."


Xu Taiping covered the gourd with the lid and then transmitted his voice to White Feather inside the gourd."The secret passage you mentioned, is it right beneath this Observatory Cliff?"


Everything inside the gourd could communicate with him through spiritual telepathy.


"That's right, when the time comes, you just need to leap down from here, and you will naturally arrive at the entrance of the secret passage."


Bai Yu replied.




Xu Taiping silently nodded, then looked down at the Danxia Terrace below and continued to communicate with Bai Yu through spiritual telepathy:


"Stay put inside the gourd, and I will let you out when I reach your mother's side."


After saying this, he took out the Shade Grass he had snatched from Master Ya Shan and channeled a stream of true essence into it.


In just a moment, Xu Taiping's figure merged with the surrounding rocks and became one with them.


Then, he leaped forth, his body nimbly climbing the protruding rocks on the cliff face, swiftly descending towards the Danxia Terrace.

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